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Transform your Figma & FigJam designs with AI-powered text. Generate, edit, and customize content effortlessly.
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GPT Mate is an AI-powered plugin designed specifically for Figma and FigJam, aiming to transform the way designers and teams generate, edit, and rewrite text content directly within their design tools. It integrates seamlessly into the user's workflow, offering a variety of modes—Create, Rewrite, and Custom—each tailored to enhance the content creation process. Whether it's generating fresh content, fixing spelling errors, crafting catchy taglines, or utilizing personalized prompts, GPT Mate streamlines these tasks with efficiency and creativity. With over 20 built-in prompts and the ability to create custom prompts, users have a wide range of options to produce high-quality text. Furthermore, GPT Mate includes a cached OpenAI API, optimizing cost efficiency by saving on tokens. This makes it an invaluable resource for improving productivity and fostering innovation in design projects.

Use cases

Content Creation: Quickly generate fresh, relevant text content for designs, including web page copy, app interfaces, and marketing materials.

Content Editing: Enhance existing text by fixing spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and refining phrasing to make it more engaging or appropriate for the target audience.

Brand Messaging: Develop unique brand messages, slogans, and taglines that resonate with the intended audience, leveraging the AI's creativity.

User Interface Design: Create and refine UI text elements such as button labels, error messages, and help tooltips, ensuring clarity and user-friendliness.

Personalized Content: Use the Custom mode to create and save bespoke prompts that align with specific project requirements or brand voice guidelines, ensuring consistency across designs.


GPT Mate is specifically designed for use with Figma and FigJam, integrating directly into these platforms for streamlined workflow.

Information on the cost of GPT Mate might vary; it's advisable to check the latest updates on their official website for pricing details.

GPT Mate utilizes a cached OpenAI API, which helps in optimizing the use of tokens and saving costs associated with generating text content.

Yes, GPT Mate allows users to create and save custom prompts, enabling personalized content generation that meets specific project or brand requirements.

Yes, GPT Mate comes with over 20 built-in prompts, in addition to 500 specifically designed prompts to kickstart your content creation process.

Pricing & Discounts

GPT Mate is a free AI-powered plugin for Figma and FigJam, designed to enhance your design process without adding any extra costs. This tool offers a range of features including content generation, editing, and custom prompt creation, all at no charge. Whether you're crafting catchy taglines or refining UI text, GPT Mate provides valuable assistance to designers and teams, ensuring high-quality content creation with efficiency and creativity, completely for free.


The team behind GPT Mate is led by Vera Mur, who serves as the Co-founder and CEO of Refire Design. This group of innovative minds has dedicated themselves to enhancing the design and content creation process within Figma and FigJam through the development of GPT Mate. The team's focus is on providing a seamless, user-friendly tool that empowers designers and teams to generate, edit, and customize text content effortlessly. With a commitment to improving productivity and fostering creativity in the design community, the GPT Mate team brings together expertise in AI, design, and user experience to create a tool that is not only powerful but also accessible to everyone in the design field.

  Vera Mur

Co-founder and CEO



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