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Create government-compliant ID, passport, and visa photos from your phone in seconds with Leeta's AI technology
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Leeta is an advanced AI tool designed for generating ID and passport photos with precision and ease. This app stands out by offering a user-friendly solution to resize photos automatically, ensuring they meet government compliance for various purposes, including passports, visas, identification cards, driver's licenses, qualification exams, and document applications. With Leeta, you can create the necessary ID photos within just 30 seconds, directly from your phone, without the need for registration or enduring ads, all for free. This tool simplifies the process of obtaining compliant ID photos, making it accessible to do from the comfort of your home

Use cases

Leeta serves a variety of use cases, making it a versatile AI tool for creating ID photos. Here are some key applications:

Passport Photos: Easily generate photos that comply with passport requirements from different countries.

Visa Applications: Create visa photos that meet specific country guidelines.

Identification Cards: Produce photos suitable for national ID cards.

Driver's Licenses: Obtain driver's license photos that adhere to local regulations.

Qualification Exams: Generate ID photos required for registration for various exams.

Document Applications: Create photos for any other official documents that require a standardized ID photograph.


Leeta is an app that uses AI technology to create ID and passport photos that meet government compliance. It can be used for passport photos, visa photos, driver's licenses, and more.

Simply take a photo using the app, and Leeta's advanced AI technology will resize and adjust it to meet the specific requirements for ID and passport photos.

Yes, Leeta is free to use. However, there are in-app purchases available, such as the option to purchase ID/Passport photos for $1.99 or save once for $0.99.

Yes, photos generated by Leeta are designed to match government compliance for various ID documents, making them suitable for official use.

No registration is required to use Leeta, and there are no ads, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Pricing & Discounts

Leeta offers its basic services for free, with additional options available through in-app purchases for enhanced features:

Free Version:

Access to basic ID and passport photo generation.

Compliance with government standards for photos.

In-App Purchases:

ID/Passport Photos: Purchase for $1.99 to generate and download high-quality ID or passport photos.


Leeta's team includes QING LI, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). With a focus on operational excellence and strategic oversight, QING LI plays a crucial role in ensuring that Leeta continues to provide innovative and user-friendly AI-powered ID and passport photo generation services.






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