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Pawmenow is an AI tool designed specifically for dog owners, offering a unique solution for creating personalized travel itineraries that cater to the needs of both the pet and the pet owner. This tool simplifies the process of planning dog-friendly vacations by providing recommendations for destinations, activities, hotels, restaurants, and transportation options that welcome dogs. It ensures that dog owners can enjoy their travels without worrying about their furry friends' comfort and accommodation. Pawmenow stands out by focusing on pet-friendly travel, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to explore with their pets.

Use cases

Pawmenow serves several key use cases for dog owners looking for pet-friendly travel options:

  1. Vacation Planning: Assists in creating comprehensive travel itineraries that include dog-friendly accommodations, dining, and activities, ensuring a seamless vacation experience for both pets and their owners.

  2. Destination Recommendations: Offers suggestions for destinations that are known for being welcoming to dogs, helping pet owners find new places to explore with their furry companions.

  3. Restaurant and Hotel Bookings: Identifies and recommends hotels and restaurants that accommodate dogs, making it easier for pet owners to make reservations without the need for extensive research.

  4. Activity Suggestions: Provides ideas for dog-friendly activities and attractions, ensuring pets can join in on the fun and not be left behind.

  5. Transportation Advice: Gives guidance on pet-friendly transportation options, helping owners plan how to safely and comfortably travel with their pets to and from their destinations.


Pawmenow is a free AI tool designed to help dog owners plan pet-friendly vacations, offering recommendations for accommodations, dining, activities, and transportation that welcome pets.

Users input their travel preferences, and Pawmenow generates personalized itineraries that include dog-friendly options, making travel planning simpler and more enjoyable.

Yes, Pawmenow is a free tool, making pet-friendly travel planning accessible to all dog owners without any cost.

While specific details on international recommendations weren't provided, Pawmenow is designed to help with travel planning, potentially including various destinations depending on its database and capabilities.

Pricing & Discounts

Pawmenow is a free AI tool, making it accessible for all dog owners looking to plan pet-friendly travels without incurring additional costs.


The Pawmenow team is led by founder Toma Rares. Under Rares' leadership, the team is dedicated to enhancing the travel experience for dog owners by leveraging AI technology.


      Toma Rares




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