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Automates stock trading with AI, enhances long-term wealth, and shields against market downturns.
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iFlip, an AI   platform, that leverages automated SmartFolios to streamline stock trading, making it accessible and efficient even for beginners. This AI-driven tool allows users to invest with as little as $25, operating on a commission-free basis to broaden accessibility. Designed to minimize risks and enhance returns through continuous market analysis, iFlip provides a user-friendly interface and transparent pricing. Although all investments carry inherent risks, iFlip supports users with robust educational resources and customer support, making it a valuable tool for those new to investing or looking for an  automated solutions in finance industry .

Use cases

iFlip, an  AI investment app , offers a range of use cases designed to cater to various investing needs. Here are some key ways users can leverage iFlip:

  • For Beginners: iFlip is incredibly user-friendly, perfect for those just stepping into the world of investing. It automates stock trading with an AI that studies market trends daily to optimize your investments, taking the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

  • Building Wealth Over Time: The app isn’t just for quick trades; it’s designed for long-term growth. iFlip’s SmartFolios adjust continuously based on AI analysis, aiming to beat traditional strategies and boost your returns while reducing risk.

  • Safeguarding Your Investments: A key feature of iFlip is its proactive approach during market downturns. The AI is programmed to foresee potential crashes and adjust your portfolio preemptively, helping to protect your hard-earned money from major losses.

  • Flexible Investment Options: Whether you’re investing a small amount or managing a significant portfolio, iFlip caters to all with its range of plans. This flexibility allows you to invest at a level that fits your financial goals and comfort with risk.


iFlip is an AI-powered investment platform that automates stock trading, optimizes portfolio performance, and offers protection during market downturns.

iFlip offers a simple subscription plan for $7 per month, providing access to automated investment management and SmartFolios.

Yes, iFlip uses AI to adjust investment strategies proactively during market downturns, aiming to minimize losses.

Absolutely, iFlip is designed for both novice and experienced investors, automating investment decisions to simplify the trading process.

iFlip provides automated AI-driven portfolio management, real-time market adjustments, and various SmartFolios tailored to different investment goals and strategies.

Pricing & Discounts

iFlip offers a straightforward and budget-friendly subscription model designed to make AI-driven investing accessible to everyone. At just $7 per month, you can access their AI investment app, which automates the management of your investments.

This single subscription plan includes the use of automated SmartFolios that adjust according to market changes, aiming to optimize your investment returns without requiring active management from the user.

UX/UI review

To start using iFlip, you need to pass a verification process open only to those in the U.S. and Canada, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Once verified, you can access the platform's robust tools, such as AI-driven SmartFolios that dynamically adapt to market shifts. This feature is perfect for investors who prefer a more hands-off approach, allowing them to focus on their financial goals while the AI manages the nuances of market fluctuations.




Randy Tate, the founder and CEO of iFlip, is passionately leading the company with a clear goal: to make financial markets more accessible to everyone through technology. Under Randy's guidance, iFlip has transformed into a platform where AI technology brings powerful trading algorithms, previously only available to professional traders, right to the fingertips of individual investors. Randy's vision is all about simplifying these complex tools, making them easy to understand and use for everyday people. This empowers users to make informed, tech-savvy investment decisions, aiming to significantly boost their financial success.


Randy tate

CEO and Founder



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