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Launched in 2018, Cutout.Pro emerges as a dynamic AI-powered visual design tool catering to a spectrum of image processing needs, for both individual users and professionals. Merging artificial intelligence with sophisticated image-processing algorithms, Cutout.Pro equips users with an extensive selection of editing functionalities, ranging from background removal and image enhancement to AI art generation, ID photo creation, photo animation, and converting selfies into cartoon forms.

The platform's services are segmented into four primary categories: AI Removal Tools, AI Restore Tools, AI Generation Tools, and AI Video Tools, all of which are driven by state-of-the-art AI technology for efficient and accurate editing. Whether it's removing distractions from images and videos, restoring and enhancing photo quality, generating AI art, or editing video backgrounds without a green screen, Cutout.Pro's tools are designed to streamline these tasks.

A distinctive feature of Cutout.Pro is its API, facilitating seamless integration of its AI capabilities into various digital workflows and applications. This adaptability makes it a valuable asset across different fields, including professional photography, content creation, e-commerce, and personal endeavors.

The platform is celebrated for its intuitive interface, which simplifies the image editing process for users of any expertise level, promoting creativity and delivering high-quality results. Additionally, its scalable nature ensures it can handle extensive volumes of images and videos, offering a cost-effective editing solution.

Accessible via its website, desktop and mobile applications, and even as a Shopify Plugin, Cutout.Pro stands out in the digital content creation landscape for its automated, user-friendly tools that transform creative concepts into visually stunning assets.

Use cases

Cutout.Pro, an AI-powered visual design platform, offers a variety of use cases for different types of users, ranging from professionals to hobbyists. Here are some key applications:

  1. E-commerce and Product Photography: Cutout.Pro excels in e-commerce by allowing for efficient background removal from product images. This feature is crucial for creating clean, distraction-free product visuals. Additionally, the platform can remove unwanted objects from images, ensuring the product remains the sole focus. Another innovative use is creating varied product images by generating unique AI-driven product mockups against different backgrounds, enhancing the appeal of e-commerce platforms.
  2. Professional Photography and Content Creation: For professional photographers and content creators, including bloggers and digital marketers, Cutout.Pro enhances photo quality and assists in creative visual content creation. It's particularly useful in restoring old or damaged photos using AI technology, thereby adding value to historical or sentimental images.
  3. Graphic Design: Graphic designers, both professionals and beginners, can leverage Cutout.Pro's graphic design tools to craft stunning visuals effortlessly. The platform's AI-driven editing tools aid in streamlining the design process, enabling the creation of high-quality graphic content with.
  4. Personal Projects: Individuals working on personal projects can benefit from Cutout.Pro’s capabilities in photo and video editing. It's especially useful for tasks like upscaling images, segmenting faces and hair for more accurate editing, and colorizing images and videos to create more vibrant visuals.
  5. Developer Integration: For developers, Cutout.Pro provides robust API integration options. This allows for the incorporation of the platform's powerful visual content solutions into various applications, enabling the creation of more dynamic and engaging user experiences.

Overall, Cutout.Pro stands out as a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications, from enhancing professional photography to boosting the visual appeal of e-commerce products, and even assisting in personal creative endeavors. Its AI-driven capabilities simplify and enhance the visual content creation process, making it a valuable asset in the realm of digital content creation.

FAQ is an AI-powered platform for image and video editing, offering a range of tools including background removal, photo enhancement, and more. offers a free account with limited features and credits. Additional features are available through subscription or pay-as-you-go plans.

Credits are used as a payment method within for accessing various services. Different tasks consume different amounts of credits. is user-friendly; you can upload your image or video to the platform and use the available tools to edit as needed. supports major web browsers, ensuring broad accessibility for users.

The platform supports common image formats, though specific details are available on their website. handles high-resolution images but the exact maximum resolution and file size should be checked on their FAQ page. values user privacy and does not retain original images or results without permission.

Various payment options are available, including credit card and PayPal. Subscription plans can be managed directly through the user account.

Pricing & Discounts

Plan TypePlan DetailsCredits/CostAdditional Info
Free AccountPersonal/Trial Use5 free credits, unlimited previewsEarn more credits through referrals
Subscription40 credits/month$5.00 ($0.125/credit)Credits roll over up to 5x monthly budget

100 credits/month$9.90 ($0.099/credit)

200 credits/month$16.90 ($0.084/credit)

400 credits/month$29.00 ($0.072/credit)

800 credits/month$49.00 ($0.061/credit)

1200 credits/month$69.00 ($0.058/credit)

Custom PlanContact for pricing
Pay As You Go3 credits$2.99 ($0.997/credit)Credits do not expire

10 credits$4.99 ($0.499/credit)

100 credits$39.00 ($0.390/credit)

300 credits$79.00 ($0.263/credit)

1000 credits$199.00 ($0.199/credit)

10000 credits$1399.00 ($0.140/credit)
Video Pricing1 minute$19 ($0.317 per second)Custom plans available

3 minutes$29 ($0.161 per second)

15 minutes$129 ($0.143 per second)

45 minutes$299 ($0.111 per second)

120 minutes$599 ($0.083 per second)

330 minutes$1299 ($0.066 per second)



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