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Versy AI

Versy AI: from text to virtual reality made easy

Transform text into virtual spaces effortlessly with Versy AI. Ideal for education, marketing, and interactive storytelling
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Versy AI is an innovative tool that leverages Generative AI technology to transform textual inputs into dynamic virtual experiences. This platform enables the creation of virtual spaces directly from text prompts, offering a unique approach to designing immersive environments. With its "Text-to-Space" feature, Versy AI stands out as the first Generative AI solution dedicated to building virtual experiences from textual descriptions. This capability opens up new possibilities for businesses and creators, allowing for the rapid development of virtual spaces without the need for extensive manual effort or specialized design skills.

Use cases

Versy AI offers a wide range of applications across various industries by leveraging its unique capability to transform text prompts into immersive virtual experiences. Here are some notable use cases for Versy AI, drawn from insights across different sources:

Marketing and Advertising: Versy AI is a powerful tool for creating virtual experiences for marketing purposes. This includes product demonstrations, product configurators, and virtual events, which can significantly enhance user engagement and provide memorable brand interactions. These applications help businesses showcase their products or services in a more interactive and engaging way, potentially increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty​​.

Education: In the educational sector, Versy AI can be utilized to create interactive lessons, virtual field trips, and simulations. This use case can revolutionize the learning experience by making education more engaging and accessible. It offers the potential to bring subjects to life, allowing students to explore virtual environments that enhance their understanding and retention of information​​.

Training: Versy AI also finds application in training scenarios across various industries. This can include product training, safety training, and customer service training, among others. By creating realistic simulations and interactive training modules, Versy AI enables hands-on learning experiences that can improve the effectiveness of training programs and ensure participants are better prepared for real-world applications​​.

Entertainment and Recreation: Versy AI's technology can be used to craft virtual escape rooms and adventure games, providing next-level entertainment experiences. These immersive worlds can challenge users' wits and offer unique, memorable experiences, all created from simple text prompts. This capability opens new doors for gaming and entertainment, allowing creators to rapidly prototype and test different concepts​​.

Interactive Narratives: For storytellers and content creators, Versy AI offers the ability to elevate storytelling by transforming text into interactive narratives and immersive worlds. This can be particularly useful for authors, scriptwriters, and digital content creators looking to bring their stories to life in new and engaging ways​​.


Versy AI is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to transform text prompts into immersive virtual experiences. It enables the creation of a wide range of virtual environments, from educational simulations to interactive marketing experiences, without requiring users to have any coding knowledge

Versy AI uses Generative AI technology, specifically its "Text-to-Space" feature, to convert textual descriptions into virtual spaces. This allows users to easily prototype and iterate different versions of their virtual experiences, making the creation process both efficient and scalable

Versy AI is versatile and can be beneficial for businesses and individuals across various sectors, including marketing, education, training, and entertainment. Whether for creating engaging product demonstrations, interactive lessons, virtual training modules, or immersive escape rooms, Versy AI offers valuable applications​

No, one of Versy AI's key advantages is its ease of use, allowing individuals without any coding knowledge to create engaging and immersive virtual experiences. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from content creators to educators and marketers

Pricing & Discounts

As of now, specific pricing details for Versy AI are not available because the service is currently in a pre-launch phase. Interested users can join a waitlist to try a demo version of Versy AI. This approach allows potential customers to experience firsthand the capabilities and features of Versy AI before committing to a subscription.


The team behind Versy AI is led by individuals with a vision to innovate the way we interact with digital spaces. One notable member of the team is Giacomo Driussi, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). His role likely involves overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Versy AI, ensuring that the project's milestones are met efficiently and effectively.


Giacomo Driussi




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