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Code with confidence: auto-generate tests in minutes

Transform coding with AI-driven tests that ensure your projects are bug-free and reliable, speeding up delivery and enhancing quality.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Welltested is an AI tool designed to aid developers in the testing phase of software development, streamlining the process of generating and maintaining tests as they code. This tool helps in delivering stable applications by automatically generating thoughtful test cases for the code within just 10 minutes. Here are some key highlights of Welltested:

Efficiency: It offers unparalleled efficiency by generating tests as you code, covering edge cases and thinking like a human, thus ensuring better code coverage and fewer bugs​​.

Easy Integration: Developers can integrate Welltested directly with their codebase without the need to shift between Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), making the setup simple and easy​​.

Support for Various Architectures: Welltested supports multiple architectures like MVVM, Clean architecture, and provides state management solutions, making it versatile for different development needs​​.

User Analytics: It offers analytics to help developers make informed decisions regarding their code and testing strategies​​.

Self-learning AI: This aspect ensures that the generated test cases improve over time, adapting to the specific needs and patterns of the codebase​​.

Flutter First Platform: Initially, Welltested has a focus on Flutter, which is a popular framework for building natively compiled applications from a single codebase​​.

These features make Welltested a compelling choice for developers aiming to maintain high code quality with minimal effort, ensuring that applications are robust, stable, and well-tested before deployment.

Use cases

Welltested serves as an innovative tool designed to improve the efficiency and reliability of software development through automated testing. Here are several key use cases that highlight its utility in various development scenarios:

  1. Accelerated Development Cycle: By generating test cases as developers code, Welltested significantly reduces the time needed for manual test creation. This automation speeds up the development process, allowing for quicker iterations and faster delivery of stable software applications​  ​​  ​.

  2. Enhanced Code Quality: With its ability to generate thoughtful and comprehensive test cases, Welltested ensures a higher coverage of code testing, including edge cases that developers might overlook. This leads to improved code quality, with fewer bugs and issues in the final product​  ​​  ​.

  3. Streamlined Testing Process: Developers can integrate Welltested directly into their existing development workflow, making it easy to add and maintain tests without switching contexts. This seamless integration helps in maintaining a smooth and efficient testing process​  ​.

  4. Risk Minimization: By automatically generating high-quality unit tests, Welltested helps in identifying and fixing potential issues early in the development cycle. This minimizes the risk of regressions and defects, leading to more stable and reliable applications​  ​.

  5. Stress-Free Deployment: The assurance of having thoroughly tested code through Welltested's generated test cases allows developers to deploy their applications with confidence. This reduces the stress associated with potential post-deployment issues and ensures a better user experience​  ​.

  6. Support for Modern Architectures: Welltested's compatibility with various architectures and state management solutions, including MVVM and Clean architecture, makes it a versatile tool for developers working with different technologies​  ​.

  7. Informed Decision-Making: The provision of user analytics enables developers to make data-driven decisions regarding their testing strategies and overall development process​  ​.

These use cases demonstrate Welltested's role in modernizing the software development lifecycle, making it an invaluable tool for developers seeking to improve their efficiency, code quality, and product stability.


Welltested is an AI-powered tool designed to assist developers in generating and maintaining tests for their code, enabling the delivery of stable applications by automating the creation of thoughtful test cases within minutes​

The tool utilizes AI algorithms to analyze your code, automatically generating well-thought-out test cases based on various scenarios and inputs. This process is designed to think like a human, covering edge cases and ensuring comprehensive test coverage

Yes, Welltested is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular coding environments and frameworks. It offers plugins and extensions, facilitating easy incorporation into your existing development workflow without the need to shift between Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

Yes, Welltested prioritizes data privacy and security, ensuring that all sensitive information, including your code, is protected. The platform takes serious measures to secure user data and maintain confidentiality​

Welltested's unique features include unparalleled efficiency in generating tests as you code, support for various architectures and state management solutions, easy integration with codebases, and the provision of user analytics. Its AI-driven approach to covering edge cases and generating high-quality unit tests sets it apart

To begin using Welltested, you can request early access by visiting their website and following the provided instructions. After gaining access, you'll be able to start generating test cases for your code by following the platform's guidelines for improving code testability

Pricing & Discounts

Given the new information on Welltested's subscription plans, here's a comparison of what each plan offers and its pricing, tailored to meet the needs of different users from individuals to large enterprises:

FeatureIndividuals (Free)Startups ($79/mo)Enterprises ($299/mo)
PricingFree$79 per month$299 per month
Ideal ForPersonal projects and trying out the testing AIProduction projects and growing startupsOrganizations with multi-project needs
High-Quality Unit TestsYesBest Quality Unit TestsBest Quality Unit Tests
Code Architecture TipsYes--
No Project LimitsYesUp to 3 projectsUse on up to 25 projects
Free Newsletter and Events AccessYes--
Unlimited Integration Tests-YesYes
Priority Support-Yes-
Data PrivacyTests collected will be used for improving modelsYour data stays fully privateDedicated testing expert and setup on your infrastructure for complete data protection
Additional Features--Dedicated Testing Expert
Money-Back GuaranteeNo credit card required, thus not applicable60 days-


  • Individuals Plan: Free and suitable for personal projects, offering high-quality unit tests, code architecture tips, and no project limits. It's a great way to explore Welltested's capabilities without any financial commitment.

  • Startups Plan: At $79/month, this plan is designed for production-level projects and growing startups. It includes best quality unit tests, unlimited integration tests for up to 3 projects, and prioritizes data privacy and support.

  • Enterprises Plan: Priced at $299/month, offering extensive support for up to 25 projects, ensuring the highest level of data privacy and security, and providing a dedicated testing expert to help with setup and ongoing testing needs.

These plans are structured to cater to a wide range of users, from individual developers working on personal projects to large organizations managing multiple projects, with varying levels of support and features tailored to each segment's specific needs.


The Welltested AI team is spearheaded by Samyak Jain, the founder of the tool. Under Jain's leadership, Welltested AI is positioned as a forefront solution in the realm of automated testing, designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of software development processes. While specific details about the entire team composition are not provided, it's clear that the initiative is driven by innovation and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by developers today.

Samyak Jain's role as the founder indicates a vision centered around simplifying testing processes, making high-quality software development accessible to a wider range of programmers, from individuals working on personal projects to large organizations managing multiple projects. The focus on AI-driven solutions suggests a team that is not only technically proficient but also forward-thinking, leveraging the latest in AI technology to address real-world software development hurdles.

The team behind Welltested AI, with Jain at the helm, likely comprises individuals with expertise in software development, artificial intelligence, and user experience design, ensuring that Welltested remains intuitive, effective, and seamlessly integrable into existing development workflows. This combination of skills and leadership aims to deliver a tool that not only promises high-quality outcomes but also continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of the developer community.  


Samyak Jain


Alina  Chernomorets

Published by: Alina Chernomorets

04 October 2023, 12:00AM

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