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SA startup Cue raises $2m to accelerate customer service with AI

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Valery Zayaarskaya

Published by: Valery Zayaarskaya

21 March 2024, 02:40PM

In Brief

South African startup Cue has secured a US$2 million seed funding round to deepen AI integration in its customer service chat software.

Cue, founded in 2015, offers chatbots and live chat features on platforms like WhatsApp, assisting over 300 clients and expanding to the UK.

Previous funding rounds, totaling US$500,000, focused on enhancing customer service solutions with advanced large language models (LLM).

The new funding, including an additional US$1.5 million from angel investors, aims to develop Cue's AI capabilities for automated inquiries, data analytics, and improved support performance.

Cue's CEO, Richard Nischk, is enthusiastic about the funding, anticipating that it will elevate Cue's AI solutions, streamline support operations, and enhance customer assistance globally.

SA startup Cue raises $2m to accelerate customer service with AI

South African startup Cue, known for its AI-powered customer service chat software, has successfully completed a seed funding round of US$2 million. This funding will be used to integrate AI more deeply into its platform and support its growth and expansion.

Established in 2015, Cue provides businesses with chatbots and live chat capabilities on platforms like WhatsApp and social media channels to assist customers swiftly and effectively. The company has served over 300 clients in the past five years and recently expanded its operations to the United Kingdom.

Cue previously raised US$500,000 in October to enhance its customer service solutions using advanced large language models (LLM). With an additional US$1.5 million from angel investors, the company has closed its seed round, aiming to further develop its AI capabilities for customer support.

The enhanced AI integration will allow businesses to automate common customer inquiries, utilize data analytics for improved support performance, and gain valuable insights to refine customer engagement strategies.

Richard Nischk, Cue's CEO, expressed excitement about the funding, stating that it will propel Cue to the next level and advance its mission of delivering cutting-edge AI solutions for global customer service transformation. The deeper integration of AI is expected to streamline support operations and provide faster and more valuable assistance to customers.

We are thrilled to have secured US$2 million in funding, which will enable us to take Cue to the next level and another big step forward towards our next milestone. This investment will fuel our mission to deliver cutting-edge AI-powered solutions that transform the customer service landscape globally. With deeper AI integration, businesses can streamline their support operations and help their customers in a much faster and more valuable way.

Richard Nischk

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