BOTS: Investing with AI

BOTS: Investing with AI

Smart Trading, Smarter Decisions

Automates trading, analyzes trends, and manages investments efficiently to maximize returns.
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BOTS: Investing with AI is a cutting-edge platform that enhances stock trading through artificial intelligence. It's tailored for investors who want to streamline their  trading  activities with minimal manual input. Here’s how it supports users in optimizing their trading strategies:

  • Real-time AI trading signals and automatic execution: The platform offers real-time trading signals generated by AI with the capability to automatically execute trades. This integration significantly reduces the manual effort in trading decisions and strategy execution.
  • Extensive backtesting capabilities: BOTS provides powerful backtesting tools. It allows users to simulate their trading strategies using historical data. This feature is invaluable as it ensures a strategy's effectiveness before it is deployed in the live market.
  • User-friendly interface: Designed for both newcomers and experienced traders, the interface simplifies interactions with complex  financial  markets and make advanced trading accessible to a wider audience.

These features collectively allow users to concentrate more on strategic investment decisions. This makes BOTS: Investing with AI an essential tool for modern investors looking to leverage technology for enhanced market performance.

Use cases

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring: The tool continuously assesses stock performance and identify potential risks and opportunities. This capability is essential for maintaining a balanced portfolio in rapidly changing market conditions.
  • Automated Portfolio Rebalancing: It automatically adjusts the asset allocation in portfolios according to predefined criteria and evolving market conditions and ensure that your investments remain aligned with your goals and risk tolerance.
  • Data Interpretation and Predictive Analytics: BOTS uses big amounts of market data to spot trends and predict stock performance, providing valuable insights that guide investment decisions.
  • Sentiment Analysis: The tool  analyzes  market sentiment by evaluating news stories and  financial  reports. This analysis helps in understanding market trends and assists investors in deciding the best times to buy or sell stocks.
  • Algorithmic Trading: By using sophisticated algorithms, BOTS executes trades at optimal times, improving  trading  efficiency and profitability by capitalizing on small market movements.


It automates trading and investment decisions using AI and optimize strategies based on market data.

It simplifies trading by automating processes, analyzing trends, and managing portfolios, making it easier for users to achieve better financial outcomes.

Yes, the AI analyzes historical data and current trends to predict stock movements and make timely decisions.

Key features include real-time analytics, automated trading, portfolio rebalancing, and predictive market insights.

Absolutely, it is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experienced traders, offering tools and insights to help all users manage their investments effectively.

Pricing & Discounts

BOTS: Investing with AI is available at no cost to its users. This free access allows both new and experienced traders to leverage advanced AI tools for stock trading without any financial commitment. The no-cost feature makes it particularly appealing for those looking to explore automated trading options without the upfront investment that other tools might require. This pricing approach helps to remove barriers for individuals experimenting with AI-driven investment strategies.


The team behind BOTS: Investing with AI is led by Michiel Stokman, who serves as the CEO, steering the company's strategic direction. Colin Groos, as the COO, manages the operational aspects of the organization, ensuring efficient business processes. Sean Martens, the head of product & engineering, oversees the development and innovation of the AI tool, enhancing its features and capabilities.

Jesse Baas plays a crucial role as the head of the platform, responsible for maintaining and improving the technological infrastructure. Kateryna Dyka, the head of finance, manages the company's financial strategies and operations. Support is robustly handled by Ruggero Timmermans and Max Joosten, ensuring users receive timely assistance and service.

Anita Kwakman, as certificatekeeper, ensures compliance and certification standards are met. Yuliia Valiieva also supports the finance department, contributing to financial planning and analysis. The team is further bolstered by an additional 10 international experts who bring diverse skills and insights, enhancing the global reach and expertise of the BOTS platform.



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