VoiceClone Magic: Speak Any Language, Keep Your Tone

Transform videos with AI: Translate, dub, and subtitle in 130+ languages. Perfect for education, marketing, and global outreach.
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Rask is a platform designed to transform video and audio content for broader accessibility and engagement.

It specializes in translating and dubbing content into over 130 languages, catering to a variety of use cases such as educational videos, marketing, content creation, and more. The platform offers features like VoiceClone, which allows personalizing content in multiple languages while maintaining the original speaker's voice tone.

It also supports multiple speakers in a video, ensuring that each voice is distinct and appropriate for the content. Rask is built to save time and money in content localization, making it accessible and relatable to a global audience.

Use cases

  1. Automated Video Translation: Rask enables the translation of videos into more than 60 languages, removing the need for manual translation efforts and making content accessible to a wider audience.

  2. Text-to-Voice and Voice Cloning: This feature allows for professional-quality voiceovers in videos, including the option to clone an existing voice to maintain the video's authenticity across different languages.

  3. Subtitle Creation and Transcription: Rask can automatically generate subtitles and transcribe videos, offering a comprehensive solution for content accessibility and localization.

  4. Education and Business Expansion: Rask is particularly beneficial in educational contexts, where it can translate educational materials into various languages, and in business settings, where it can localize marketing and sales videos to penetrate new markets.

  5. Entertainment Content Localization: For the entertainment industry, Rask offers the capability to dub movies and TV shows in native languages, enhancing the global reach of such content.

  6. Advanced Features for Content Creators: Rask includes features like automatic, spot-on captions, smart framing and cropping, filler word removal, and SEO-optimized title and description generation, making it ideal for repurposing long-form content into short, engaging clips.

  7. Platform-Specific Optimization: Tailoring short-form content for specific platforms to maximize reach and engagement, Rask provides platform-specific optimization, catchy titles, descriptions, and keyword suggestions.


Rask is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to automate the process of video and audio translation and dubbing, making content accessible in over 130 languages. It leverages neural machine translation and text-to-speech technologies to provide high-quality, culturally and linguistically localized content​​.

Rask simplifies video localization through a series of steps, starting with uploading your video, selecting the source and target languages, and then letting Rask's AI algorithms translate and dub the content. The platform supports multiple languages and dialects, ensuring accurate and natural-sounding voiceovers​​.

Rask offers a range of features including automated translation into 130+ languages, voice cloning to maintain the original speaker's vocal identity, multispeaker lip-sync for videos with multiple characters, automated speech-to-text transcription, and machine translation. It also provides features like subtitle creation and the ability to upload SRT files for enhanced translation accuracy​​​​.

Content creators, businesses, educators, and any individual or organization looking to expand their reach by making their video content accessible to a global audience can benefit from Rask. It's particularly useful for marketing, educational materials, entertainment content, and any video content that needs localization​​.

Rask uses the latest in neural machine translation technology, which learns from vast amounts of data to provide translations that are not just literal but culturally and contextually relevant. Additionally, users have the option to upload SRT files for even more precise translations, ensuring the content resonates with the target audience​​.

Rask supports translation and dubbing in over 130 languages, including widely spoken languages and various dialects. This extensive language support makes it possible to reach audiences in almost any part of the world​​.

Yes, Rask is designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals without technical expertise to easily translate and dub their videos. The process involves straightforward steps from account creation to video upload and language selection, making video localization accessible to anyone​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Concise overview of Rask's monthly subscription plans:

  • Basic: $50/month for 25 minutes, $2/extra minute.
  • Pro: $120/month for 100 minutes, $1.5/extra minute.
  • Business 500: $500/month for 500 minutes, $1/extra minute.
  • Custom: Tailored for enterprises, starting from 3,000 minutes, with custom pricing.

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