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Unleash creativity: AI-driven design at your fingertips

Revolutionize your design process with AI. Effortless, innovative, and time-saving tools for all your creative needs.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Freepik, a well-known digital design and content creation platform, has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its services in several ways:

  1. Image Creation from Text: Freepik's AI technology lets users turn text ideas into pictures, expanding creative options.
  2. Customization Tools: The platform offers AI-powered tools for tasks like removing backgrounds, enlarging images, and generating text, helping users personalize their projects.
  3. Smart Search: Freepik's AI-powered search engine makes finding the right content easier and more accurate.
  4. AI Presentation Maker: On Slidesgo and Wepik, users can create dynamic presentations by inputting prompts, and the AI generates complete slides and text.
  5. AI-Generated Images: Freepik has a vast collection of AI-created images for various creative needs.
  6. AI Editor and More: Some features like the AI Editor are in development, but there are already tools like the AI Background Remover and AI Figma plugin to help with design tasks.

Freepik aims to make AI accessible to all users, regardless of their skill level. CEO Joaquín Cuenca is dedicated to maximizing AI's potential and making it user-friendly.

In conclusion, Freepik's use of AI is changing the creative process by offering tools that enhance creativity and streamline work for users.

Use cases

Freepik has two helpful AI tools: the Freepik AI Image Generator and Freepik Pikaso.

1. Freepik AI Image Generator

  • Main Use: This tool is great for making high-quality AI-generated images. It's handy for content creation, marketing, and design projects.
  • Features: It's easy to use and lets you create various images by giving it prompts. You can make 3D visuals, textures, and futuristic landscapes. Plus, it has a big collection of AI-generated images, icons, and PSD files.
  • Access and Cost: You can use it for free, but there's a limit of 10 image generations per day. Freepik also offers free and premium plans, where the premium plan gives you more stock content.

2. Freepik Pikaso

  • Main Use: Pikaso is an AI tool for making detailed illustrations from doodles and drawings in real-time. It's for those who want to quickly turn their ideas into visuals.
  • Unique Features: Pikaso can turn both text and drawings into images, which is pretty cool. The interface looks like basic drawing tools and shows changes in your image as you draw or edit. It even lets you control how creative the AI is and the quality of the image.
  • Innovative Aspect: The real-time image generation is a big deal because it gives you instant feedback and lets you experiment without waiting.

In summary, these tools are great for creating images with AI. They're user-friendly, make high-quality images, and are flexible for different creative needs.


Freepik AI tools can transform sketches into images, upscale images for higher resolution, generate images directly in Figma, and create presentations quickly.

Yes, users can get early access to beta tools, joining the community of AI artists for a hands-on experience before official releases.

Pricing & Discounts

Freepik has two subscription plans:

1. Free Plan:

  • You can download up to 10 items per day.
  • You can generate AI images from text up to 20 times per day.
  • You have limited use of the AI Art generator called Pikaso.
  • You can use the online editor for free content.
  • Access to Freepik's library is limited to free items.
  • You must provide attribution for the content you use.
  • Ad-free browsing is not available.
  • Priority support is not offered.

2. Premium Plan:

  • It costs $24 per month if billed monthly or $12 per month if billed annually at $144.
  • You can download an unlimited number of items per day.
  • You can generate AI images from text as much as you want.
  • You have unlimited access to the AI Art generator Pikaso.
  • You can use the online editor for all content.
  • You get access to 145 million premium items including vectors, photos, AI images, icons, videos, and PSD files.
  • No attribution is required for assets used.
  • You also get a free Flaticon account.
  • Ad-free browsing is included.
  • Priority support is provided.

Both plans include VAT and local taxes if applicable. The Premium Plan offers more features, while the Free Plan has some limitations but still offers access to many resources. For the latest information on their plans, you can check Freepik's pricing page.


Freepik has been growing well. They reported a 25% year-on-year increase in revenue, reaching $87 million. They've also expanded in the US and made an acquisition in the photography market. To get the latest info on their investors and funding, check Crunchbase directly and search for Freepik.

Daniil Bazylenko

Published by: Daniil Bazylenko

12 September 2023, 12:00AM



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