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Streamlines global transactions, enhances fraud protection, and supports diverse payment methods for seamless financial operations.
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Adyen is a versatile  financial  technology platform that helps businesses streamline their entire payment process, from handling transactions to detecting fraud and managing finances — all in one integrated solution. It supports companies looking to grow internationally by accommodating various payment methods and improving transaction success rates through machine learning. Adyen also provides strong fraud protection with its RevenueProtect system. This system uses data from across its network combined with machine learning to balance risk and revenue efficiently. Thanks to this AI-driven method, businesses can make smarter, real-time decisions and manage payments smoothly across both online and physical locations.

Use cases

  • Global Payment Processing: Adyen facilitates seamless global transactions across multiple payment methods, enabling businesses to expand into new markets easily. This includes handling diverse payment options from credit cards to mobile wallets, thereby improving customer conversion rates​​

  • Fraud Prevention: Utilizing machine learning, Adyen's RevenueProtect system helps  businesses  balance risk and revenue by providing robust fraud detection capabilities. This system allows for automated risk management, which helps in making informed decisions about transactions​

  • Unified Commerce: Adyen supports unified commerce, allowing businesses to integrate their online and in-person payment systems. This provides a comprehensive view of customer transactions across all channels, enhancing the customer experience and aiding in better decision-making​​

  • Expense Management: For corporate clients, Adyen offers solutions like virtual and physical card issuance which streamline expense management. These cards come with in-depth controls and real-time reporting, making them ideal for managing corporate expenditures efficiently​​


Adyen is a global payment platform that allows businesses to process and settle payments across online and in-person channels. It offers tools for fraud prevention, risk management, and unified commerce​.

Adyen supports over 100 payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and mobile payments, facilitating transactions globally with a single integration.

Yes, Adyen uses machine learning and network-wide insights to offer a fraud prevention solution called RevenueProtect, which helps businesses balance risk and revenue.

Unified commerce in Adyen refers to the integration of payment systems across online and offline channels, providing consistent customer experience and centralized data insights.

Adyen provides physical and virtual corporate cards for managing business expenses, featuring in-depth controls, real-time reconciliation, and instant notifications​.

Pricing & Discounts

Fee TypeCostDescription
Processing Fee€0.11 per transactionFixed fee charged for each transaction processed through Adyen.
Payment Method FeeVaries by methodAdditional fee that varies depending on the payment method used.

Adyen offers a pricing model based on per-transaction fees, without any setup or monthly costs, making it an affordable option for businesses that value flexibility and efficiency in their payment systems. The platform also supports flexible payouts, allowing businesses to decide when and in what currency to settle their transactions, which simplifies managing finances across different countries.

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The Adyen team is led by a group of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields, guiding the company's growth and innovation in payment solutions:

  • Pieter van der Does co-founded Adyen and serves as Co-CEO. With over 15 years in the payments industry and prior experience as CCO at Bibit, Pieter has spearheaded Adyen’s transformation into a global entity since its inception in 2006.

  • Ingo Uytdehaage shares the role of Co-CEO and joined Adyen in 2011. His extensive background in finance, gleaned from multiple large enterprises and academic credentials from Maastricht University, plays a crucial role in Adyen’s operational and financial strategies.

  • Roelant Prins, as the Chief Commercial Officer, directs all commercial activities at Adyen. His career transitioned from consultancy to pivotal roles in international sales and business development within the online payments sector.

  • Mariëtte Swart is the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, bringing significant legal expertise from her previous tenure at an international law firm. Mariëtte initially built Adyen’s legal team as its General Counsel.

  • Alexander Matthey, the Chief Technology Officer, previously held key technology positions within Adyen and was the CTO at GlossyBox before joining Adyen. His educational background from Humboldt University encompasses IT and History.

  • Brooke Nayden, the Chief Human Resources Officer, has a robust history of managing human resources for tech companies during significant growth phases, including a pivotal role at Atlassian before her tenure at Adyen.

  • Ethan Tandowsky, Chief Financial Officer, has refined the finance and accounting functions of several companies at EY and within Adyen, where he initially joined the finance department in 2017.


Adyen has secured funding through multiple rounds to support its expansion and technology development. In August 2011, Adyen raised $16 million in a Series A round led by ICONIQ Capital. This initial funding helped establish the foundation for future growth. In December 2014, Adyen held a Series B round where it raised $250 million from General Atlantic, significantly boosting its resources for scaling operations. Following this, in September 2015, Adyen participated in a venture round with ICONIQ Capital again, although the amount raised was not disclosed. These investments have been crucial in enabling Adyen to develop its comprehensive payments platform and expand its global reach.

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