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Easily Make Unique Logos with AI

Easily Create Eye-Catching Logos Using AI Tech
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Shopify Hatchful is a game-changer for creating logos. It's like a shortcut to looking professional without the usual hassle of design work. I found it by chance and was amazed at how easy it was to make a sleek logo, no design experience required.

What makes it stand out? It's packed with design resources: templates, colors, icons, and more, all tailored to fit any industry. It's not just a time and money saver; it's a boost for anyone from small shop owners to solo bloggers, making it easy to bring their brand vision to life. The best part? It democratizes high-quality branding, making it accessible to everyone, not just the big names.

Use cases

Shopify Hatchful isn't just useful—it completely transforms the game, especially for those stepping into the Shopify scene. Imagine it as the ultimate branding Swiss Army knife. Here's what it brings to your business table:

  • Effortless Logo & Brand Creation: Hatchful’s user-friendly interface lets you quickly craft logos and establish a professional brand identity. It’s a godsend for startups or small businesses that want that polished look without spending a lot on design services.
  • Industry-Specific Templates: Whether you’re launching a fashion brand or a tech startup, Hatchful has tailored templates to ensure your logo isn’t just attractive but also resonates with your business niche.
  • Marketing Materials Made Easy: The magic doesn’t stop at logos. Hatchful provides a range of marketing materials, from social media assets to business cards, ensuring your brand remains consistent and impactful across all platforms.
  • Seamless Shopify Integration: Adding a cherry on top, Hatchful seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, enabling you to showcase your brand effortlessly on your online storefront.


Yes! Shopify’s Hatchful logo maker is completely free. You can design your logo without any hidden costs or upfront payments.

Shopify’s logo maker is a zero-cost, user-friendly tool that lets you craft a logo from professional templates, helping you brand your business effectively for free.

Outline your brand’s identity: Understand who you are as a brand to ensure your logo accurately represents your business. Keep it simple: Simple logos are more memorable and easier to recognize.Choose your colors wisely: Use colors that reflect your brand's personality, ideally sticking to a maximum of three colors.Select the right font: Your font should match your brand's tone while being easy to read.Ensure scalability: Your logo should look good no matter the size.Originality check: Compare your logo with competitors to ensure uniqueness.Design testing: Test your logo in various formats to ensure versatility.

Yes, you can! Simply add the slogan, leveraging the Shopify logo maker after adding your business name to all professional designs. If you don’t already have slogans, you can click “I don’t have a slogan for this logo” to skip this step or think up a catchy slogan for your business with these slogans ideas to bring your new, professional image to the next level.

Absolutely! You can add a slogan during the design process or opt to skip this step if you don’t have one, potentially brainstorming a catchy slogan to elevate your brand.

Get inspired by exploring logos in your industry.Go to Hatchful, select your business’s category, and choose a visual style.Input your business name and slogan (if applicable), and indicate where you plan to use the logo.Choose a design that fits your brand, customize it, and then download your new logo for use.

You can display your new logo on your website, products, and all your social media platforms to strengthen your brand identity.

Pricing & Discounts

Shopify Hatchful is like striking gold for small business owners and anyone looking to boost their branding on a shoestring budget. It's completely free, which is a boon for those keeping a tight grip on their finances. You don't need to be a design whiz or have a hefty budget to craft logos and branding that dazzle. Hatchful empowers you to personalize and design logos that stand out, making sure your brand sparkles both in the digital world and beyond. And the cherry on top? You can elevate your brand's appearance at absolutely no expense.


Shopify's journey with Hatchful is truly inspiring. Guided by Richard Yang, what started as a small project blossomed into a major cross-platform product from May 2017 to July 2019. Under Yang's leadership, Hatchful grew impressively to over 5.2 million active users worldwide, a success story underscored by its stellar app store ratings of 4.9 stars on both iOS and Android platforms.


Richard Yang

Ex-Senior Product Designer

Initially designed as a stepping stone for novice entrepreneurs to create professional-grade brand assets without needing deep graphic design expertise, Hatchful stands as a testament to Shopify’s innovative and user-focused philosophy. The in-house team at Shopify continues to nurture and develop Hatchful, maintaining its user-friendly interface and functionality.


Shopify is the parent company of Hatchful, meaning Hatchful was developed right inside Shopify, not made by someone outside the company. While we don't know exactly how much money Shopify put into making Hatchful, it's clear that Shopify is really focused on making sure their e-commerce users have access to the best and most useful tools and services, including Hatchful.




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