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OneAI turns language into actionable insights, enhancing customer interaction and streamlining content analysis for businesses.
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OneAI is a platform designed to make sophisticated language AI technologies accessible for everyday use. Their mission is to bring human-level language AI into common application, aiming to redefine how humans interact with machines. The platform is keen on responsible innovation, prioritizing transparency, trust, and risk mitigation.

OneAI offers an array of services, including the ability to turn websites into proactive engagement tools, enhance customer service, support e-commerce, and even delve into media and healthcare industries. Their technology is not just about text; it supports audio and video inputs, making it versatile for various content types. This breadth of capability is intended to save time and money while ensuring accurate and reliable insights for businesses.

For developers, OneAI simplifies the integration of AI into products and services, providing structured, machine-readable outputs through their API. This allows for the seamless incorporation of AI without the need for extensive technical know-how. Their platform supports multilingual content, ensuring broader applicability across different regions and languages.

One particularly standout feature is their ability to extract company overviews from annual reports, leveraging AI to process text, video, and audio inputs. This functionality underscores OneAI's commitment to making advanced AI tools user-friendly and directly applicable to business needs, streamlining operations, and enhancing the analytical capabilities of their users​  ​​  ​.

OneAI is positioned as a catalyst for businesses looking to harness the power of AI, making it easier to adopt and integrate these technologies into their operations for improved outcomes and efficiencies.

Use cases

OneAI offers a wide range of use cases across various industries, showcasing its flexibility and capability to address different business needs through AI technology. Here are some key applications of OneAI:

  1. Product Marketing: Leveraging AI agents to personalize marketing strategies and analyze performance, thereby enhancing engagement and conversions.
  2. Government and Municipal Services: Using AI to improve public services by making them more efficient and accessible to citizens.
  3. Customer Support and Success: Implementing AI agents to provide timely and accurate customer support, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Field Technicians: Assisting field technicians with instant access to information and guidance, improving service quality and operational efficiency.
  5. Social Traffic Conversion: Converting social media traffic into meaningful website interactions and engagements, ultimately driving sales.
  6. Human Resources: Streamlining HR processes, from recruitment to employee engagement, through intelligent AI solutions.
  7. Sales: Enhancing sales strategies with AI-powered insights and engagement tools to boost performance and revenue.
  8. Education: Improving learning experiences and administrative efficiency through AI-enabled solutions tailored for educational institutions​  ​.

OneAI also offers specific applications such as:

  • Driving growth on websites: By turning websites into proactive GPT agents, it boosts engagement and sales. This includes personalizing content, analyzing user interactions, and enhancing business intelligence through conversation impact analytics​  ​.
  • Financial Services: Offering precise interactions for teams, customers, and prospects in the financial sector by understanding content from databases to policy documents. This enables informed financial decision-making, streamlined customer onboarding, and enhanced customer experiences​  ​.
  • IoT Devices: Integrating AI into IoT devices to create environments that respond and inform, making smart devices more accessible and user-friendly, and enhancing user engagement through intelligent interactions​  ​.
  • Text Analysis: Providing solutions for analyzing text data, helping businesses understand customer reactions and allowing developers to build products utilizing text analytics without needing extensive coding knowledge​  ​.
  • Document Analysis: Automating data extraction, validation, comprehension, and analysis for various documents, such as financial reports, invoices, and even recorded lectures, transforming unstructured data into actionable insights​  ​.

These use cases demonstrate OneAI's versatility in applying AI across different domains, enhancing business processes, customer experiences, and operational efficiency.


OneAI is a platform that brings human-level language AI into everyday applications, transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. It leverages generative AI to redefine human-machine interactions, focusing on transparency, trust, and reducing risks​  ​.

OneAI operates as an NLP-as-a-service platform, offering APIs that allow developers to analyze, process, and transform language input without requiring training data or NLP/ML knowledge. It enables comprehension of both the meaning and information presented in text, generating structured data​  ​.

Yes, OneAI can turn your website into a proactive GPT agent, enhancing engagement and sales by learning from your content and steering conversations towards business goals. It provides a conversation-led growth platform tailored for brands, ensuring data security and privacy with SOC2 and ISO 27001 certifications​  ​.

OneAI offers high customization to meet specific business needs, facilitating the adaptation and scalability of AI integration within various products, services, and workflows. It addresses challenges such as hallucinations in AI outputs, ensuring consistency and structured results​  ​.

OneAI's Language Studio can perform tasks such as summarizing texts, including news reports, articles, and conversations, into concise and relevant information. This capability is crucial for businesses that need to process and understand large volumes of textual data efficiently​  ​.

OneAI utilizes a comprehensive NLP pipeline involving sentence segmentation, word tokenization, lemmatization, stop-word removal, dependency parsing, and POS tagging. These steps break down human language into machine-readable chunks, facilitating advanced text analysis and application​  ​.

Pricing & Discounts

OneAI offers three main subscription plans tailored to various business needs, from enhancing website engagement to driving sales and growth with advanced features. Below is a comparison of these plans:

Free Plan

  • Price: $0/month (Free)
  • Top Features: GPT-Agent based on your content, conversation sharing, built-in fact-checking, learns your website & content, embed on your website, chat-first browsing experience, support Q&A based on your content.
  • Limitations: Limited to 1 agent, supports web, document pages, PDFs, and 30 minutes of audio & video content. Does not include lead generation, e-commerce sales skills, conversation analytics, content sync, or custom integrations.

Start Plan (Recommended)

  • Price: $79/month or $790/year
  • Top Features: Includes everything in the Free plan plus steer conversations based on business goals, up to 10 leads/month, 1-month conversation analytics, lead generation, e-commerce skills, content sync, guided site navigation, contextual CTAs, and more.
  • Limitations: Limited to 1 agent, 50 pages, 120 minutes of audio & video. Does not include internal data support (DB, CRM, etc.), multilingual support, or API access.

Pro Plan

  • Price: Contact sales for pricing
  • Top Features: All features in the Start plan plus unlimited leads, full conversation analytics, support for internal data, multilingual support, custom integrations, API access, proactive conversation steering, custom agent skills, trigger custom site actions, and more.
  • Limitations: Contact sales for information on agent limits, pages, domains, and other specifics.

All plans include privacy and security features like ISO 9002 & SOC2 certification, human-like open-ended conversations, embeddable website widgets, and trust & control features rooted in your content. The Pro plan offers additional privacy and security options like private agent access and private LLMs.

This breakdown provides a quick glance at what each plan offers, helping businesses of all sizes choose the right plan based on their specific needs and growth goals.


The OneAI team is led by a group of co-founders with a shared passion for advancing language AI technologies and making them accessible to everyone.

  • Amit Ben, the CEO and Co-Founder, has been passionate about language technologies since he was five, starting his journey by coding on an XT machine. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found NanoRep, a company that was later sold to LogMeIn, where he continued to develop AI technology for products like GoToMeeting and LastPass. Following the acquisition of LogMeIn by Francisco Partners, Amit set out to fulfill his mission of integrating Language AI into daily life by founding OneAI.

  • Aviv Dror, Co-Founder and CPO (Chief Product Officer), has been Amit's friend since they met in a computer class at age five. With a background that combines social activism and a deep interest in computer science, which he began studying at 15, Aviv brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and operational expertise to the team. His work at NanoRep and later at WalkMe showcases his ability to scale operations and develop NLP-based solutions that compete with giants like IBM Watson and Google.

  • Asi Sheffer, Co-Founder and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), is driven by a quest to understand the interplay between mind and reality. Asi's academic and professional journey through philosophy and computing, including Turing's work, has fueled his passion for creating AI technologies that mimic human cognitive processes. His experience spans both the corporate world, including IBM and LogMeIn, and the startup ecosystem, informing OneAI’s vision to create human-inspired AI for everyone.

  • Yochai Levi, Co-Founder and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), brings over 25 years of executive and marketing experience to the team. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for innovation, Yochai has contributed to the growth of various companies, including Kasamba, LivePerson, Conduit, and WeWork. At OneAI, he applies his vast experience to promote the adoption of top-notch Language AI technologies in business products.

Together, these leaders aim to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals interact with AI, making sophisticated language understanding and interaction capabilities widely available and easy to integrate into products and services.


Amit Ben

CEO and Co-Founder


Aviv Dror

Co-Founder and CPO (Chief Product Officer)


Asi Sheffer

Co-Founder and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)


Yochai Levi

Co-Founder and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


OneAI, a company at the forefront of developing language AI technologies, has successfully raised $8 million in a single funding round. This significant investment was secured during their Seed funding round, which took place on May 30, 2022. The company attracted attention from three investors, demonstrating the promising potential seen in OneAI's vision and technology.

The lead investor in this round was TechAviv Founder Partners, an entity known for supporting innovative startups at their early stages. Alongside TechAviv, two other notable investors, Ariel Maislos and Tomer Weingarten, contributed to the funding, showing their confidence in OneAI's mission and future growth.

This financial backing marks a crucial step for OneAI, enabling them to further their development of accessible and human-level language AI solutions. With this support, OneAI is poised to continue its journey towards making advanced AI technologies integral and natural in everyday life, fulfilling its commitment to innovation and accessibility in the AI domain.



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