AI Mail Assistant - ChatGPT™ for Gmail™

AI Mail Assistant - ChatGPT™ for Gmail™

Transform your inbox: smarter, faster, better.

Streamline email tasks with AI: summarization, translation, and smart replies. Elevate productivity effortlessly.
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The AI Mail Assistant, leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT, is a revolutionary Gmail add-on designed to enhance email communication and management. This tool stands out with its array of features that extend beyond just providing quick and accurate email responses. Key functionalities include email summarization, message translation, and draft improvement, making it a valuable asset for busy professionals, customer support teams, and non-native English speakers.

One of the core strengths of AI Mail Assistant is its integration of GPT-3 Davinci technology, known for its advanced AI capabilities. This allows the tool to efficiently summarize emails, create structured and relevant responses, improve the quality of email drafts, and translate content effectively. It also facilitates direct interaction with ChatGPT, eliminating the need for a separate OpenAI account.

Concerning security, AI Mail Assistant is committed to user data privacy. It accesses only the essential scopes necessary to power its features, ensuring less invasive access compared to other Gmail add-ons. Moreover, it manages, stores, and processes user data with high standards of security, abiding by robust protocols.

For installation and usage, AI Mail Assistant requires access to your Gmail account but limits this to your primary Google Account email address and publicly available personal info. This approach prioritizes user privacy and data security. The add-on is user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with Gmail and providing real-time support and decision-making enhancement directly within the Gmail interface.

In terms of language support, AI Mail Assistant is capable of performing translations in 13 languages, which is particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers or those communicating with international clients and colleagues. Additionally, its advanced text analysis can identify various tones and sensitive topics in emails, ensuring clear and respectful workplace interactions.

AI Mail Assistant is not just an email management tool; it is a comprehensive solution for enhancing the quality and efficiency of email communications, making it a highly recommended tool for professionals and individuals seeking to streamline their email workflow.

Use cases

The AI Mail Assistant, designed as an add-on for Gmail, is a versatile tool that brings advanced artificial intelligence to email management. It's particularly beneficial for various user groups and can be applied in diverse scenarios:

  1. Busy Professionals and Executives: For those constantly juggling a heavy email load, AI Mail Assistant streamlines the email process. It swiftly generates responses, allowing professionals to manage their inbox more efficiently. This is especially useful for executives who need to quickly grasp the key points of an email and respond accordingly.
  2. Customer Support Teams: Teams handling customer queries can use the tool to provide quicker and more accurate responses. The AI's ability to generate well-composed replies enhances the efficiency and quality of customer service, enabling support teams to address a higher volume of queries in less time.
  3. Non-Native English Speakers: The tool's translation feature covers 13 languages, helping to overcome language barriers. This is particularly beneficial for international students, professionals, or anyone communicating with English-speaking clients and colleagues.
  4. Marketing Executives: For marketing professionals who require quick generation of professional responses, the AI Mail Assistant can be a game changer. It aids in creating engaging emails, including cold outreach emails, that are likely to garner attention and responses.
  5. Legal Professionals: Generating professional legal request emails becomes more manageable with the tool, ensuring precision and appropriateness in language.
  6. Freelancers: Independent workers can enhance their client communication by using the tool to improve draft quality and generate tailored email responses.

The AI Mail Assistant stands out due to its use of GPT-3 Davinci technology, offering superior speed, accuracy, and sophistication in its operations. It's capable of summarizing emails, translating content, generating structured responses, and improving drafts. This makes it a more efficient option compared to basic email management tools, as it provides intelligent solutions like direct interaction with ChatGPT.

In terms of installation and privacy, the tool requires certain permissions but limits its access to essential scopes like the primary Google Account email address and publicly available personal information. This ensures user privacy and data security.

Overall, the AI Mail Assistant is a powerful tool for enhancing email productivity, offering a wide range of applications for various professional and personal communication needs.


The AI Mail Assistant is a tool that helps you manage your emails more efficiently. It uses advanced algorithms to sort, prioritize, and even respond to emails based on your preferences and past behavior.

Typically, you can install the assistant as an add-on or extension for your Gmail account. Just follow the instructions provided by the service to integrate it with your Gmail.

Yes, maintaining your privacy and security is a top priority. The assistant is designed to comply with standard data protection and privacy regulations.

Yes, it can draft and reply to emails based on the context and your past responses. You can review and edit these before sending.

It learns from your email behavior and preferences to prioritize incoming emails, ensuring that important messages are highlighted.

Absolutely! You can customize its settings to better suit your email management style and preferences.

The assistant is designed specifically for Gmail, so it works best with Gmail accounts.

You can contact customer support or refer to the help section for troubleshooting tips and assistance.

This varies based on the service provider. There may be a free version with basic features and a premium version with more advanced capabilities.

Yes, you can easily disable the assistant whenever you want and turn it back on when needed.

Pricing & Discounts

The AI Mail Assistant, a Gmail add-on enhanced by advanced AI technology, offers several pricing and subscription plans catering to different needs:

1. Free Plan:

  • Price: €0
  • This plan provides limited access with 10 requests per month to all features of the AI Mail Assistant.

2. Premium Monthly Plan:

  • Price: €3.99 per month
  • This plan includes full access to features like automated answer generation, translation in 12 languages, email summarization, grammar and wording enhancements, and the ability to ask any question to ChatGPT directly from Gmail.

3. Premium Yearly Plan:

  • Price: €35 per year
  • Offering the same features as the Premium Monthly Plan, this yearly subscription is more cost-effective, working out to about €2.9 per month.

4. Klart Prompts Pro:

  • Price: €3.99 per month
  • This plan focuses on providing unlimited access to various prompt generators and exclusive blog posts.

5. Enterprise Plan:

  • For details and pricing, interested companies need to request a quote.
  • The Enterprise Plan offers unlimited access to all features and is designed to cater to the needs of larger organizations. It also includes 24/7 support.

These plans make the AI Mail Assistant a flexible tool, suitable for both individual users who manage their own emails and larger organizations looking for a more robust solution. The add-on integrates seamlessly into the Gmail interface and provides features like generating email responses, summarizing content, translating in various languages, and improving the quality of drafts. This tool, leveraging GPT-3 Davinci technology from OpenAI, enhances email management by offering faster and more accurate services compared to basic email management tools. It's particularly useful for busy professionals, customer support teams, and non-native English speakers who deal with high volumes of emails or require translation services.


AI Mail Assistant is a tool that integrates with Gmail to provide enhanced email management capabilities through AI technologies. It appears to be a product developed by Klart AI, as indicated on its  official website . Klart AI seems to be involved in creating AI solutions, and AI Mail Assistant is one of their offerings.

KLART AI is a company that specializes in AI technology, offering an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance workplace productivity and collaboration. This assistant integrates with a variety of tools and platforms such as Slack, Teams, Gmail, and databases like Confluence, Notion, and JIRA. It is known for prioritizing data privacy, including GDPR compliance, and aims to facilitate communication, promote knowledge sharing, and provide insightful reporting. As a scalable solution, it can adapt to the changing needs of a business.

Noyan Bilge is the Founder and CEO of KLART AI. His background includes experience at BlaBlaCar and Jobandtalent, bringing valuable expertise to his role at KLART AI.

The team also includes Rémi T., who focuses on Business Transformation and has a background in Engineering and Product Management. Erol Koseoglu, another key member of the team, is the Co-Founder and CTO of KLART AI.


Noyan Bilge

Founder and CEO


Erol Koseoglu

Co-Founder and CTO

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