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Build stunning websites from text prompts with no-code ease. Ideal for portfolios, e-commerce, and more.
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Dora AI is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize the process of website creation. It stands out with its "Text to Website" feature, which enables users to build fully functional websites by simply inputting text prompts. This feature is particularly noteworthy for its ability to generate websites complete with 3D animations and interactive elements, making Dora AI a strong choice for those looking for quick and visually appealing web solutions.

The platform offers a no-code editor, simplifying the web creation process for a wide range of users, including design agencies, freelancers, business owners, and creative professionals. Dora AI's approach is user-friendly, especially for beginners, as it reduces the need for extensive coding skills.

One of the tool's key advantages is its integration with Figma, allowing for a seamless transition of designs from Figma to Dora AI, which enhances the web development experience. This feature underlines the tool's commitment to efficiency and creativity in web design projects.

However, it's important to note that Dora AI is still in its alpha stage, which may involve occasional bugs or limited functionalities. Users exploring this tool should be prepared for potential challenges as it continues to evolve.

In terms of pricing, Dora AI offers a free trial and operates on a freemium model, making it accessible for users to test and explore its capabilities.

In summary, Dora AI represents a significant shift in web design, leveraging AI technology to make the process more dynamic, creative, and accessible, especially for users without coding expertise. Its unique features, coupled with the ease of use and integration capabilities, position it as a promising tool in the realm of web development.

Use cases

Dora AI, as an AI tool, offers a range of use cases that cater to various needs in the digital space, particularly in website creation and design. Some of the notable use cases include:

  1. Rapid Website Prototyping: Dora AI can quickly generate website prototypes, making it ideal for testing and validation purposes. This is especially useful for web designers and developers who need to create website mockups in a short amount of time.

  2. Creative Portfolios: Artists, designers, and other creative professionals can use Dora AI to showcase their work through visually captivating websites. This allows for a more dynamic and engaging presentation of their portfolio.

  3. Product Showcases: Businesses can present their products or services in an engaging and interactive manner using Dora AI. This can enhance the user experience on e-commerce sites or product pages.

  4. Marketing Campaigns: The tool is also suitable for creating landing pages or microsites with AI-infused animations, which can be a significant asset in digital marketing efforts.

  5. E-commerce Websites: For online retailers, Dora AI offers robust tools for building visually stunning and interactive online stores, which can help attract and engage customers.

  6. Brand Websites: Companies looking to develop immersive and unique websites that reflect their brand identity can find Dora AI particularly useful.

  7. Personal Blogs: Bloggers can create visually appealing blogs with dynamic elements, enhancing reader engagement and the overall aesthetic of the blog.

  8. Event Websites: For events and conferences, Dora AI can be used to design interactive websites that effectively engage attendees and promote the event.

  9. Educational Websites: The tool can be employed to develop interactive and engaging educational platforms or e-learning websites, enhancing the learning experience.

  10. Startup Websites: Startups seeking to quickly establish an online presence can leverage Dora AI's capabilities for AI-powered design and animations.

These use cases demonstrate the versatility of Dora creating a variety of web experiences, from business and e-commerce sites to creative portfolios and educational platforms. The tool's focus on ease of use, rapid prototyping, and integration of advanced AI features like 3D animations makes it a valuable asset for a wide range of users, from professionals to beginners in web design.


Dora AI is an innovative platform that utilizes AI to generate and customize websites from text prompts.

It's suitable for design agencies, freelancers, designers, business owners, and anyone interested in creating websites easily.

No, Dora AI provides a no-code editor, making web design accessible to users without technical backgrounds.

Its ability to create fully functional websites from simple text prompts using AI technology sets it apart.

Yes, it's designed to meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs in web design.

The terprets text prompts to generate and customize websites, simplifying the web design process.

Yes, websites generated by Dora AI are fully editable and customizable.

Absolutely, its user-friendly interface and no-code approach make it ideal for beginners.

Pricing & Discounts

Dora AI offers four different subscription plans, each catering to different levels of website development needs. Here's a summary of each plan:

  1. Starter Plan ($0 per month per site):

    • Ideal for fun projects.
    • Offers full capability of Dora editor.
    • Includes a domain.
    • Displays a Dora banner on the site.
    • Allows up to 1,000 visitors per month.
  2. Basic Plan ($14 per month per site):

    • Suitable for websites with official use.
    • Enables the use of a custom domain.
    • Removes the Dora banner.
    • Provides a 10 MB limit per 3D model.
    • Includes 3 keyframe drivers and 1 3D model.
    • Supports up to 10,000 visitors per month.
  3. Pro Plan ($25 per month per site):

    • Designed for visually enhanced or high-traffic websites.
    • Includes everything in the Basic plan.
    • Offers 3D post-processing.
    • Increases the 3D model size limit to 50 MB.
    • Provides unlimited keyframe drivers and 3D models.
    • Supports up to 100,000 visitors per month.
  4. Custom Plan (Contact for pricing):

    • Tailored for larger websites requiring custom limits.
    • Includes everything in the Pro plan, plus custom limits as required.

Each plan is structured to cater to different scales of web development, from personal and fun projects to large-scale, high-traffic websites. Users can choose a plan based on their specific needs, whether it's for a simple personal blog or a complex business site with high traffic and advanced 3D elements. The tiered structure also allows for scalability, enabling users to upgrade their plan as their website grows and their needs evolve.



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