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Triple Whale transforms data into decisions, offering real-time analytics, ROI tracking, and actionable insights for e-commerce growth.
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Triple Whale emerges as a comprehensive platform tailored for the competitive online retail and digital commerce sector. It offers a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard that amalgamates crucial functions such as analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting into one accessible space. This integration simplifies complex operations and facilitates informed decision-making. The platform excels in connecting seamlessly with a variety of e-commerce and marketing platforms, ensuring that real-time insights are always at your fingertips. With the Triple Pixel feature, Triple Whale guarantees precise attribution, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions that fuel profitable growth. It also features Total Impact alerts that juxtapose advertising expenditure, revenue, and return on ad spend (ROAS) across all channels, assisting in the fine-tuning of advertising strategies for optimal returns. The Lighthouse function stands out by spotting anomalies and offering actionable insights along with practical recommendations to enhance store profitability. Furthermore, its Insights tools provide deep dives into customer and product analytics, sharpening strategies for better customer retention and product performance. Catering to a wide range of users including businesses, marketing agencies, managers, media buyers, and founders, Triple Whale positions itself as a data-driven solution for excelling in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Use cases

  • Accurate ROI Tracking: Sharpens the focus on the profitability of advertising campaigns, highlighting effective marketing channels and uncovering areas ready for enhancement.

  • Attribution Modeling: Utilizes advanced techniques to demystify the customer journey, optimizing the distribution of marketing funds for maximum impact.

  • Creative Optimization: Deep dives into the performance of creative assets to discover audience preferences, guiding the refinement of advertising tactics for increased engagement.

  • Real-time Analytics: Provides immediate insights into website activity, sales trends, and customer behavior, empowering rapid, data-backed adjustments to marketing strategies.

  • Ad Spend Allocation: Incorporates "Total Impact" alerts to evaluate advertising expenditures against revenue and ROAS, advising on budget reallocation to amplify returns.

  • Customer Insights: Investigates customer demographics, interests, and purchasing habits, enriching strategies for product promotion and marketing personalization.

  • A/B Testing: Supports experimental comparisons of marketing elements, aiding in the selection of the most impactful versions for conversion uplift.

  • Forecasting and Planning: Equips businesses with predictive tools for inventory and campaign planning, aiming to optimize resource use and mitigate supply mismatches.

  • Competitor Analysis: Enables strategic observation of competitors, gathering insights on their tactics and performance to maintain a competitive advantage.

  • Enhanced Customer Retention: Leverages customer data analysis to craft personalized engagement and loyalty initiatives, fostering repeat business and lasting relationships.


Triple Whale is an analytics and automation platform designed to help brands excel in digital commerce. It offers a range of tools for analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting, making it easier for businesses to navigate the complexities of omnichannel retail.

Triple Whale provides an easy-to-use dashboard that integrates with various commerce and marketing platforms. It offers features like accurate attribution with Triple Pixel, Total Impact alerts for ad spend comparison, and Lighthouse for anomaly detection. Insights tools delve into customer and product analytics, optimizing strategies for better customer retention and product performance.

Triple Whale caters to businesses, agencies, marketing managers, media buyers, and founders looking for data-driven solutions to succeed in the digital landscape.

Triple Whale offers three pricing tiers: ""Growth"" at $129/month, ""Pro"" at $199/month, and ""Enterprise"" at $279/month. The pricing varies based on revenue and chosen features, with each tier providing different functionalities and support options.

Triple Whale has raised a total funding of $55.4 million over three funding rounds, with the latest Series B round securing $25 million.

NFX and Elephant Venture Capital are the lead investors in Triple Whale's latest funding round, which took place on February 2, 2023.

Triple Whale offers features like accurate attribution, Total Impact alerts, Lighthouse anomaly detection, and insights tools for customer and product analytics.

Pricing & Discounts

Growth Plan$129/monthDashboard, pixel for accurate attribution, anomaly detection. Suitable for businesses starting with advanced analytics and attribution.
Pro Plan$199/monthIncludes all features from the Growth Plan, adds AI-powered recommendations, RFM audience insights, dedicated customer support. Ideal for businesses aiming to optimize their marketing strategies and audience targeting.
Enterprise Plan$279/monthBuilds on the Pro Plan features, offering creative insights, in-depth product analytics, and a dedicated enterprise Customer Success Manager for personalized support. Tailored for larger businesses seeking comprehensive analytics and strategic support.


Triple Whale recently concluded its latest funding round, securing an impressive $25 million in its Series B round held on February 2, 2023. This substantial investment reflects the growing confidence in the platform.

In total, Triple Whale has successfully raised a significant sum of $55.4 million across three funding rounds, highlighting the trust and support it has garnered from investors.

Among the lead investors in the latest funding round are NFX and Elephant Venture Capital. These prominent entities have played a pivotal role in fueling Triple Whale's growth and development.

In terms of investors, Triple Whale boasts a total of four investors, including three institutional investors, with NFX and Elephant Venture Capital being two of them. Additionally, Angel investor Shaan Puri has also contributed to Triple Whale's journey.

Here's a list of Triple Whale's institutional investors:

  1. NFX, headquartered in San Francisco (United States), initially invested in Triple Whale during its Seed round.
  2. Elephant Venture Capital, located in Boston (United States), became a part of Triple Whale's journey on March 24, 2022, with their investment in the Series B round.

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