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Billionaire investor Mark Cuban urges mastery of AI for success

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Markus Ivakha

Published by: Markus Ivakha

05 March 2024, 10:52AM

In Brief

Mark Cuban stresses the necessity of mastering artificial intelligence for success in today's world.

AI is expected to play a vital role in various aspects of daily life, from education to military applications.

Cuban warns that not knowing AI could lead to failure, emphasizing its significant impact on all activities.

Companies like Palantir Technologies and AeroVironment specialize in AI-based military and security solutions.

Cuban urges policymakers to collaborate with AI developers to ensure safety and security in AI advancements.

Short Description: Cuban emphasizes the critical need to become proficient in artificial intelligence as it permeates daily life for people across all sectors.


The media and investors are abuzz about the recent AI rally in the market, and Mark Cuban recently discussed the widespread use of AI on CNBC's “Closing Bell: Overtime.”

Key Points:

  • Cuban views AI as integral to daily life for everyone, including students and CEOs.
  • Proficiency in AI is essential for success, according to Cuban, who states, "If you don't know AI, you are going to fail. Period, end of story."
  • The impact of AI will be significant across all aspects of life.
  • Companies like Palantir Technologies, Inc. and AeroVironment, Inc. specialize in AI-based military and security applications.

Insights from Cuban:

Cuban highlighted potential risks associated with AI, including threats to national security. He emphasized the importance of the United States maintaining immigration policies to attract talent, enabling the country to stay ahead of potential adversaries.

He also emphasized the necessity for policymakers to cultivate strong relationships with AI developers to guide its development towards safety and security.

Quote from Cuban:

"You can't regulate it. It's brains-driven, it's not policy-driven," said Cuban.

Market Performance:

CompanyClosing Price
Palantir Technologies$23.82

Source: Benzinga Pro


Mark Cuban's insights underscore the increasing importance of AI mastery for individuals and organizations in navigating the evolving technological landscape, making it a crucial skill set for success.

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