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Mymindset is a self-care platform providing a collection of audio stories from various artists aimed at promoting wellness and mental health. It offers features like Celebrity Mindsets, Daily Check-In, Daily Reflections, and Expert-Led Advice. The app fosters a community through shared experiences and provides daily quotes and a Discord community for user interaction. While some content is free, full access requires a subscription. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Use cases

Mymindset can be used for personal growth and emotional well-being. Its use cases include daily mental health check-ins, reflective exercises to foster self-awareness, gaining insights from expert advice on wellness, and finding inspiration through audio stories from various artists and influencers. It serves as a daily companion for users seeking to maintain a positive mindset and improve their mental well-being.


Mymindset is an app focused on daily self-care, offering audio stories and advice to improve mental wellness.

Users listen to daily audio from experts and influencers, participate in reflections, and join a community for support.

The app offers both free content and premium features accessible through a subscription.

While Mymindset focuses on personal growth, it encourages sharing insights and stories within its community.

Yes, it includes expert-led advice on a variety of wellness topics.

New content is added regularly to keep the app fresh and engaging.

Some features may be available offline, but a connection is needed for the latest content and community features.

Pricing & Discounts

Mymindset is a free-to-download app with an optional annual membership available for $15.99. While the app offers some content for free, the annual membership likely includes additional features such as exclusive audio sessions, additional expert content, and more comprehensive daily self-care exercises.


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