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Overview is an advanced web design tool that leverages artificial intelligence to transform the web design process. This tool is known as STUDIO AI, featuring WebDesignAI technology. It simplifies the creation of professional website designs through an intuitive interface and a smart AI assistant, making it easier for designers to bring their ideas to life.

STUDIO AI is designed to understand what you are designing, learning from your feedback to enhance your designs and instantly turn them into live websites. This innovative approach to web design streamlines the process, allowing designers to focus more on creativity and less on technicalities. The platform offers a range of features aimed at increasing design flexibility and control, enabling users to create unique, responsive websites with ease.

One of the standout aspects of is its ability to provide design suggestions when a designer is stuck, thereby facilitating a more efficient design process. This feature underscores the tool's capability to augment human creativity with artificial intelligence, making it a valuable asset for modern web designers seeking to create visually appealing and functional websites.

In essence, represents a new era of web design, where artificial intelligence plays a central role in assisting designers to achieve their vision with greater efficiency and creativity.

Use cases serves various users, including startups, freelancers, agencies, and individuals, by offering a platform to streamline web design and content management without coding. Startups can leverage it to empower their design and marketing teams, allowing for rapid iteration. Freelancers and agencies benefit from the intuitive design editor for efficient workflow enhancement. Individuals, even working solo, can access comprehensive tools for client projects. The platform also offers templates from designers worldwide, customizable without code, supporting a range of project needs.

FAQ is a no-code web design platform that allows users to turn their ideas into live web experiences, facilitating teamwork in the design process.

Yes, offers a free plan with core features, including design capabilities, a certain amount of monthly pageviews, and CMS items.

Yes, offers various pricing plans, including Starter, CMS, and Business plans, each catering to different needs and offering additional features.

Yes, publishing to a custom domain is available from the Starter plan onwards, allowing for more personalized web experiences.

No, CMS features start from the CMS plan, offering various capabilities for complex website management and content editing. provides priority support starting from the Business plan, ensuring faster assistance for medium and bigger teams.

Pricing & Discounts offers a simple pricing model based on the site, with options ranging from a free plan to a business plan. The free plan includes core features like design capabilities and a certain number of monthly pageviews and CMS items. Paid plans, starting from $9/month for the Starter plan to $49/month for the Business plan, offer additional features such as custom domain publishing, increased pageviews, CMS items, form submissions, and priority support. Each plan is designed to cater to different needs, from single-page websites to complex sites for larger teams.

Team's team includes two key members: Keima Kai, who serves as the Founder & Chief Product Officer (CPO), and Yutaka Ishii, the CEO & Design Chief. These individuals lead the company's strategic direction, product development, and design initiatives.


Keima Kai

Founder & CPO


Yutaka Ishii


Funding has secured ¥180M in funding through two rounds, with the most recent being a Seed round on July 25, 2019. The company is supported by 10 investors, including Monex Ventures and Tsubota Tomo. The Seed rounds were aimed at fueling the company's growth and development.



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