Choppity: Clip, Caption, Conquer! Unlock viral moments effortlessly.

Choppity simplifies video editing with AI by helping users identify viral clips, add animated captions, and customize styles, resulting in more engaging content.
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Choppity is an AI tool designed to analyze videos and identify viral clips using advanced technology. Its primary purpose is to simplify the process of searching through video content by tagging each clip with AI-generated titles, vibes (like funny or serious), and categories (such as story or fact).

One unique feature of Choppity is its ability to automatically add word-perfect animated captions to videos. Users can customize these captions to align with their brand by editing animation style, font, color, size, and other aspects. Additionally, Choppity's AI can detect faces in videos, ensuring that speakers are perfectly cropped, even in multi-camera or scene-switching scenarios.

Another standout feature is the one-click option to follow a moving speaker and center them in the video frame. This feature is particularly useful when the speaker is mobile during filming.

Choppity also transcribes entire videos, allowing users to edit by highlighting the transcript. Transcripts can be downloaded for creating blog posts or show notes, and Choppity supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and many others.

Users can save preferred video styles as brand kits for consistent branding across multiple clips, contributing to a polished and unified brand identity. Overall, Choppity streamlines video editing tasks and enhances the accessibility and engagement of video content.

Use cases

Here are some practical scenarios where Choppity could be used:

  1. Content Creation for Social Media Influencers: Social media influencers can use Choppity to identify the most engaging parts of their videos and easily add captions to increase accessibility and viewer engagement. They can also maintain a consistent brand identity by saving preferred styles and applying them to future videos.
  2. Educational Videos for Teachers: Teachers can utilize Choppity to create captivating educational videos by identifying key clips and adding animated captions to highlight important points. The ability to transcribe videos makes it easier to create accompanying materials like blog posts or study guides.
  3. Marketing Videos for Businesses: Marketing teams can leverage Choppity to produce compelling marketing videos with eye-catching captions and consistent branding. They can quickly identify viral-worthy content and customize captions to suit their target audience.
  4. Video Editing for Vloggers: Vloggers can streamline their video editing process with Choppity by automatically cropping speakers' faces and following their movements to keep them centered. They can also save time by editing videos directly from the transcribed text, enabling faster content creation.
  5. Multilingual Content Creation: Organizations operating in diverse markets can benefit from Choppity's support for multiple languages. They can easily create and customize videos in different languages to reach a broader audience and enhance international engagement.
  6. Accessibility for Online Courses: Online course creators can improve accessibility for learners by adding word-perfect captions to their video lectures. Choppity's caption customization options allow them to tailor captions to different learning styles and preferences.
  7. Event Coverage for Media Outlets: Media outlets covering events can use Choppity to quickly identify and share viral moments from live streams or recorded footage. The ability to add captions and customize video styles ensures that content aligns with the outlet's branding and audience preferences.

Overall, Choppity offers a wide range of applications across various industries, making video editing and content creation more efficient, engaging, and accessible.


Choppity is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify video editing tasks and enhance the accessibility and engagement of video content.

Choppity offers a range of features, including video analysis for identifying viral clips, automated caption generation, face detection and cropping, transcription of videos, customization of captions and video styles, following moving speakers, support for multiple languages, and the ability to save and reuse video styles for consistent branding.

Content creators can benefit from Choppity by saving time and effort in video editing tasks, improving the accessibility of their content with automated captions, enhancing viewer engagement with customizable video styles, and reaching a broader audience with support for multiple languages.

Choppity offers three subscription plans: Premium, Pro, and Ultra. Each plan varies in price and includes different features tailored to the needs of different users, from beginners to professional video editors and marketing agencies.

The Choppity team consists of 2-10 workers, demonstrating their dedication and expertise in developing and maintaining the tool despite being a small team.

Yes, Choppity is suitable for businesses looking to create compelling marketing videos, enhance educational content, or streamline event coverage. Its customizable features and support for multiple languages make it a versatile tool for various business needs.

Yes, Choppity can be used for live events to quickly identify and share viral moments from live streams or recorded footage. Its features such as automated caption generation and following moving speakers make it a valuable tool for event coverage.

Pricing & Discounts

Premium ($15.99)

  • Video analysis for viral clips
  • Automated caption generation
  • Face detection and cropping
  • Transcription of videos

Pro ($30.99)

  • Everything in Premium
  • Customization of captions and video styles
  • Following moving speakers

Ultra ($60.99)

  • Everything in Pro
  • Support for 96 languages
  • Save and reuse video styles for consistent branding



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