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Empowering the future: spotlight on women leaders revolutionizing the AI industry

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Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

Published by: Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

21 December 2023, 10:58PM

In Brief

This article primarily focuses on the significant contributions of women leaders in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. It delves into the transformative roles they play in revolutionizing this technology-driven sector.

Short review of the startups Dr. Scarlett Pong, Yabbit, HazardsHub, Crypto Tax Calculator, Liquid AI,, Meeno, Nectar AI, Sixfold AI and SuperSight.

Empowering the future: spotlight on women leaders revolutionizing the AI industry

Leading Ladies of Artificial Intelligence: Pioneers of the Field

As we approach the close of another year, let's delve into a few newly established AI startups all masterminded by women. These innovative companies span multiple industries, including enterprise, gaming, insurance, and even crypto, each one securing over $1M in seed funding within the last year. In case you haven't come across these captivating ventures, let's shine a spotlight on them now! Each of these game changers is rewriting the rules, proving invaluable to the evolution of the AI industry.

Spotlight Women-Led AI Startups

Dr. Scarlett Pong

Starting our list is the incredible Elastrin Therapeutics, courtesy of co-founder Dr. Scarlett Pong. This startup is shaking up the biotech sector by leveraging AI to refine drug delivery techniques for hard-to-reach tumors. Their innovation landed them a $2M seed fund, with a vision of delivering treatments that are less invasive and highly targeted.


Noteworthy leader Amy Kam is at the helm of Yabbit, an AI-driven gaming platform looking to reshape gaming narratives. Yabbit enhances storytelling within games by creating responsive narratives that change according to player's decisions. Their ingenuity has attracted a solid $1.8M funding for platform proliferation.


Reshaping the insurance industry with AI is HazardsHub, co-pioneered by Bob Frady and Laura Zaroski. By providing precise risk information, they empower insurers to set more accurate premiums–all in service of safer communities. Their fresh approach to risk management won them a $2.5M seed round.

Crypto Tax Calculator

Co-pioneer Hailey Lennon sets her sights on the cryptocurrency space with Crypto Tax Calculator. Their platform uses AI and blockchain technologies to ease the process of calculating and filing cryptocurrency taxes–a feat which secured them a $1.5M seed investment.

Liquid AI

Visionary co-founder Daniela Rus's Liquid AI is redefining the AI sector with applications that streamline creative workflows. Their enterprise-grade foundation models prioritize capabilities and privacy over generic GPT models. The results are impressive, as evidenced by their funding success of $37.6M.

Layer AI's Chief Revenue Officer, Burcu Ozcengiz, offers a dream platform for gaming creators. Using their AI system, users can maintain the quality of their unique artwork while generating infinitely varied designs. This approach has helped Layer AI secure $1.8M in funding.

Standing at the forefront of AI system integration is Medha Basu, co-founder of–a Y Combinator-backed venture applauded for revolutionizing language models for accelerated data analysis. The result? A pathway to valuable insights through free-form data query comprehension. This impressive approach has earned them $2.2 million in funds.


The brainchild of Renate Nyborg, Meeno, is a groundbreaking relationship mentoring app using generative AI to cultivate healthier, meaningful connections. This robust tool has collected vast support, reflected in their significant funding of $3.9 million.

Nectar AI

The driving force behind Nectar AI is the dynamic duo, Misbah U. and Farah U. This AI platform transforms social engagement into revenue boosts through comprehensive control and scalability across an array of applications. Their outstanding efforts have successfully secured $2M in funding.

Sixfold AI

Meet Jane Tran, the mover and shaker behind Sixfold AI. Her company uses generative AI to change the face of insurance underwriting and gathered a substantial investment of $6.5M. Through Jane's leadership, every action taken by Sixfold can be traced, ensuring a standard of security that’s unprecedented.


Fulfilling a key niche in the crypto industry is Sungjung Kim's SuperSight. Their specialty language models level the playing field, offering easy access to important crypto-data to users who may not have coding skills. This investment of effort landed them a comfortable funding of $1.04M.

These visionaries are part of a larger array of women-led AI startups making waves. Each stands as a beacon for others, proving women’s leadership prowess in the AI, tech, and innovation sphere. We eagerly watch as the next generation of female founders emerge, ready to disrupt the AI sector further.

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