Reword: Train Your Own Article Cowriter

Reword: Train Your Own Article Cowriter

Write with AI that learns your voice

Transform content creation with Reword, training AI on your style for authentic, SEO-optimized articles.
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Reword is an innovative AI writing tool designed to enhance your content creation process by training an AI to collaborate closely with you. This tool differentiates itself from other AI writing assistants by allowing users to customize the AI's writing style through training with their own documents, such as PDFs or online content. The key features of Reword are its ability to generate factual, well-researched articles with citations for every claim, thereby building reader trust and ensuring accuracy.

A standout feature of Reword is the training capability, which lets you tailor the AI to your unique writing style and preferences. This means the AI can become an expert on any topic by studying and referencing the materials you provide. Reword emphasizes creating content that is not only reader-friendly but also optimized for search engines, supporting a wide range of languages and offering suggestions to improve the overall quality of your articles.

The platform is designed with collaboration in mind, aiming to supplement rather than replace human creativity and effort. It includes several tools for research, topic ideation, and SEO optimization, ensuring your content is both engaging and highly discoverable. Reword supports integration with your content management system (CMS) for seamless workflow and content synchronization.

Feedback from users highlights Reword's effectiveness in matching the user's voice, significantly reducing research time, and offering a balance between AI-generated content and human oversight. This blend of features makes Reword particularly appealing to writers looking for a more hands-on approach to AI-assisted writing, enabling them to produce articles that are informative, reader-centric, and reflective of their unique style.

Use cases

Reword offers a range of use cases for content creators seeking to enhance their writing process with AI assistance, while maintaining a strong personal voice and control over their content. Here are several key applications and benefits of using Reword, as derived from my research:

  1. Writing Outstanding Articles: Reword is designed to help users produce superior quality articles by training the AI on their own writing style, ensuring the content matches the user's voice and standards.

  2. Collaborating with AI: The platform facilitates a collaborative writing process between the user and AI, allowing for a synergistic approach to content creation. This ensures that the final output benefits from both the user's expertise and AI's capabilities.

  3. Training Your Own Cowriter: Users can train Reword's AI on their existing content, enabling it to understand and replicate their unique writing style. This personalized training process leads to more authentic and consistent articles.

  4. Finding Relevant Research: Reword aids in the research process by sourcing and providing relevant information, ensuring articles are well-informed and backed by accurate data.

  5. Creating People-First Articles: The tool emphasizes producing content that resonates with readers by understanding and integrating their search intents and preferences into the articles.

  6. Optimizing for Search Engines: Besides crafting reader-friendly content, Reword also focuses on SEO, helping users optimize their articles for better visibility and ranking on search engines.

The AI training process involves integrating with platforms like Google Search Console or installing a WordPress plugin, allowing Reword to learn from a user's existing content. Over time, as the AI is trained daily, it becomes increasingly adept at mimicking the user's writing style, further personalizing the writing process.

Content creation with Reword involves using its AI-powered tools to assist in various stages of the writing process, from outlining to drafting sections of the article. This allows for a meticulous approach to article development, ensuring each piece aligns closely with the user's vision and style. The platform also offers performance insights, giving users valuable feedback on their content's effectiveness in engaging readers and meeting SEO goals.

Reword's distinct approach makes it suitable for content creators who seek an AI tool that offers both a personalized writing assistant and a platform for generating high-quality, research-backed, and SEO-optimized articles. Its ability to learn and adapt to a user's writing style over time ensures that each article produced retains a personal touch, setting Reword apart from other AI writing tools.


Reword stands out for two key reasons. First, it customizes the AI to your writing style by training on your articles, offering a unique experience unlike generic writing tools. Second, it emphasizes the importance of human insight in article writing, balancing AI's strengths with human creativity.

Reword utilizes a connection with Google Search Console to identify and analyze your published articles. This ongoing process ensures your AI continuously evolves with your content, enhancing its alignment with your writing style.

As a user, you retain full ownership of all content created with Reword. The platform safeguards your creations, ensuring you have exclusive rights.

The training process is swift, typically concluding within 10-20 minutes. Upon completion, you'll receive an email summary of the training data and insights.

Reword offers a 7-day, commitment-free trial, allowing you to explore its features without obligation. If you decide to upgrade, there's an additional 14-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

While safeguards are in place against misuse, regular use of your trained AI faces no significant restrictions, ensuring a seamless experience.

Absolutely! Reword encourages team collaboration, allowing you to add your writers to the platform. Extra seats are available on the Essential plan at $15/month per additional seat.

Yes, if you're not satisfied with a paid plan, you can request a full refund within 14 days of upgrading. Plus, there's flexibility to downgrade or cancel anytime.

Indeed, Reword provides a 20% discount for all annual subscriptions. Contact us to adjust your plan accordingly.

Your data is exclusively used to refine the AI assistant available to you, ensuring a personalized and secure experience. Our privacy policy details the extent of our data use.

Pricing & Discounts

Reword offers two main subscription plans designed to cater to different types of users, from individual freelancers and small teams to larger publishers, teams, and agencies. Here's a comparison of what each plan includes along with their pricing:

1. GROW Plan

- Price: $39 per month - Included:

  • 1 seat
  • Custom-trained voices
  • Contextual training on your articles
  • Priming on your audience and topics
  • Proprietary internal linking training (3 per project)
  • Published article tracking and article importing
  • New drafts (10 per month)
  • Collaborative editor
  • Exclusive brainstorming AI for fresh topic ideas and topic clustering
  • Research tools for topical subheadings, cited facts & statistics, people also ask, expert quotes, and title variations
  • AI Research assistant
  • Optimization tools including search intent analysis, AI-powered suggestions, and content satisfaction targets
  • Integrations with Google Search Console and WordPress
  • Up to 3 projects
  • Human support

- Ideal for: Single users, freelancers, or smaller teams looking to get started.

2. PRO Plan

- Price: $299 per month - Included:

  • Unlimited projects, article tracking, teammates, and drafts
  • All features from the GROW plan but with enhancements such as unlimited proprietary internal linking training and drafts
  • Additional integrations with Shopify and Webflow
  • Unlimited writer seats and permission management for team projects

- Perfect for: Growing publishers, teams, and agencies that want the best Reword has to offer.

Both plans are built on a foundation of advanced AI, including GPT-4, Claude, and Gemini technologies, ensuring a wide range of capabilities from article generation to optimization. They also feature a proprietary fact-checking model and SEO model to support the creation of high-quality, reliable content. Training includes custom voices and contextual training on your articles, ensuring that the AI closely mirrors your writing style and meets your specific needs.

Language support is extensive, with both plans offering assistance in over 30 languages, making it versatile for a global user base. The key difference lies in the scale of operations, with the PRO plan offering unlimited access to features that facilitate larger-scale content production and team collaboration.

Choosing between the GROW and PRO plans depends on your specific needs, such as the size of your team, the volume of content you produce, and the level of customization and support you require. Each plan is designed to help users "start writing people-first articles, with the only AI Cowriter that's trained by you and your team," highlighting Reword's focus on personalized AI assistance for content creation.


Reword is a cutting-edge platform designed to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity in the realm of content creation. Founded in February 2023 by Cal Short, has quickly established its presence in Bristol, England, aiming to redefine the way articles are written. The platform's mission is centered around facilitating a productive collaboration between humans and AI, with the shared goal of crafting outstanding articles.

The Reword team is comprised of individuals deeply entrenched in the world of AI, content strategy, and digital marketing. Among them is Arvind Kesh, who plays a pivotal role in Growth Marketing at Reword. With a rich background in assisting U.S.-based B2B SaaS companies with their growth operations, Arvind brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Reword team. His expertise spans across helping startups to scale, working with top-notch marketing agencies, and exploring the latest in Web3 and AI technologies.


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