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Empower your story: vfx made simple & swift

Revolutionize content creation with AI-powered VFX. Automate CG integration, focus on creativity, and bring stories to life effortlessly.
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Wonder Studio by Wonder Dynamics is revolutionizing the VFX industry with its advanced AI technology. This tool levels the playing field, making premium visual effects both accessible and budget-friendly. By streamlining the most challenging parts of VFX work, it enables flawless merging of CG characters with real-world footage, significantly cutting down on the time and effort typically required. Tailor-made for indie filmmakers, music video directors, and digital creators, Wonder Studio offers an intuitive interface and broad customization capabilities, allowing users to actualize their artistic visions without deep technical know-how. It's more than a boost to creativity; it's a cost-saving innovation, opening up professional-grade VFX to creators everywhere.

Use cases

  • Independent Filmmaking: Indie filmmakers can now weave complex VFX into their projects affordably. Wonder Studio enables them to breathe life into imaginative characters and scenes, breaking the budget barrier that once limited their creativity.

  • Music Videos: Directors crafting music videos leverage Wonder Studio to introduce dynamic CG characters or elevate live-action scenes. This tool transforms their vision into reality, ensuring videos captivate audiences while remaining budget-friendly.

  • Advertising: In the advertising world, Wonder Studio is a game-changer, enabling creators to infuse ads with animated mascots and standout visual effects easily. Ads become more engaging and memorable, helping brands capture viewer attention.

  • Education: Educational content creators find Wonder Studio invaluable for creating interactive materials. Integrating CG characters into learning content makes complex topics engaging and understandable, enhancing the educational experience.

  • Social Media Content: Content creators on platforms like YouTube and Instagram use Wonder Studio to differentiate their videos with high-quality VFX. This capability allows them to stand out in a saturated market and attract a larger audience.


Wonder Dynamics is a media-tech startup that has developed an AI-powered tool, Wonder Studio, for automating the integration of CG characters into live-action scenes.

Nikola Todorovic and Tye Sheridan co-founded Wonder Dynamics.

Wonder Studio automates up to 90% of objective VFX work, allowing creators to focus on creative aspects of film and content production.

Wonder Dynamics offers Lite, Pro, and Enterprise plans, with varying features like credits, storage space, and maximum upload sizes.

Yes, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience in VFX and animation.

Yes, all generated content in Wonder Dynamics is available for commercial use.

Yes, they offer customer support, including an email helpline and a comprehensive FAQ section on their website.

The maximum video resolution depends on the plan, with the Pro plan offering up to 4K resolution.

Yes, the number of custom character uploads depends on the chosen subscription plan.

Pricing & Discounts

Wonder Dynamics offers three different subscription plans for its users, each designed to cater to different levels of usage and requirements. Here's an overview of what each plan includes and their respective pricing:

  1. Lite Plan

    • Monthly Price: $24.99 (or $19.99 when billed annually as $203.88)
    • Credits: 3,000 credits per month, equivalent to 150 seconds of live action or 750 seconds of AI MoCap.
    • Maximum Export Resolution: 1080p.
    • Storage Space: 5GB.
    • Maximum Video Upload Size: 500MB.
    • Custom Character Uploads: Up to 6 per month.
    • Person Motion Capture: Limited to 2 people.
    • Additional Features: Export MoCap Data, Scenes, Camera Track, Clean Plate, Standalone AI MoCap, Commercial License.
  2. Pro Plan

    • Monthly Price: $124.99 (or $99.99 when billed annually as $1019.88)
    • Credits: 12,000 credits per month, equivalent to 600 seconds of live action or 3,000 seconds of AI MoCap.
    • Maximum Export Resolution: 4K.
    • Storage Space: 80GB.
    • Maximum Video Upload Size: 2,000MB.
    • Custom Character Uploads: Up to 15 per month.
    • Person Motion Capture: Limited to 4 people.
    • Additional Features: Export MoCap Data, Scenes, Camera Track, Clean Plate, Standalone AI MoCap, Commercial License, Alpha Mask, PNG Export, Live Action – Advanced.
  3. Enterprise Plan

    • Pricing: Custom pricing (Contact for details)
    • Features: Includes everything in the Pro plan, plus additional services tailored for larger organizations, such as custom processed video amounts, advanced security & compliance, custom storage, custom character upload limit, and priority support.


Wonder Dynamics, a media-tech startup, is led by an experienced team focused on developing AI production tools for indie filmmakers. The team includes:

  • Nikola Todorovic, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Tye Sheridan, Co-Founder & President
  • Austin Sheridan, Recruiting Manager
  • Katarina Stojković, VFX Production Manager
  • Maksim Ljubenkovic, Technical Director
  • Mihaela Rodić, HR Manager
  • Aleksandar Škorić, Product Manager
  • David Komorowski, Head of Characters / Creative Director

The team's collective expertise spans various areas, positioning Wonder Dynamics to empower filmmakers with advanced VFX capabilities on a budget. For more information about the team at Wonder Dynamics, you can visit their organization chart on The Org website.


Nikola Todorovic

Co-Founder & CEO


Tye Sheridan

Co-Founder & President



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