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Simplify financial modeling for startups with AI-driven forecasts and insights.
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Sturppy is a financial modeling and forecasting software designed for startups and growing businesses, aiming to replace complex spreadsheets. It offers tools for creating investor-ready financial models without needing finance or Excel expertise. Features include customizable templates, collaboration options, shareable models, and export capabilities. Sturppy Plus, for more established businesses, integrates live data for AI-driven forecasting and includes a virtual AI CFO for financial insights. Trusted by companies worldwide, it streamlines financial planning and analysis.

Use cases

Sturppy's use cases revolve around financial modeling and forecasting for startups and entrepreneurs. It enables users to easily create financial models for fundraising, planning, and managing their businesses effectively.

Sturppy's AI-driven capabilities expand its use cases beyond basic financial modeling:

  • Scenario Planning: Enables businesses to simulate various operational scenarios and their financial outcomes.
  • Cash Flow Management: Helps in forecasting and optimizing cash flows to ensure sustainability.
  • Market Analysis: Assists in understanding market trends and their financial implications.
  • Product Pricing: Aids in setting optimal pricing strategies based on detailed financial analysis.

These structured applications demonstrate Sturppy's versatility in supporting startups through complex financial decision-making processes.


An AI tool for financial modeling and forecasting for startups.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses planning financial strategies.

Designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal finance or Excel expertise.

Yes, it creates investor-ready financial models.

Primarily focused on startups and growth-stage businesses.

By integrating live data for accurate, dynamic forecasting.

Offers a risk-free trial period for new users.

Pricing & Discounts

Sturppy offers three main subscription plans:

  • Founder Plan: A one-time fee of $79, suitable for individual founders looking to build financial models themselves.

  • Premium Plan: A one-time fee of $899, which includes everything from the Founder plan plus services tailored by Sturppy's team, such as custom models and priority support.

  • Agency Plan: Billed at $199 monthly, this plan is aimed at agencies needing to create and manage multiple financial models for different clients, with unlimited collaborators and client onboarding features.

Each plan builds upon the previous, adding more personalized services and capabilities for financial modeling and collaboration.


The Sturppy team is composed of individuals dedicated to simplifying financial modeling for startups and entrepreneurs. They focus on developing a platform that allows users to create, manage, and understand their financials with ease and precision, aiming to empower business owners with the tools to make informed decisions.


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