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Gamma is a modern tool designed to simplify the creation of presentations, webpages, and documents using artificial intelligence. It enables users to generate drafts quickly from text prompts and transform them into visually appealing content. With Gamma, users can effortlessly restyle their presentations with a single click, and embed various elements like GIFs, charts, videos, and websites to make their presentations more engaging.

The tool is particularly useful for creating basic presentations and documents rapidly. It's beneficial for tasks like drafting internal progress reports or training content that focuses on clear, text-based communication. Gamma's interface is user-friendly, making it accessible even to those with little design experience. This aspect, combined with built-in analytics for measuring engagement in live presentations, makes Gamma a practical choice for general business use.

Use cases

  1. Internal Business Presentations: Gamma can be extremely useful for creating quick, clean presentations for internal business meetings. It's particularly effective for straightforward progress reports, where visuals and text are balanced to convey information clearly and efficiently.

  2. Training and Educational Materials: For companies or educators needing to create training modules or educational content, Gamma can help generate presentations that explain processes, policies, or overviews. Its ability to create text-focused slides makes it suitable for conveying basic concepts and procedures.

  3. Sales and Marketing Presentations: Sales and marketing teams can use Gamma to create polished pitch decks quickly. With the tool's one-click restyling and the ability to embed various media types, it can be a time-saver for creating visually appealing presentations that capture the essence of marketing campaigns or sales strategies.

  4. Project Management: Project managers could utilize Gamma to draft timelines, milestone summaries, and action plans. It's beneficial for consolidating project details into an easily digestible format, helping teams stay aligned and informed.

  5. Event Planning: Organizers of events, whether corporate or social, could use Gamma to create presentations outlining event schedules, keynotes, and other relevant information, aiding in the planning process and communication with stakeholders.

  6. Collaborative Work: Given its real-time co-editing and commenting features, Gamma can be a great tool for collaborative projects where multiple team members need to contribute to a presentation simultaneously.

  7. Reporting and Analytics: For professionals who need to create reports or presentations that include analytics, Gamma can help draft the initial version. However, note that for highly detailed or technical data, the tool might require additional manual adjustments.

  8. Webpage and Document Creation: Beyond presentations, Gamma can assist in quickly generating drafts for webpages and documents, streamlining the content creation process across different mediums.

  9. Remote Learning and Webinars: Educators and trainers conducting remote learning sessions or webinars can use Gamma to create engaging presentation materials that can be easily shared and interacted with online.

  10. Conference Presentations: Researchers, academics, or professionals attending conferences can use Gamma to create their presentation decks, especially when under time constraints.


Gamma is a tool that helps create engaging presentations, webpages, and documents quickly using AI. It offers features like one-click restyling, embedding of various media, and intuitive editing.

Gamma works by allowing users to generate content using AI models. Users can start with a text prompt and the tool will help create a draft that can be refined and customized.

Key features include AI-powered content generation, creating polished content with one-click templates, embedding interactive content, and analytics for tracking engagement.

Yes, Gamma supports collaboration with features like real-time co-editing and threaded commenting.

While Gamma is effective for standard business needs, it may struggle with more complex or creative applications, especially those requiring detailed data visualization or technical content.

Gamma uses SSL encryption for data security, but it may lack advanced features like two-factor authentication or IP range restrictions. Users dealing with sensitive information should verify if it meets their compliance standards.

Pricing & Discounts

Gamma offers three main pricing plans, each tailored to different user needs and offering a range of features:

  1. Free Plan:

    • Cost: $0 per user per month.
    • Includes 400 AI credits at signup, unlimited users and gammas (presentations), and the ability to export to PDF and PPT with Gamma branding.
    • Offers a 7-day change history and basic analytics.
  2. Plus Plan:

    • Monthly Cost: $10 per user.
    • Yearly Cost: $8 per user per month.
    • This plan increases the offering to 400 credits per month and allows the removal of the "Made with Gamma" badge from exports.
    • It includes PDF and PPT export without branding, a 30-day change history, unlimited folders, and more.
  3. Pro Plan:

    • Monthly Cost: $20 per user.
    • Yearly Cost: $15 per user per month.
    • The Pro plan is the most comprehensive, offering unlimited AI creation and advanced AI models.
    • It includes all the features of the Plus plan, plus priority support, custom fonts, unlimited change history, and detailed analytics.


The team behind Gamma includes co-founders Grant Lee, James Fox, and Jon Noronha, who were all former employees of Optimizely. These individuals bring their expertise and vision to Gamma, aiming to reinvent and enhance the traditional slide presentation format with modern, interactive, and user-friendly features. Their collective experience and skills have been crucial in developing Gamma into an effective tool for creating engaging and visually appealing presentations, documents, and webpages.


Grant Lee



James Fox



Jon Noronha



Gamma, an innovative software designed for creating dynamic presentations, secured $7 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by Accel and included contributions from notable figures like Zoom CEO Eric Yuan and former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. This funding supports Gamma's mission to enhance and modernize presentation formats, moving beyond traditional slides to more interactive and engaging content.



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