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MindOS is a personal AI tool that functions as a digital assistant, designed to automate everyday tasks and workflows by learning from your behavior, preferences, and data. It offers a range of services, from managing emails and schedules to handling recurring tasks, all personalized to your unique work style. With dynamic memory, MindOS adapts and grows with you, capturing your specific phrases, preferences, and to-dos, evolving based on your interactions to better assist you in your daily life.

The tool also allows users to form their own AI team and dive into a marketplace rich with varied AI professions, created by real experts. This aspect is particularly useful for those who need specialized advice or professional task completion in areas like investment or legal services.

Key features of MindOS include:

  • Personal AI trained with your own data for tailored assistance
  • Automation of everyday tasks such as email, schedule management, and more
  • Dynamic memory that personalizes the AI to your preferences and needs
  • Creation of an AI team for specialized assistance in various professional areas
  • Continuous evolution of features and automation capabilities

MindOS is available for free, with paid plans starting from $9.99 per month, offering additional features and capabilities. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making advanced AI accessible even to those without a technical background, and adheres to strict data protection guidelines to ensure user privacy and security.

Use cases

MindOS serves a wide array of use cases across different sectors by leveraging its AI-driven task automation and personalized assistance capabilities. Here are several practical applications for MindOS:

  1. Personal Productivity Enhancement:

    • Users can significantly boost their daily productivity by employing MindOS to automate routine tasks such as email management, schedule organization, and task reminders. This allows individuals to focus on more critical and creative endeavors.
  2. Professional Workflow Optimization:

    • Professionals across various industries can streamline their workflows by utilizing MindOS for document summarization, important notifications, and managing professional communications. It's especially beneficial for managing large volumes of information and ensuring nothing important is overlooked.
  3. Customer Service Improvement:

    • Businesses can enhance their customer service by integrating MindOS to automate responses to common inquiries, schedule appointments, and provide personalized service recommendations. This can improve response times and customer satisfaction while reducing the workload on human staff.
  4. Personalized AI Assistance:

    • MindOS's capability to train with a user's own data enables it to act as a highly personalized assistant. Whether it's drafting emails that match your style or managing tasks in a way that suits your preferences, MindOS adapts to individual needs, offering a tailored support experience.
  5. Educational and Learning Support:

    • Students and educators can leverage MindOS for organizing study materials, scheduling learning sessions, and summarizing educational content. This can aid in better knowledge retention and efficient study habits.
  6. Creative Project Collaboration:

    • MindOS can facilitate collaborative efforts on creative projects by acting as a central hub for task management, idea organization, and progress tracking. This ensures that all team members are aligned and can contribute effectively.
  7. Data Organization and Retrieval:

    • Individuals and organizations dealing with extensive datasets can use MindOS to categorize, memorize, and easily retrieve important information. This is particularly useful for researchers, analysts, and anyone who needs to manage large amounts of data.
  8. Daily Life Management:

    • MindOS can assist in daily life management by organizing personal appointments, setting reminders for important dates, and even suggesting activities based on personal preferences and past behaviors.

These use cases demonstrate MindOS's versatility as an AI tool that can cater to a broad spectrum of personal and professional needs, improving efficiency, organization, and even decision-making through personalized automation and AI-driven insights​  ​​  ​​  ​.


MindOS is an AI-driven platform designed to automate tasks and enhance customer service. It acts as a personal AI 'genius' capable of performing a wide range of professional tasks, making it a versatile tool for individuals and businesses alike​  ​.

MindOS improves productivity by automating everyday tasks such as managing emails, schedules, and recurring tasks. It is personalized and evolves with your interactions, making daily workflows more efficient​  ​.

Yes, MindOS is ideal for professional use. It can automate professional workflows, provide personalized assistance based on your data, and even form an AI team for specialized tasks, making it suitable for various professional fields​  ​​  ​.

MindOS offers a free plan along with paid plans starting from $9.99 per month, catering to different user needs and preferences​  ​.

While specific details on integration weren't provided, its versatility and user-friendly interface suggest that MindOS could potentially be integrated with various cloud services to enhance its functionality in different business environments​  ​​  ​.

MindOS adheres to the United States Data Protection (USDP) guidelines and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring high standards of data privacy and security for its users​  ​.

Yes, MindOS is designed to be user-friendly, making advanced AI accessible to users without technical expertise. Its ease of use does not compromise its functionality, offering a robust set of features for diverse needs​  ​.

Pricing & Discounts

  • Free Plan:

    • Price: $0
    • Credits: 100 per month
    • Features:
      • Personal AI
      • Basic Thinking Framework
      • 2 Active Automations
  • Pro Plan:

    • Price: $29.9 per month
    • Credits: Unlimited
    • Features:
      • Personal AI
      • Advanced Thinking Framework with GPT-4
      • 10 Active Automations
      • Priority access to new features
  • BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) Plan:

    • Price: $9.9 per month
    • Credits: Unlimited
    • Features:
      • Everything in Pro plan
      • Lower price with your key
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