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Seamlessly blend AI with Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides for unparalleled productivity. Simplify data, generate content, and more.
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GPT Workspace is a dynamic AI-driven productivity tool designed to significantly enhance the efficiency of using Google's suite of applications, including Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Gmail. This tool stands out by offering a range of features aimed at automating tasks, simplifying data management, and fostering content creation across these platforms.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automation and Efficiency: GPT Workspace automates data entry and analysis, which can drastically reduce the time spent on these tasks. It also offers real-time insights and feedback from AI-driven analytics, making it a valuable asset for sales professionals, marketing teams, and project managers looking to improve productivity and efficiency​  ​.
  • Content Creation: The tool supports generating entire documents, crafting engaging marketing content, managing lists and arrays, and even creating multilingual content in over 30 languages. It is also capable of integrating with Google Slides to produce complete presentation decks and personalizing emails quickly through Gmail​  ​.
  • Privacy and Security: A notable aspect of GPT Workspace is its commitment to user privacy, ensuring that data remains secure on Google's servers. This addresses potential concerns about data privacy while still leveraging the convenience of Google Suite integration​  ​.


While GPT Workspace offers significant advantages, it's important for potential users to consider the learning curve associated with understanding its capabilities. Furthermore, the integration with Google Suite, though convenient, may raise data privacy concerns for some users, despite the assurances of data security​  ​.

GPT Workspace is an innovative tool that leverages AI to enhance productivity across Google's suite of applications, offering a range of features from content creation to data management, all while prioritizing user privacy and security. Its freemium model allows users to explore its capabilities before committing financially, making it an accessible option for individuals and teams looking to streamline their workflow.

Use cases

GPT Workspace is a versatile AI tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows within the Google Workspace environment, including Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive, and Gmail. It leverages the capabilities of generative AI to assist in various tasks directly within these applications, making it easier for users to perform complex operations without needing extensive coding knowledge or an OpenAI API key. Here are some key use cases for GPT Workspace:

  1. Google Sheets: GPT Workspace can transform how you handle data in Google Sheets by categorizing, summarizing, classifying, cleaning, and extracting data, as well as generating entire arrays and lists. This can significantly boost your ability to analyze insights and craft powerful marketing narratives, accelerating research processes for your business.

  2. Google Docs: In Google Docs, it aids in creating engaging content such as taglines, blogs, and speeches. It can also recap, rephrase, improve, and fix grammar, enhancing the quality and speed of your writing across 30+ languages.

  3. Google Slides: For Google Slides, GPT Workspace enables the generation of content, slides, and entire decks complete with images and detailed descriptions. This tool can transform any concept into visually stunning presentations, showcasing the future of intelligent slide creation.

  4. Gmail: Within Gmail, GPT Workspace suggests ways to make your writing more clear, compelling, and authentic. It understands the context of a conversation and suggests appropriate replies, personalizing emails at an unprecedented speed.

  5. Google Drive: For content stored in Google Drive, including PDFs, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, GPT Workspace offers functionality to summarize and run custom prompts, streamlining the management and analysis of documents.

The tool is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that your data remains secure and on Google's servers, with GPT Workspace having no access to your files. It's highly regarded for its ease of use, being seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace tools for effortless application. With a high rating from users and over 4 million installs, GPT Workspace is trusted by companies and organizations worldwide for its ability to enhance productivity and creativity within the Google Workspace ecosystem​  ​​  ​.


GPT Workspace boosts productivity by allowing for the automation of tasks such as data categorization, summarization, content generation, and more. It provides a cost-effective solution to enhance business operations without needing extensive technical knowledge​  ​.

Privacy is a key concern for GPT Workspace. It does not access your data or Google Drive files directly. The only data required are your email address for account identification, your name (if you're a paying customer), and some metadata for operational purposes. GPT Workspace is compliant with GDPR, ensuring your data's security and privacy​  ​.

Yes, GPT Workspace offers a free plan with no feature restrictions or time limits, allowing you to explore its capabilities at your pace before deciding on a premium plan​  ​.

You can manage your subscription directly within GPT Workspace. Cancellation is straightforward and immediate, with the ability to continue using the premium plan until the end of the subscription period if you cancel beforehand​  ​.

GPT Workspace provides a full refund if you cancel your premium subscription within 30 days of purchase. For specific requests or issues, you can contact their support team​  ​.

For tutorials, information on getting started, and detailed guides on using GPT Workspace with various Google Workspace tools, you can visit their support page. They offer resources like YouTube tutorials and blog posts to help users maximize the tool's potential​  ​.

Pricing & Discounts

Comparison of the subscription plans available for GPT Workspace, outlining the price per month per user, credits available per day, and the features included in each plan:

PlanPrice per Month/UserCredits per DayFeatures
Free$03,000 (Assistants) & GPT-3.5 in SheetsAssistants & GPT-3.5 in Sheets
Basic$920,000 (Assistants) & GPT-3.5 in SheetsAssistants, GPT-3.5 in Sheets, Standard support
Plus$1950,000 (Assistants) & GPT-3.5 in SheetsAssistants, GPT-3.5 in Sheets, Standard support, Team billing
Pro$29Unlimited with Assistants, 200,000 in Sheets, Unlimited generation in Sheets with Pay-per-usageAssistants, GPT-4 in Sheets, Priority support, Priority access to new features, Team billing
  • The Free plan is designed to get you started with basic access to the workspace.
  • The Basic plan boosts your productivity with a significant increase in daily credits and includes standard support.
  • The Plus plan, aimed at professionals, offers even more daily credits and team billing options.
  • The Pro plan provides the most comprehensive support and features, including unlimited credits with assistants for some tasks, a higher credit limit for Sheets, and priority access to new features.

Each plan is tailored to suit different needs, from individuals just starting out to large teams requiring dedicated support and infrastructure. ​

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