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Elevate QR codes with artistic flair for branding, marketing, and unique packaging solutions. Make every scan a visual delight.
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QRCraft is a unique tool designed to transform the traditional look of QR codes into more engaging, artistic designs. This AI-powered tool caters to those looking to add an aesthetic flair to the functional QR codes used in various aspects of marketing, packaging, and creative projects. The main appeal of QRCraft lies in its ability to elevate the visual appeal of QR codes, turning them from simple, functional tools into captivating pieces of art that can enhance marketing materials and capture attention.

Key features of QRCraft include the artistic generation of QR codes, allowing users to convert plain QR codes into attractive art pieces. This not only adds aesthetic value but also serves to make the codes more engaging for the audience. The tool boasts a user-friendly interface, enabling easy customization of QR codes. It offers fast and high-quality QR code generation, with the ability to produce codes in just 30 seconds, delivered in PNG format with dimensions of 768x768 pixels. Additionally, QRCraft provides API access for app integration and supports bulk orders, making it a versatile tool for both individual and enterprise use.

QRCraft stands out for its ease of use and the creative freedom it offers, allowing users to design QR codes that are not only functional but also serve as a piece of art. This can be particularly useful for promotional posters, personalized customer interactions, securing event access, product promotions, and standing out in a competitive marketing landscape.

With its blend of creativity, functionality, and user-friendly design, QRCraft is positioned as a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their marketing efforts with visually captivating QR codes.

Use cases

QRCraft AI tool finds its use in various innovative and practical applications, catering to both business and creative needs. Here are some of the key use cases for QRCraft, demonstrating its versatility and the value it adds across different scenarios:

  1. Promotional Material Enhancement: Businesses can use QRCraft to create artistic QR codes that blend seamlessly with their marketing and promotional materials. These enhanced QR codes can be used on flyers, posters, and brochures, making the promotional items not only more attractive but also interactive, leading to higher engagement rates.

  2. Customized Packaging: Companies can elevate their packaging design by incorporating artistic QR codes that link to product information, tutorials, or exclusive content. This not only enhances the unboxing experience but also adds a layer of digital interaction, making the product stand out on the shelf.

  3. Event Access and Information: For events, artistic QR codes can serve as innovative tickets or badges, providing a unique way for attendees to access event information, schedules, or exclusive content. This can simplify event management while offering a memorable touchpoint for participants.

  4. Interactive Menus and Services: Restaurants and cafes can utilize QRCraft to create visually appealing QR codes for their menus or to facilitate table service. These QR codes can link to interactive menus, allowing customers to place orders or learn more about the dishes in a more engaging way.

  5. Creative Art Projects: Artists and designers can explore the intersection of technology and art by incorporating QR codes into their artworks. These QR codes can link to additional content, narratives, or interactive elements, adding depth and a digital dimension to the physical piece.

  6. Educational Resources: Educational institutions or trainers can integrate artistic QR codes into learning materials, linking to supplementary content, videos, or interactive quizzes. This enhances the learning experience by making it more engaging and interactive.

  7. Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Marketers can create customized QR codes for different segments of their audience, linking to personalized landing pages or offers. This not only increases the appeal of the campaign but also the effectiveness of targeting and personalization.

  8. Digital Business Cards: Professionals can use QRCraft to design QR codes for their digital business cards, linking to their online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or contact information. This offers a modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards, making networking more efficient and impactful.


QRCraft AI is a tool that transforms standard QR codes into artistic designs, enhancing their visual appeal for marketing, packaging, and creative projects.

Users can create artful QR codes through a user-friendly interface, with options for customization and fast generation.

Artistic QR code generation, fast and high-quality outputs, API integration, and support for bulk orders.

Businesses, marketers, event organizers, and creative professionals looking to add an aesthetic touch to QR codes.

Pricing ranges from $20 to $100 per month, with additional pay-as-you-go options for specific QR code generation volumes.

Yes, QRCraft AI offers API access for app integration, facilitating bulk orders and customization.

Pricing & Discounts

QRCraft AI provides additional pricing options for QR code generations, offering flexibility based on the volume of codes needed. These options include:

5 QR generations for $1.99 25 QR generations for $4.99 75 QR generations for $9.99


The team behind QRCraft includes Aryaman Parekh, with a background in Computer Science at Illinois, and Ashank Tomar, who is also a co-founder of and These individuals have played pivotal roles in developing, designing, and bringing QRCraft to the market​​.


Aryaman Parekh


Ashank Tomar




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