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shutterstock AI Image Generator

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Transform ideas into visuals for design, social media, and education effortlessly with Shutterstock Generate.
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Shutterstock has rolled out its AI Image Generator, Shutterstock Generate, through a notable partnership with OpenAI, known for the Dall-E text-to-image art generator. This tool is designed for ease of use and legal safety, enabling users to create a broad spectrum of precise and varied images effortlessly. By entering a keyword or concept and selecting from style options like "Photo," "Art," "Digital," or "3D," users can instantly visualize their ideas. Shutterstock sets itself apart by emphasizing ethical practices, notably by compensating artists whose works are used in the training datasets. As a key component of Shutterstock's extensive creative platform, Shutterstock Generate is envisioned to be a comprehensive resource for the creative community, streamlining the creative process with innovative technology.

Use cases

Shutterstock Generate revolutionizes visual content creation across various domains with its AI Image Generator. Here's a snapshot of its versatile applications:

  • For Creatives and Designers: It's a game-changer, streamlining the production of distinctive, high-quality images for a range of projects, simplifying the creative process for professionals and novices alike.

  • Blog and Social Media Content: This tool is perfect for generating compelling visuals that complement and enhance blog posts, social media updates, websites, or presentations, elevating online engagement and visual storytelling.

  • Personal and Professional Projects: Shutterstock Generate offers the ability to craft bespoke images for both personal interests and professional endeavors, from hobbies to business presentations and marketing collateral.

  • Educational Content: It serves as a valuable resource for educators and students, allowing them to illustrate complex ideas with clarity, thereby making learning more dynamic and accessible.

  • Marketing and Advertising: In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and advertising, the tool empowers users to quickly devise and adapt visual concepts for campaigns or brand identity, speeding up the creative workflow.

  • Entertainment and Leisure: For those looking to unleash their imagination, it provides a platform to create entertaining and whimsical visuals, adding a dash of fun to creative explorations.

Shutterstock Generate stands out as a powerful ally in generating custom, engaging visual content, supporting a broad spectrum of uses from professional projects to educational materials and personal entertainment.


It's a tool that allows users to create images from text descriptions. Using advanced AI, it can transform written prompts into visual content.

Access the tool on Shutterstock's platform, enter a text prompt describing the image you want, and the tool will generate images based on your description.

While generating images might be free, downloading them typically requires a payment. Shutterstock offers various pricing plans, including subscriptions and single-image purchase options.

Yes, images generated can typically be used for commercial projects, but it's always good to check the specific licensing terms on Shutterstock for each image.

The tool can produce a wide range of images based on the creativity and specificity of your text prompts.

Yes, the AI generates unique images based on the input prompt, though similar prompts might result in similar images.

Once downloaded, you can edit these images like any other image, respecting the licensing terms.

Shutterstock has emphasized its commitment to ethical AI practices, including compensating artists whose work contributes to its AI model.

Pricing & Discounts

The Shutterstock AI Image Generator, known as Shutterstock Generate, offers various pricing options:

  1. Free Trial: Users can access a free trial that includes 10 image downloads, which also cover AI-generated images.
  2. Subscription Plans: AI-generated images are integrated into Shutterstock's existing subscription plans. Each AI-generated image counts as one download from the user's subscription plan or image pack. For Flex subscriptions, one AI image equals one credit.
  3. Single Image Purchase: Users can also opt to pay for individual images if they do not wish to subscribe.

Shutterstock's subscription model is designed to cater to different user needs, whether you're just exploring or require a regular supply of images for ongoing projects.


The Shutterstock AI Image Generator's journey to the forefront of creative technology is spearheaded by a team of distinguished professionals, each bringing their unique expertise to the venture. Here's a snapshot of the pivotal figures behind the innovation:

  • Jon Oringer, Founder and Executive Chairman: Jon's forward-thinking leadership has been instrumental in steering Shutterstock toward groundbreaking ventures, including the development of the AI Image Generator.

  • Paul Hennessy, CEO: Under Paul's strategic guidance, Shutterstock continues to reach ambitious milestones, fostering growth and fostering innovation at every turn.

  • Jarrod Yahes, CFO: Jarrod plays a crucial role in maintaining the financial health and viability of the project, ensuring its long-term sustainability and success.

  • Rachel Mahoney, CMO: Rachel's creative marketing strategies significantly amplify the AI Image Generator's visibility, captivating a broad and diverse audience.

  • Sara Birmingham, Chief Human Resources Officer: Sara's commitment to nurturing a vibrant and supportive workplace culture is key to maintaining team unity and morale.

  • Sejal Amin, CTO: Sejal leads the charge in the technological development and deployment of state-of-the-art solutions that power the AI Image Generator.

  • John Lapham, General Counsel: John provides indispensable legal oversight, guiding the project through the complexities of regulatory compliance.

  • John Caine, Chief Product & Digital Officer: John's innovative approach to product development and digital strategy continuously enhances the AI Image Generator, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • Aimee Egan, Chief Enterprise Officer: Aimee's strategic partnerships and market exploration efforts are crucial in expanding the project's reach and impact.

Together, these leaders drive Shutterstock's AI Image Generator project, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of innovation and serves as a pivotal tool for creative professionals worldwide, redefining the standards for visual content creation.


Jon Oringer

Founder and Executive Chairman


Paul Hennessy

Chief Executive Officer


Jarrod Yahes

Chief Financial Officer


Rachel Mahoney

Chief Marketing Officer


Sara Birmingham

Chief Human Resources Officer


Sejal Amin

Chief Technology Officer


John Lapham

General Counsel


John Caine

Chief Product & Digital Officer


Aimee Egan

Chief Enterprise Officer


Shutterstock's AI Image Generator, known as Shutterstock Generate, was developed through strategic partnerships with major industry players. Key collaborations include OpenAI, Meta (formerly Facebook), and LG AI Research. These partnerships were central to fueling Shutterstock's generative AI research efforts and integrating these advanced technologies into their platform.

One notable partnership was with OpenAI, particularly for the development of OpenAI's Dall-E 2 artificial intelligence image-generating platform. Shutterstock contributed its extensive media libraries to train and refine the Dall-E 2 algorithm. This collaboration was significant as it allowed Shutterstock to integrate this advanced AI technology into its own generative AI tools, offering customers the ability to create images from text prompts.

In addition to the collaboration with OpenAI, Shutterstock also expanded its relationship with Meta. This deal involved Shutterstock providing its photo and other media libraries to help build Meta's AI datasets and train its algorithms. These strategic alliances highlight Shutterstock's commitment to staying at the forefront of AI technology and its application in the creative field.

Shutterstock's approach to these partnerships and the development of its AI Image Generator reflects a focus on ethical practices and responsible AI use. This includes ensuring that artists whose works contribute to the development of these AI models are recognized and compensated. By embracing these new technologies and building a business around them, Shutterstock aims to offer unique and responsible AI-generated content to its customers while ensuring fair practices in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.



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