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Dive transforms meetings with automated notes, agenda prep, and actionable summaries. Focus on collaboration, not admin tasks!
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Dive is an AI tool designed to revolutionize how we handle meetings. It serves as your personal assistant, automating various aspects of meeting management to streamline the process and enhance productivity.

With Dive, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual note-taking and tedious meeting preparations. Its AI assistant takes on the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals without getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

One of Dive's key features is its automated note-taking capability. By capturing discussions in real-time, it ensures that every key insight is recorded without you having to lift a finger. This makes it easy to review past discussions and decisions, as well as search for specific information whenever needed.

Meeting prep becomes a breeze with Dive's expert-built agenda templates. It reviews previous meeting notes and gathers inputs effortlessly, ensuring that you're well-prepared for every discussion.

Dive seamlessly integrates with popular meeting platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, allowing you to collaborate on notes and agendas in real-time. Whether it's running in the background or open in a tab, Dive ensures that you have access to all the tools you need to make your meetings productive.

One of the standout features of Dive is its ability to generate AI-driven action items. By analyzing discussions, it identifies actionable tasks and summarizes them in a way that's easy to understand and implement. This helps keep meetings focused and ensures that follow-up actions are clear and achievable.

Finally, Dive simplifies post-meeting activities by automatically sending recaps to your team's inbox. These recaps summarize key points and action items, making it easy for everyone to stay on the same page and move forward with their tasks.

Overall, Dive is a valuable tool for optimizing meetings, allowing teams to focus on collaboration and decision-making without being weighed down by administrative burdens.

Use cases

Here are some simplified use cases for Dive as an AI tool:

  1. Efficient Meeting Preparation: Sarah, a team leader, has a weekly meeting with her team to discuss project updates. With Dive, Sarah can effortlessly prepare for the meeting by using pre-built agenda templates and reviewing notes from previous sessions. This saves her time and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to discussing important topics.
  2. Real-time Note Taking: During a brainstorming session, Mark, a project manager, uses Dive to take notes in real-time. As ideas are being discussed, Dive captures them automatically, allowing Mark to focus on facilitating the conversation rather than worrying about jotting down every detail. This ensures that no valuable insights are lost during the meeting.
  3. Actionable Meeting Summaries: After a client meeting, Emily, a sales representative, receives a summary from Dive outlining key discussion points and action items. This helps Emily prioritize tasks and follow up with the client effectively. By providing actionable summaries, Dive enables Emily to make the most out of her meetings and drive results for her team.
  4. Seamless Collaboration: David and his remote team use Dive to collaborate during virtual meetings. With Dive's integration with video conferencing platforms, team members can access shared notes and agendas in real-time, regardless of their location. This fosters collaboration and ensures that everyone is aligned on project objectives.
  5. Automated Follow-up: After a team meeting, Lisa, a project coordinator, relies on Dive to automatically send meeting recaps to all attendees. These recaps include action items and next steps, making it easy for team members to stay accountable and track progress. By automating follow-up tasks, Dive helps Lisa streamline communication and drive project success.
  6. Enhanced Productivity: Michael, a small business owner, uses Dive to optimize his client meetings. By automating note-taking and agenda preparation, Dive allows Michael to focus on delivering value to his clients rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks. This boosts productivity and strengthens client relationships.

Overall, Dive serves as a valuable tool for streamlining meeting processes, fostering collaboration, and driving productivity across various scenarios and industries.


Dive is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline meetings, offering features like automated note-taking, agenda preparation, and meeting summaries.

The founders of Dive are Nitesh Agrawal (Co-Founder & CEO), Om Prakash (Co-Founder), and Prabhat Kumar Mishra (Co-Founder).

Dive has raised a total of $1.7 million in funding through one seed round.

Dive's latest funding round was on November 25, 2020.

The latest funding round for Dive was led by Surge, with participation from 13 other investors.

Yes, Dive has four institutional investors, including Surge, Village Global, and Astir Ventures.

Yes, Dive has received backing from Sai Srinivas Kiran Garimella and nine other angel investors.

Pricing & Discounts

Basic (Free)

  • Includes 5 AI-powered meetings per month.
  • Unlimited manual note-taking.
  • Ideal for individuals or small teams who have occasional meetings and want to try out Dive's basic features without committing to a subscription.

Pro ($12/month/user)

  • Includes all features of the Basic plan.
  • Up to 15 meeting recordings per user per month.
  • Suitable for teams or professionals who have more frequent meetings and require the ability to record and review discussions for better collaboration and follow-up.

Enterprise ($30/month/user)

  • Includes all features of the Pro plan.
  • Unlimited meetings.
  • Tailored for larger teams or organizations with high meeting volumes and the need for unlimited access to Dive's features.


Meet the dedicated team behind Dive:

  • Nitesh Agrawal leads the pack as Co-Founder & CEO. With a clear vision for transforming meetings, Nitesh spearheads Dive's journey towards innovation and efficiency.
  • Om Prakash stands as Co-Founder, contributing his expertise to the technical aspects of Dive. His role ensures that Dive's platform seamlessly integrates advanced technologies, providing users with intuitive meeting experiences.

This cohesive team of Co-Founders works tirelessly to drive Dive forward, revolutionizing the way meetings are conducted and empowering users to achieve their goals with ease.


Nitesh Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO


Om Prakash



Dive has secured significant funding to support its growth and development. In its latest funding round on November 25, 2020, Dive raised $1.7 million in a Seed round. This funding round saw the participation of 13 investors, with Surge leading the way.

Dive has a total of 4 institutional investors, including Surge, Village Global, and Astir Ventures. Additionally, Dive has received backing from angel investors such as Sai Srinivas Kiran Garimella and nine others.

This funding underscores investor confidence in Dive's vision and potential. With strong financial backing, Dive is well-positioned to continue innovating and enhancing its offerings, ultimately empowering users to optimize their meeting experiences.

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