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Teleport Assist

Teleport Assist: Navigate the World with AI Precision

Teleport Assist simplifies travel planning. Discover destinations, book flights, and explore the globe effortlessly.
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Teleport Assist is a user-friendly AI tool designed to simplify travel planning and enhance the overall travel experience. It serves as a valuable companion for individuals seeking to navigate the world with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Destination Discovery: Teleport Assist helps users discover new destinations by providing information about various places, including attractions, accommodations, and activities. It assists travelers in finding their ideal travel spots.

  2. Flight Booking: Users can book flights conveniently through Teleport Assist. It offers a streamlined process for searching, comparing, and booking flights to various destinations, saving time and effort.

  3. Travel Exploration: The tool enables users to explore different travel options, itineraries, and routes. It helps users plan their journeys efficiently, ensuring they make the most of their trips.

  4. Travel Tips: Teleport Assist offers useful travel tips and advice, such as packing suggestions, visa information, and local customs. It equips travelers with valuable insights for a smooth travel experience.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The tool's interface is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to travelers of all levels of experience. It simplifies travel planning, allowing users to navigate and make decisions effortlessly.


Teleport Assist is a versatile tool suitable for various types of travelers, including vacationers, business travelers, and adventure seekers. It caters to individuals and families looking to plan and execute memorable journeys.


The user-friendly design of Teleport Assist ensures that anyone can use it without technical complications. It is a practical resource for travelers, whether they are planning a weekend getaway or an international adventure.

Use cases

  1. Travel Planning: Teleport Assist helps travelers plan their trips by suggesting destinations, providing information on local attractions, and offering tips on travel itineraries.

  2. Cost Estimation: Users can calculate the estimated cost of a trip, including flights, accommodation, and daily expenses, enabling better budgeting for travel.

  3. Flight Booking: Teleport Assist assists users in finding and booking flights based on their preferences, including budget, preferred airlines, and travel dates.

  4. Accommodation Search: The tool helps users search for and book accommodations such as hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals at their chosen destination.

  5. Local Transportation: Teleport Assist offers guidance on local transportation options, including public transit, car rentals, and ride-sharing services.

  6. Language Translation: Travelers can use Teleport Assist for language translation and communication in foreign countries, making it easier to interact with locals.

  7. Emergency Assistance: In case of emergencies, Teleport Assist provides information on local emergency services, hospitals, and consulates, ensuring traveler safety.

  8. Cultural Insights: Users can learn about the culture, customs, and etiquette of their destination to ensure respectful and enjoyable travel experiences.

  9. Currency Conversion: Teleport Assist helps travelers convert currencies and provides real-time exchange rates to manage expenses effectively.

  10. Travel Documentation: The tool assists users in preparing necessary travel documents, such as visas, passports, and travel insurance.

  11. Local Recommendations: Travelers can receive personalized recommendations for restaurants, cafes, and activities based on their preferences and location.

  12. Sightseeing Guides: Teleport Assist offers guides for popular tourist attractions, providing historical and practical information for a richer travel experience.


Teleport Assist is a revolutionary transportation service that allows individuals to teleport to different locations instantly.

Teleport Assist utilizes advanced technology to scan and digitize an individual's molecular structure at one location and recreate it at another location, effectively transporting them without the need for traditional modes of transportation.

Yes, Teleport Assist prioritizes safety and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the process is safe for users. Advanced security measures are in place to prevent any potential risks or accidents during teleportation.

Teleport Assist can transport individuals to any location that has a Teleport Assist station installed. Currently, these stations are available in major cities and select locations globally.

Teleportation with Teleport Assist is virtually instantaneous. Once the scanning process is complete, the teleportation occurs within a matter of seconds.

Yes, Teleport Assist allows individuals to teleport with their luggage and belongings. The scanning process includes everything within the designated area, ensuring that all items are transported along with the individual.

Yes, Teleport Assist is available for commercial use. Businesses can integrate Teleport Assist stations into their operations to facilitate quick and efficient transportation for employees and customers.

The cost of using Teleport Assist varies depending on factors such as distance and frequency of use. Pricing plans are available for individual users as well as businesses seeking to integrate the service into their operations.

Teleport Assist currently operates within designated areas where Teleport Assist stations are installed. While coverage is expanding, users are limited to teleporting to locations served by these stations.

Teleport Assist offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods, as it eliminates the need for fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions associated with travel.

Pricing & Discounts

Small and Growing Teams Plan

Price: $15 per Active User, billed monthly, cancel anytime.


  • 50 Protected Resources
  • 100GB Transfer & Storage
  • Essential Security & Compliance Features
  • Community Support

Enterprise Plan

Pricing: Customized pricing, likely dependent on the specific needs and size of the organization.


  • Unlimited Protected Resources
  • Unlimited Transfer & Storage
  • Advanced Security & Compliance Features (Single Sign-On - SSO, FedRAMP, Endpoint Management)
  • Priority Support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Implementation Services


The team behind Teleport Assist includes key figures such as Taylor Wakefield, Ev Kontsevoy, Alexander Klizhentas, benarent, and Rafał Cieślak, as highlighted on Product Hunt. These individuals are instrumental in the development and rollout of Teleport Assist, a GPT-4 powered DevOps assistant designed to simplify access and management of infrastructure securely and easily. Their expertise contributes to the tool's ability to answer queries, generate scripts, and assist with routine tasks on infrastructure, leveraging the comprehensive inventory provided by Teleport’s Open Infrastructure Access Platform.


Taylor Wakefield

Co-Founder, COO


Ev Kontsevoy



Alexander Klizhentas

Chief Technology Officer


Rafał Cieślak

Software Developer


Teleport, a platform known for replacing passwords with identities for hardware, software, and users, announced a significant boost in its growth trajectory with a $110 million Series C funding round, bringing its post-money valuation to $1.1 billion. This round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners and saw participation from Insight Partners, Kleiner Perkins, and S28 Capital. The funding aims to fuel product development and team expansion, addressing the increasing demand for secure and efficient infrastructure access solutions.

Teleport, co-founded by Ev Kontsevoy, Taylor Wakefield, and Sasha Klizhentas in 2015, has evolved from focusing on Kubernetes cluster management to offering comprehensive identity-based infrastructure access. This approach not only enhances security by eliminating the reliance on passwords but also streamlines operations for DevOps teams, striking a balance between security and convenience.

With a strong customer base including DoorDash, Elastic, Nasdaq, Snowflake, and Square, and significant community support evident through its GitHub presence, Teleport's latest funding round underscores the growing importance of secure access management in today's increasingly complex cloud environments. The company plans to use the investment to make Teleport more accessible, including improvements to its open-source and cloud-based offerings.



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