DeviaVir's Zenbot

DeviaVir's Zenbot

Streamline Your Crypto Trades with AI

Automates crypto trading, offers strategy testing and risk-free practice simulations.
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Zenbot is a  AI Finance  command-line cryptocurrency trading bot designed with Node.js and MongoDB. Its features include fully  automated trading based on technical analysis , extensive support for major exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex, and a plugin architecture for customization. It offers a simulation mode for backtesting strategies against historical data and a "paper" trading mode for risk-free practice. However, users should be cautious as it involves significant risk and is no longer actively maintained. Zenbot emphasizes user responsibility and does not guarantee profits.

Use cases

  • Automated trading: Zenbot can execute trades automatically based on predefined technical indicators and strategies, making it useful for those who wish to trade without constant monitoring;
  • Strategy testing: with its simulation capabilities, users can backtest various trading strategies against historical data to evaluate performance before applying them in live markets;
  • Education and practice: the "paper" trading mode allows newcomers to cryptocurrency trading to practice without risking actual funds, providing a safe environment to learn and experiment;
  • Customisation: advanced users can utilize Zenbot’s plugin architecture to create custom strategies and extend functionality, such as adding support for new exchanges or tweaking trading tactics.


Yes, Zenbot is completely free to download and use, but users should consider transaction fees from exchanges.

Zenbot supports major exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, and others, with ongoing work to add more.

Zenbot can automate trades, backtest strategies, and simulate trading to help users practice without risk.

Zenbot offers a plugin architecture that allows users to write new strategies and add features.

Zenbot is not actively maintained, so users should update dependencies if they use it.

Yes, Zenbot can execute trades automatically based on predefined strategies and technical analysis.

Pricing & Discounts

DeviaVir's Zenbot is a free cryptocurrency trading bot, meaning there is no cost to download and use the software. This makes it an accessible option for individuals looking to experiment with or develop automated trading strategies without the upfront investment often associated with proprietary tools. However, while the software itself is free, users should be aware of potential costs related to trading activities, such as transaction fees from exchanges.



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