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Streamline Research with Precision AI Analysis

Enhances data analysis for research, streamlining processes and improving accuracy with AI-driven insights.
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Product Lab is designed to significantly enhance productivity for research teams by leveraging advanced AI capabilities, including for design-focused tasks. This tool automates the tedious parts of data analysis and design processes, such as coding and sorting through large data sets, which allows researchers and designers to focus more on critical thinking and creativity. This  AI for Design  facilitates faster discovery of insights and more efficient data management, making the research and design process more intuitive and less error-prone. This contributes to more credible, detailed, and actionable outcomes, enhancing both the speed and quality of projects.

Use cases

Product Lab as an AI tool showcases its utility across several use cases that streamline the product development cycle significantly. Here are some key applications:

  • Product Discovery and Ideation: Product Lab accelerates product discovery by over 50%, automating the creation of detailed customer profiles, personas, and journey maps from raw data. This helps teams quickly move from conceptual stages to actionable insights.

  • Customer Profile Generation: It automatically generates customer profiles, aiding in the understanding of target markets and tailoring products to meet specific customer needs.

  • Persona Development: The tool aids in crafting personas instantly, enabling teams to empathize and align their product strategies effectively.

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Product Lab simplifies the mapping of customer journeys, providing a clear path of customer interactions and experiences with the product, which is crucial for enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

These applications underscore Product Lab's role in reducing time to innovation and enhancing the accuracy and relevance of product design insights, catering to both creative and analytical aspects of product management.


Product Lab is an AI tool that enhances productivity by automating data analysis and streamlining design processes for research teams.

It automates tedious data handling tasks, allowing researchers to focus more on critical thinking and creativity, thereby speeding up the research and design processes.

Yes, Product Lab automates the creation of detailed customer profiles, which helps teams understand target markets better and tailor products to meet specific needs.

Key features include AI-driven product discovery, effortless persona creation, and customer journey mapping.

It reduces time-to-innovation by over 50%, transforming raw data into actionable insights quickly, which is crucial for fast-paced product development environments.

Pricing & Discounts

Subscription TierPriceFeatures Included
Free$0Work with Early adopters segment, Limited view access to documents, Always free
Basic$15 per projectIdentify all relevant segments, Unlock content for all segments, Deep dive into Customer Journey Map, Make project private, Pay once per project
Premium$25 per project/monthEverything from Basic, Modify project and documents, Add your custom segments, Generate your Customer Journey Map, Invite up to 3 viewers, Get a hand from PLAI assistant
BusinessCustom (Contact us)Everything from Premium, More projects, Team collaboration capabilities, Premium support, Advanced security

This layout helps you easily see all the features each plan offers, facilitating a clear decision on which subscription best fits your needs for project management and team collaboration.

UX/UI review

When starting a new project with Product Lab, the tool lays out a clear path to deeply understanding your audience and sharpening your marketing strategy. Right off the bat, you can create a detailed customer profile that encapsulates the demographics, behaviors, and preferences of your target market.


Customer profile

Next, you're equipped to design a value proposition canvas, which is crucial for pinpointing exactly what makes your product unique and why customers should care.


Value Proposition Canvas

Adding a persona for your brand or project brings this data to life, providing a relatable, human face to target during development and marketing efforts.



Finally, constructing a customer journey map allows you to visualize the step-by-step path customers take from discovery to purchase, highlighting opportunities to engage and convert along the way.


Customer Journey Map

This structured approach ensures every aspect of the product strategy is aligned and optimized for market success.

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