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Sudowrite is a modern tool designed to help writers enhance their creative process. Created by Amit Gupta and James Yu, it leverages advanced technology to assist in various aspects of writing, from generating ideas to refining and editing content. Unlike traditional writing aids, Sudowrite focuses on providing innovative solutions for overcoming common obstacles such as writer's block, ensuring that writers can produce compelling storylines and rich narratives more efficiently.

At its core, Sudowrite employs powerful algorithms to offer a range of features tailored for fiction authors, among others. It includes brainstorming tools, a story engine to aid in novel writing, and editing features to polish prose. The technology behind Sudowrite is based on sophisticated language models, which enable it to generate unique pieces of writing without the risk of plagiarism. This aspect is particularly appealing to those seeking original content and fresh perspectives in their work.

What sets Sudowrite apart is its dedication to the craft of writing, providing a supportive environment that encourages creativity and productivity. It's not just about automating the writing process but enhancing the writer's own abilities and ideas. Whether you're a seasoned author facing a creative challenge or a novice looking to develop your writing skills, Sudowrite offers a suite of tools designed to facilitate the writing journey, making it a valuable asset in the digital age of content creation.

Use cases

Sudowrite serves as a versatile AI tool catering to a wide range of writing needs. Here's how it can be used:

  1. Email Composition and Editing: It can help draft and refine emails, making them more effective and professional.
  2. Report and Proposal Writing: For business professionals, Sudowrite aids in creating detailed reports and compelling proposals.
  3. Content Creation for Marketing: Marketers can leverage it to generate creative content ideas and write engaging copy for campaigns.
  4. Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Job seekers can use Sudowrite to craft personalized and persuasive resumes and cover letters.
  5. Editing and Proofreading: It offers editing tools to improve grammar, style, and clarity in any written document.
  6. Language Learning and Improvement: Language learners can benefit from its features to practice and enhance their writing skills in a new language.
  7. Academic Writing Assistance: Students and researchers can use it to help write essays, research papers, and theses.
  8. Collaboration and Feedback Integration: Teams can collaborate more effectively on writing projects, with Sudowrite facilitating feedback and revisions.

These use cases demonstrate Sudowrite's flexibility and potential to support a broad spectrum of writing tasks, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their writing efficiency and creativity.


Sudowrite helps writers by offering creative suggestions, expanding on ideas, and providing alternatives for words or phrases. It's designed to make writing more fun and efficient.

You can write in almost any language, and Sudowrite will attempt to match your language when making suggestions. However, some features may default to English if the system is uncertain.

Yes, Sudowrite can generate poems, offering a unique way to explore creative writing.

Sudowrite can rephrase tricky dialogue, helping writers improve conversations between characters.

Sudowrite generates 100% original text as long as the input from the user is also original, aiming to prevent plagiarism.

Cancelling your subscription is straightforward. You can do it from your subscription page without any hassle.

No, you will still have access to everything you've written in Sudowrite even if you cancel your subscription.

No, Sudowrite does not claim any rights or ownership over your writings.

Pricing & Discounts

Sudowrite offers three main subscription plans designed to cater to a range of users from hobbyists and students to professional writers and authors. Below is a comparison table outlining the pricing and features included in each plan:

PlanMonthly PriceCredits per MonthRolloverIdeal For
Hobby & Student$10225,000NoIndividuals who write for fun or for school.
Professional$22450,000NoWriters working on longer projects like novels or screenplays.
Max$442,000,000Yes (12 months)Authors publishing multiple times a year.

All plans include a free trial that doesn't require a credit card and can be canceled anytime, emphasizing the flexibility and user-friendly approach of Sudowrite. The "Professional" plan is highlighted as the most popular, offering a good balance of credits suitable for extensive writing projects. The "Max" plan not only provides the highest number of credits but also features credit rollover for 12 months, making it an excellent option for prolific authors or those engaged in multiple, large-scale writing projects simultaneously.

These plans reflect Sudowrite's commitment to accommodating a wide range of writing needs, from casual writing and academic pursuits to professional content creation and publishing, ensuring there's a suitable option for everyone.


The core team behind Sudowrite includes:


Amit Gupta



James Yu


  • Amit Gupta: Co-founder of Sudowrite, Amit Gupta has a background as an entrepreneur with experience in founding companies like Photojojo and WorkatJelly. He is also an advisor to Digit and Drone.VC. Amit's role at Sudowrite reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation in the writing and technology space.

  • James Yu: Co-founder alongside Amit Gupta, James Yu brings a wealth of experience from his previous ventures. Before Sudowrite, James founded Parse and worked at Scribd and Dolby Laboratories. His academic background includes studies at Stanford University and Cornell University, highlighting a strong foundation in both technology and business.

Together, Amit Gupta and James Yu form the backbone of Sudowrite, guiding the company's vision and development. Their combined expertise in technology, entrepreneurship, and creative projects positions Sudowrite as a pioneering force in leveraging AI to enhance the writing process for writers across various genres and fields.


Sudowrite has secured funding to support its growth and development. Here are the key points regarding its funding:

  • Funding Amount: Sudowrite raised $3 million in a seed funding round.
  • Investors: The company is backed by notable investors including 500 Global and Hyphen Capital. Additional investors mentioned are Patrick Lee (Co-Founder of Rotten Tomatoes), Sahil Lavingia (Creator of Gumroad), and John August, among others.
  • Funding Purpose: Although the specific allocation of the funds isn't detailed, seed funding typically supports product development, market expansion, and team growth.

This funding highlights the confidence investors have in Sudowrite's vision and its potential to innovate within the creative writing space. With the financial backing, Sudowrite is positioned to further develop its platform, enhancing the features and tools available to writers worldwide.

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