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KeywordSpy is an AI-powered on-page SEO keyword tool designed to enhance content relevance, topicality, and uncover niche-specific tips and tricks. It is particularly adept at navigating through Google's major AI technologies, including Neural Matching, BERT, RankBrain, Helpful Content Update, and Product Reviews. The tool features automated processes and rigorous testing to provide users with an unfair competitive edge in their online strategies.

This advanced tool is aimed at SEO professionals seeking to optimize their content and online presence by leveraging insights from Google's algorithms. By enhancing content relevance and uncovering hidden niche secrets, KeywordSpy aims to significantly boost the effectiveness of SEO and PPC campaigns. Its capabilities are built to automate and streamline the process of keyword research and competitor analysis, making it a comprehensive solution for online marketing challenges.

KeywordSpy offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features and assess its value for their SEO efforts. Its focus on Google's 5 major AIs and the promise of providing an unfair competitive edge highlight its commitment to delivering advanced SEO tools that cater to the evolving needs of digital marketers.

Use cases

KeywordSpy serves a wide range of use cases across various domains in digital marketing and SEO, catering to professionals who aim to optimize their online presence effectively. Here's a brief overview of how different professionals can utilize KeywordSpy:

  1. Digital Marketers and SEO Professionals: KeywordSpy is instrumental for conducting in-depth SERP competitor analysis, discovering effective keywords, and enhancing on-page scores to improve search engine rankings. It offers insights into competitors' strategies, helping marketers to refine their own SEO and content strategies for better visibility and engagement online.

  2. Content Writers and Editors: The tool provides keyword insights, content optimization suggestions, and capabilities for efficient content generation. This can significantly help content creators in crafting SEO-optimized, engaging, and relevant content that aligns with current industry trends and Google's algorithm updates.

  3. Website Owners and Administrators: For website owners looking to improve their site's visibility and search engine rankings, KeywordSpy offers valuable features. These include on-page score optimization, keyword frequency and usage analysis, and expert insights for content improvement, making it easier to draw organic traffic and engage a broader audience


KeywordSpy is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to assist users with comprehensive SERP competitor analysis, effective keyword discovery, and on-page score optimization. It offers features like real-time keyword data analysis, tracking competitors' AdWords campaigns, and providing insights to optimize SEO and PPC campaigns.

KeywordSpy is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types engaged in online marketing, including SEO and PPC campaigns. Digital marketers, SEO professionals, content writers, editors, website owners, and administrators can all benefit from the insights and tools provided by KeywordSpy to enhance their search engine rankings and online visibility.

Key features include:

SERP Competitor Analysis

Effective Keyword Discovery

On-Page Score Optimization

Advanced Metrics and Analytics

User-friendly Interface

Powerful SEO and PPC

AI Writer for content generation.

KeywordSpy provides valuable insights into competitors' online advertising strategies, identifies profitable keywords, and offers comprehensive reporting. These insights help users optimize their SEO and PPC campaigns for maximum return on investment (ROI), improving online presence and visibility in search engines.

Yes, KeywordSpy is designed with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, making it straightforward for users to perform keyword research and competitor analysis. Tutorial videos and guides are available to help users quickly learn how to use its features efficiently.

KeywordSpy offers various subscription plans, including Agency and Enterprise options tailored to different needs. These plans differ in query and export data limits, number of tracking keywords, and covered countries, among other features. For detailed pricing and plan features, it's recommended to visit KeywordSpy's official website.

Yes, KeywordSpy typically offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features and assess its value for their SEO efforts before committing to a paid plan.

To get started, users can sign up for a free trial or choose a subscription plan that fits their needs on the KeywordSpy website. From there, users can begin conducting keyword research, competitor analysis, and optimizing their online marketing strategies using the tool's comprehensive features.

Pricing & Discounts

KeywordSpy offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to different needs, from individual users to large enterprises seeking comprehensive SEO and PPC analytics. Here's a summary of their main subscription plans:

  1. Agency Plan: Priced at $995 per month, this plan is designed for corporate-oriented packages, providing extensive query and export capabilities. It includes a daily export quota of 450,000, a daily search query limit of 30,000, tracking for up to 3,000 keywords across more than 30 countries, and multiple-user access. High-priority support is guaranteed within 24 hours.

  2. Enterprise Plan: This plan offers customizable reports from over 150 countries and the ability to extract data 100 times more than standard packages. Features include KeywordSpy API access, ultra long-tail keyword scanning, multilingual support, multiple-user access, and high-priority support with a dedicated account manager promising a 12-hour response time. The pricing for this plan, particularly aimed at search marketing intelligence, is based on the amount of data and results needed, with options such as top 10,000 results for $995.95, top 100,000 for $4,999.95, and top 1,000,000 for $9,999.95.

  3. Basic and Team Plans: A previous mention on outlined two main subscription plans - Basic and Team. The Basic plan starts at $89 per month, catering to individual users, while the Team plan, designed for larger organizations with multiple users, starts at $888 per month. These plans aim to provide users with real-time and accurate keyword data, including comprehensive analytics, competition analysis, and the ability to track competitors' AdWords campaigns.

Each of these plans offers a range of features suited to different types of users, from individuals and small businesses to large corporations and digital agencies. The choice of plan would depend on the specific needs related to keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO and PPC campaign optimization, and the level of data and support required.


Peter Zmijewski is known as the CEO of KeywordSpy, an advanced tool designed for keyword research and competitive analysis in the field of SEO and PPC campaigns. His vision and leadership have contributed to the development of KeywordSpy into a comprehensive platform that assists marketers, SEO professionals, and businesses in understanding their competitive landscape, optimizing their online marketing strategies, and improving their search engine rankings.

Under Zmijewski's guidance, KeywordSpy has become known for its in-depth analysis capabilities, including SERP competitor analysis, keyword discovery, tracking of competitors' AdWords campaigns, and more. These features have made it a valuable tool for users looking to gain insights into their competitors' strategies and optimize their own SEO and PPC efforts.

Zmijewski's expertise in the field of digital marketing and his understanding of the importance of keyword research and competitive intelligence have been instrumental in shaping the features and functionalities of KeywordSpy. His leadership has ensured that the tool remains at the forefront of SEO and PPC research technology, offering real-time data and actionable insights to its users.


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