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Albus is an AI-powered Slack Search & Web Assistant that integrates with various content platforms like Google Driveᵀᴹ and Notion to provide instant answers to employee questions. It is designed to streamline internal communication by allowing team members to ask questions directly in Slack, where Albus searches company documents to deliver the most relevant answers. The tool is aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency by saving time that would otherwise be spent searching through documents or waiting for responses from colleagues.The setup process for Albus is straightforward: users add their company documents once, and then the team can begin asking questions. As Albus is used more frequently, it learns and improves its responses, becoming increasingly helpful over time. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that team members can easily access the information they need.Albus also features a powerful dashboard that provides insights into usage patterns, such as the most frequently asked questions and the most accessed documents. This data can help optimize company communication and workflow. Additionally, Albus prioritizes security and privacy, being ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and SOC 2 Type II certified, as well as CCPA and GDPR compliant, and it employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols.

Use cases

1. Onboarding New Employees

New hires often have numerous questions about company policies, project management tools, and internal procedures. Instead of overwhelming HR or their new teammates with queries, they can use Albus to find instant answers within the company's documentation on platforms like Google Driveᵀᴹ and Notion, directly from Slack. This speeds up the onboarding process and helps new employees become productive more quickly.

2. Project Collaboration

Team members working on a project can have questions about project guidelines, deadlines, or specific tasks. By querying Albus in Slack, they can instantly access project documents, schedules, and task lists, facilitating smoother collaboration and reducing the time spent searching for information or waiting for email responses.

3. Knowledge Management

As companies grow, so does their repository of knowledge and documents. Finding specific information can become time-consuming. Albus allows employees to quickly locate and retrieve knowledge from various documents, reducing redundancy in document creation and ensuring that valuable company knowledge is easily accessible.

4. Customer Support Teams

Customer support teams often need quick access to product information, troubleshooting guides, and policy documents to efficiently respond to customer inquiries. Albus enables these teams to instantly find the most relevant and up-to-date information without leaving Slack, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

5. Remote Work Environments

For distributed teams, Albus ensures that remote employees have equal access to company information and resources, just as if they were in the office. This is particularly useful for teams spread across different time zones, where waiting for a colleague to come online for answers can lead to delays.

6. Company-wide Announcements

When company-wide updates are made to documents, policies, or procedures, employees can get instant clarifications on these changes by asking Albus, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date without the need for extensive meetings or email threads.

7. Resource Optimization

The insights dashboard feature of Albus can help managers and team leaders identify the most frequently asked questions and the documents employees access the most. This data can inform decisions on areas for additional training, document updates, or process improvements, optimizing company resources and workflow.

8. Meeting Preparations

Before meetings, team members can use Albus to quickly review relevant project documents, meeting minutes, and reports to come prepared, making meetings more efficient and productive.


Albus is an AI-powered search and web assistant designed to integrate seamlessly with Slack and various content platforms such as Google Drive™ and Notion. It aims to streamline internal communications by instantly answering employee questions, searching through company documents to find the most relevant information.

Once set up, Albus allows team members to ask questions directly in Slack. It then searches through linked company documents across supported platforms to provide accurate and relevant answers, enhancing productivity and efficiency by saving the time spent on manual searches or waiting for responses.

Setting up Albus is straightforward. Simply add Albus to your Slack workspace, link it to your content platforms like Google Drive™ and Notion by following the setup instructions, and upload your company documents. After setup, your team can start asking questions immediately.

Albus utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze interactions and provides enhanced feedback.

Pricing & Discounts

Albus offers a pricing structure that starts with a free tier and provides options for scaling up as needed. The free tier includes 50 questions per month for the entire team, along with admin controls, analytics, unlimited connections, auto-answering on Slack, and the ability to train on company data. For those needing more, Albus charges $4.99 for an additional 100 questions. The service is designed to streamline information search across teams, with features like searching online data and a dedicated account manager. For large organizations with advanced needs, Albus offers prioritized integration and a direct line to the CEO. The pricing details indicate that Albus is a flexible solution for teams of different sizes and requirements, aiming to improve efficiency by making company information easily accessible through Slack.

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