Zoom AI Companion

Zoom AI Companion

Zoom: transform meetings with AI smarts

Elevate your meetings with Zoom IQ's AI-driven summaries, chat assistance, and smart organization tools.
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Zoom IQ is a special set of smart tools that make Zoom, a popular video meeting platform, work even better. The main goal of Zoom IQ is to make online meetings feel more like real, in-person meetings.

Some of the cool things Zoom IQ can do are:

  1. Meeting Summary: With this feature, people who host Zoom meetings can make short summaries without recording the whole meeting. They can share these summaries with their team through Zoom chat or email. This is great for keeping everyone updated, even if they couldn't be at the meeting.
  2. Team Chat Compose: This feature uses smart AI technology to help people write messages in Zoom's team chat. It can suggest different ways to say things and make messages sound right for the conversation.

Zoom is also planning to add more AI-powered features like composing emails, summarizing team chat conversations, answering questions about meetings, and helping with online whiteboard drawings. These features will make it easier for teams to talk and come up with new ideas.

Zoom IQ uses different AI models from Zoom and other top AI companies like OpenAI and Anthropic. This helps Zoom offer lots of useful AI tools that can work for different people.

Many video meeting platforms are adding AI to make meetings better. Zoom is working with top AI experts to keep improving and adding more AI features.

In short, Zoom IQ is a big step forward in making online meetings more useful, with AI helping in different parts of talking and working together online.

Use cases

Zoom IQ is a helpful tool created by Zoom, designed to make work easier in different professional situations. Here are some of the things it can do:

  1. Meeting Organization: Zoom IQ helps you plan and manage meetings. It can make agendas to keep meetings on track.
  2. Meeting Summaries and Follow-Ups: It can create summaries of meetings. This is useful when someone misses a meeting, so they can catch up quickly. It can also help with follow-up emails after talking to customers.
  3. Team Communication: For team chats, Zoom IQ can suggest the right words and tone to use. This makes sure everyone understands each other, especially if you're working remotely.
  4. Creating Content and Ideas: Zoom IQ can help write emails, chat messages, and come up with questions or ideas. This makes it easier to start discussions and be creative as a team.
  5. Sales and Keeping Customers: It can assist with emails and ideas for keeping customers happy. This is good for sales teams and customer retention.
  6. Real-Time Summaries: During a meeting, it can summarize what's happening in real-time. This helps people who join late or miss parts of the meeting.
  7. Communication Summaries: For long chat conversations, Zoom IQ can give summaries. This makes it easier to stay updated without reading everything.

Zoom IQ is a flexible tool that can help in many ways at work. For more details and updates, you can visit Zoom's official website or check resources like What's the Big Data and AI Crunch.


Zoom IQ is a tool that uses advanced technology to make Zoom Meetings and Team Chat more efficient.

It uses smart technology to help with meeting summaries, chat composition, and organizing ideas.

Zoom IQ is free to try for some customers on specific plans.

Yes, it can be tailored to your organization's specific needs.

It works seamlessly with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Team Chat.

It offers meeting summaries, email drafting help, chat summarization, and organization tools.

It's great for professionals who want to improve communication and productivity.

Pricing & Discounts

Zoom AI Companion is included at no additional cost with the paid services in Zoom user accounts. Select verticals and geos may be excluded

PlanAnnual Price per UserMeeting DurationAttendees per MeetingCloud StorageEssential AppsExtras
Pro$149.90Up to 30 hours1005GBIncluded-
Business$219.90Up to 30 hours3005GBIncludedSSO, managed domains & more
Business PlusContact usUp to 30 hours30010GBIncludedSSO, managed domains & more, Phone Global Select, Translated Captions, Workspace Reservation, NEW Visitor Management
EnterpriseContact usUp to 30 hours1000UnlimitedIncludedSSO, managed domains & more, Phone Full-featured PBX, Translated Captions, Rooms & Webinars, Workspace Reservation, NEW Visitor Management


The creation and roll-out of Zoom AI Companion is spearheaded by a passionate team at Zoom Video Communications, Inc., with Smita Hashim, the Chief Product Officer, at the helm. She’s guiding the development of the Zoom AI Companion, an AI assistant crafted to enhance teamwork and productivity.

Leveraging AI technology from both Zoom and other leading AI companies, the Zoom AI Companion is equipped to deliver a suite of valuable features for its users. This strategic blend of AI resources enables Zoom to present a diverse array of tools designed to simplify work tasks and foster better collaboration among teams.


Smita Hashim

Chief Product Officer

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