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Create powerful marketing content quickly. ClosersCopy simplifies crafting, analyzing, and enhancing for effective outcomes.
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ClosersCopy is a smart tool that makes writing for marketing and sales a breeze. Powered by AI, it helps you whip up engaging copy quickly and more efficiently. It's especially good for creating detailed, long-form content. Starting with an outline is key here; it clues the AI into what you're talking about, leading to sharper, on-point content. If you're diving into niche topics, you might need to give it a bit more to go on at the beginning.

The platform is packed with a variety of templates for all sorts of marketing needs—think Facebook Ads, Google Ads, catchy email subjects, and beyond. And with new templates being added regularly, you're always equipped with the freshest approaches. Plus, there's a handy copy wizard that walks you through your writing, offering tips, pointing out what could be better, and helping you polish your work step by step.

Use cases

ClosersCopy is your go-to for crafting magnetic marketing materials. Here’s how it can amplify your content creation:

  • Marketing Copy Magic: Dive into creating irresistible Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email blasts, social media content, sales pages, and landing pages. ClosersCopy excels in tailoring messages that grab attention and drive action.

  • Blog Content Boost: While it shines with sales and marketing copy, ClosersCopy also lays the groundwork for blog posts. Kick off with AI-generated outlines and drafts to speed up your writing process, fine-tuning for your unique voice and depth later on.

  • Email Marketing Mastery: Its rich template stash and smart copy wizard come in handy for dreaming up email subjects and bodies that boost open rates and foster engagement.

  • Copy Analysis: Get to the heart of your message with tools that assess emotional impact and streamline complex sentences, making sure your copy hits home with your audience.

  • Competitor Insights: The Compete feature digs into keywords and stacks up your content against top performers, gleaning insights to sharpen your content strategy and grasp market dynamics.

  • SEO-Ready Content: By sizing up competitor content and guiding SEO-centric writing, ClosersCopy positions your content for better search engine visibility and ranking.

  • Product Descriptions & Landing Pages: It’s also a pro at drafting compelling product blurbs and landing pages, highlighting your offers’ value and nudging conversions upwards.

ClosersCopy stands as a versatile partner, empowering you to create content that not only speaks to your audience but also stands out in today’s crowded digital landscape.


ClosersCopy is a cutting-edge, AI-powered tool designed to streamline the creation of various types of copy, including marketing materials, emails, and sales pages. It leverages artificial intelligence to craft content, analyze the emotional impact, and offer enhancement suggestions.

The tool uses AI to generate content based on user-provided inputs and outlines. It features draft generation, a comprehensive template library, a guided copy wizard, emotion analysis of the copy, and more, simplifying the entire content creation process.

ClosersCopy is versatile, able to produce a broad spectrum of content types such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email subjects, social media posts, sales pages, landing pages, and beyond, catering to marketing and sales copy requirements.

Absolutely, ClosersCopy offers keyword analysis and SEO audit tools to help enhance content for better search engine visibility, ensuring that the content is not only captivating but also SEO-friendly.

Yes, ClosersCopy supports multiple users under its Superpower and Superpower Squad plans, facilitating team collaboration on projects and making it a great choice for group endeavors.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPriceAI RunsSEO AuditsUpdatesSeatsFeatures
Power Plan$49.99/month300 per month50 per monthLimited2 (you + 1 team member)SEO Audit SEO Planner Longform writing 700+ Frameworks Workflows Tune (coming soon) Insights Email Support Community access
Superpower Plan$79.99/monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited3 (you + 2 team members)All Power Plan features Unlimited AI writing, SEO audits, and updates
Superpower Squad Plan$99.99/monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5 (you + 4 team members)All Superpower Plan features More seats for larger teams

Additional Information:

  • Annual Payment Discount: Paying annually for any plan offers a 30% savings, effectively reducing the monthly cost.
  • Immediate Access: Features and resources become available right after purchase.


Nico Engler, as the CEO and owner, is the driving force behind ClosersCopy. He plays a crucial role in steering the tool’s direction and growth, focusing on developing a robust solution that aids marketers, copywriters, and businesses in streamlining their content creation efforts. With a keen eye on leveraging AI technology, Nico’s leadership is all about making copywriting more efficient and effective. He oversees everything from the introduction of new features to updates and user experience enhancements, ensuring ClosersCopy stays ahead in the fast-paced world of AI writing tools and continues to meet the evolving needs of its users.


Nico Engler


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