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RubberDuck is a versatile and user-friendly extension for Visual Studio Code that enhances coding efficiency and accuracy. Utilizing advanced AI capabilities, it offers a range of functionalities that are particularly beneficial for developers. Here's a simplified overview of what RubberDuck can do:

  1. Code Generation and Editing: RubberDuck assists in creating and modifying code. This feature is especially useful for developers looking to speed up their coding process and ensure accuracy in their work.

  2. Explaining Code: The tool can explain segments of code, which is helpful for understanding complex code structures or learning new programming concepts.

  3. Creating Unit Tests: RubberDuck simplifies the process of generating unit tests. This is crucial for developers who need to ensure that their code is reliable and free from bugs.

  4. Bug Identification and Error Diagnosis: The extension can identify potential defects in your code and suggest fixes. This feature enhances the debugging process, making it more efficient.

  5. Custom AI Conversations: Developers can tailor AI conversations to suit their specific needs, allowing for a more personalized and effective coding assistance.

  6. Accessibility and Compatibility: RubberDuck supports a wide range of programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers with diverse backgrounds and project requirements.

  7. Free of Charge: This extension is available at no cost on the Visual Studio Marketplace, making it an accessible tool for all developers.

Use cases

RubberDuck, as an AI extension for Visual Studio Code, provides several practical use cases that significantly enhance the coding experience for developers. Here's an overview of how it can be utilized:

  1. Generating Code Snippets: Developers can use RubberDuck to quickly generate code snippets. This is especially helpful when working on complex projects or when trying to implement new ideas swiftly.

  2. Editing Code Seamlessly: The AI system allows for the modification of code directly within the environment. This reduces the need for switching between different applications, thereby streamlining the coding process.

  3. Explaining Complex Code Sections: RubberDuck can provide comprehensive explanations of code segments. This feature is particularly useful for understanding intricate code or for educational purposes.

  4. Creating Unit Tests: The tool can automate the generation of unit tests. This aids developers in ensuring their code is reliable and functions as expected.

  5. Identifying and Fixing Bugs: RubberDuck is equipped to identify potential bugs and errors in the code, which helps in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the software.

  6. Customizing AI Conversations: Developers can tailor AI conversations according to their specific coding conventions or requirements. This customization enhances the relevancy and effectiveness of the interactions.


RubberDuck is a free extension for Visual Studio Code designed to assist developers in coding by leveraging AI capabilities. It enables code generation, editing, explanation, test creation, and bug identification.

Yes, RubberDuck is available at no cost on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

It offers code generation, code editing, code explanation, unit test generation, bug identification, error diagnosis, and custom AI conversations.

Yes, it can provide explanations for selected code segments.

RubberDuck supports a broad range of programming languages, making it versatile for various development needs.

It incorporates a feature to identify potential bugs in the code and suggests fixes.

Yes, you can create personalized conversation templates to suit specific needs.

Yes, it is designed to assist developers at any skill level, enhancing coding speed and precision.

Pricing & Discounts

RubberDuck is offered as a free extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace. This makes it a cost-effective solution for developers looking to leverage AI-powered assistance for tasks such as code generation, editing, explaining code, creating tests, finding bugs, and customizing AI conversations.

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