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Overview is a comprehensive and user-friendly automated trading platform that simplifies  stock trading  for both beginners and experienced traders. Launched by Novum Global Ventures in 2018, StockHero offers cloud-based software that allows users to deploy preset trading bots with a high win rate of around 90%, as claimed by the company.

One of the outstanding features of StockHero is big list of technical indicators with presets, which simplify trades without the need for coding. Users can configure several trading strategies easily, enhancing their trading effectiveness. Additionally, the platform includes a 'Quick Backtest' feature that enables traders to test their bots with historical data before live deployment.

StockHero supports paper trading without risk. It allows users to test strategies in real-time market conditions without  financial  risk. The platform also hosts a Bots Marketplace, providing access to a library of pre-tested bots, which helps users save time on creating strategies from scratch.

Use cases

  • Automated Trading for All Levels: StockHero is perfect for everyone from beginners to pros. New traders can start easily with preset bots available in the Bots Marketplace, making their first steps in trading as straightforward as possible. More experienced traders can take advantage of advanced features like TradingView integration and a Strategy Designer, allowing for customized  trading  strategies that match their needs and skills.
  • Testing Strategies with Historical Data: StockHero's backtesting feature lets traders test their strategies using historical market data before applying them in real scenarios. This is crucial for refining strategies and reducing potential risks, ensuring you're more prepared for the live market.
  • Risk-Free Practice with Paper Trading: StockHero's paper trading feature helps users to simulate trading in real-time market conditions using virtual money. This allows to practice without the  financial  risk and provide a safe environment to experiment and learn.
  • Flexible and Customizable Bots: The Bots Marketplace on StockHero isn't just a place to grab a ready-made bot; it's also a space where users can customize or rent bots tailored to specific strategies. This flexibility helps users deploy trading strategies efficiently and offers a chance to earn from successful bots they've developed.
  • Dedicated Support and Educational Resources: StockHero ensures users have constant support with their 24/7 customer service and a variety of educational materials. This helps users effectively tackle issues and enhances their trading capabilities using the platform.
  • Broad Compatibility with Brokerages: StockHero works seamlessly with multiple brokerages, increasing accessibility and convenience for users across different platforms, making it a user-friendly option for automating stock trading strategies.

FAQ is an automated trading platform that uses preset bots to facilitate stock trading with high accuracy and minimal user effort.

Users can choose from preset bots in the StockHero Marketplace and deploy them for trading. The platform allows for backtesting strategies and paper trading without financial risk​.

Key features include automated trading bots, technical indicators with presets, a Quick Backtest feature, and a Bots Marketplace for accessing pre-tested trading strategies​.

Yes, is designed to be user-friendly for beginners, offering a simple interface, no installation required, and a paper trading feature to practice without risk.

Yes, the platform provides a 'Quick Backtest' feature that allows users to test their trading bots with historical data before going live. offers 24/7 customer support, providing assistance anytime to ensure users have the support they need​. claims a high win rate for its trading bots, backed by its extensive use of technical indicators and the ability to backtest strategies effectively​.

Pricing & Discounts offers three subscription plans tailored to different levels of trading expertise and needs. Each plan includes unlimited backtests and trading limits, along with 24/7 premium support. When you purchase a yearly subscription, you get two months free.

PlanPrice per MonthActive BotsPrice AlertsSpecial Features
LiteUSD 4.991NoneBasic access
PremiumUSD 49.99155Advanced strategies, TradingView, Bots Marketplace, White Glove Service
ProfessionalUSD 99.9930105-min trading frequency, SMS notifications, Сustom backtest

UX/UI review

After logging into your account, creates a simple bot to start working on it

Welcome to

You can create more bots if needed, but you need to buy a certain subscription.


With the bot you can do some actions. You can configure and test the bot.

Customising the bot

You can also view information about all your bots

Information about bot

There are also pages where you can get relevant information: Deals, Portfolio, Marketplace, Latest, AI


Christopher Low serves as the CEO and Founder of Under his leadership, the company focuses on developing advanced, user-friendly trading bots that cater to a diverse range of traders, from beginners to experienced professionals. Christopher's vision for is centered on making automated trading accessible and effective for all users, leveraging the latest in AI technology to enhance trading strategies and execution. His role involves guiding the company's strategic direction, overseeing product development, and ensuring that stays at the forefront of innovation in financial technology.



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