Topaz Video AI 4 by Topaz Labs

Topaz Video AI 4 by Topaz Labs

Enhance, stabilize, transform: AI-powered video mastery.

Topaz Video AI 4 enhances, stabilizes, and upscales videos with cutting-edge AI, making every frame count.
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Topaz Video AI 4 by Topaz Labs emerges as a powerhouse for video enhancement, equipped with an arsenal of features for both seasoned professionals and hobbyists. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Video Enhancement: Boasts six specialized enhancement models, offering both hands-off automatic and granular manual controls. It adeptly cleans up compression artifacts and processes content that's interlaced or telecined, ensuring crisp, clean video output.

  • Video Stabilization: Features like auto-cropping, full-frame mode with outpainting, and corrections for rolling shutter effects and jitter, make shaky footage a thing of the past, even for videos not shot on stabilizers.

  • Frame Interpolation and Slow Motion: With capabilities to convert footage up to 16x slow motion and interpolate up to 120FPS, creating fluid slow-motion videos from standard footage is effortlessly within reach.

  • Motion Deblur: Targets and mitigates blur from quick movements, clarifying motion to make scenes appear smoother and more defined.

  • Extensive Export Options: Supports a broad spectrum of export formats including ProRes and Image Sequence, integrates seamlessly with various workflows, and maintains original audio integrity.

  • Upscaling: Enhances videos up to 4K and 8K resolutions from lower-quality sources, ensuring premium output quality.

  • AI Models and Local Processing: Leverages advanced AI models for various improvements, with all processing done on the user's machine for enhanced security and privacy.

  • Performance Optimization: Fine-tuned for a range of hardware, from Intel Core and NVIDIA Tensor Cores to AMD Ryzen AI, promising swift processing speeds.

Topaz Video AI 4 stands as an invaluable tool for those needing to polish, restore, or innovate video content, blending high-level functionality with ease of use for exceptional video editing experiences.

Use cases

  • Video Enhancement and Upscaling: Ideal for breathing new life into older, lower-resolution videos, elevating them to HD, Blu-ray, or even 4K standards. This feature shines when displaying content on larger screens, where higher resolution dramatically enriches the viewing experience.

  • Stabilization of Shaky Footage: Offers stabilization capabilities that smooth out footage captured without the aid of stabilizing gear. It's perfect for amateur footage or any project that suffered from unwanted camera movement, lending it a more polished, professional feel.

  • Frame Interpolation for Slow Motion: Transforms standard frame rate footage into smooth, convincing slow-motion sequences. This tool is invaluable for adding dramatic flair or emphasizing moments without the typical artifacts associated with conventional slow-motion conversion methods.

  • Enhancing Old Video Footage: Demonstrates its prowess by upgrading vintage videos to contemporary resolution standards. Whether it's family home videos or decades-old footage needing a facelift, Topaz Video AI 4 revives them with remarkable clarity.

  • Improving B-Roll Footage: Ensures uniformity across all video project elements by enhancing lower-quality secondary footage to match the primary high-quality clips, securing a seamless professional outcome.

  • Integration with Professional Editing Workflows: Fits effortlessly into existing video editing ecosystems, offering direct local hardware processing. This ensures a seamless experience for professional editors who prioritize efficiency and quality.

  • Creating Cinematic Effects: Beyond technical enhancements, it allows for the crafting of cinematic effects through its frame interpolation and motion deblur features, adding depth and emotion to storytelling.


Topaz Video AI 4 is the rebranded and rebuilt version of the earlier Video Enhance AI, designed to address specific user issues and challenges related to video enhancement.

- For Windows: Requires a DirectX12 compatible GPU (NVidia or AMD), an Intel CPU (2015 or newer) or AMD CPU (2016 or newer), and at least 4GB of VRAM. - For Mac: Needs 16GB or more RAM, 2GB of VRAM, and MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) or newer.

Existing users with an active upgrade license for Video Enhance AI can update to the new build. New users can purchase the software from the Topaz Labs shop page.

Users can apply more than one filter in the same processing task, depending on their machine's specifications and the file's size, resolution, and chosen filters.

Detailed instructions for the Command Line Interface in Topaz Video AI are available and can be accessed for advanced operations.

Advanced users have the option to build their own FFmpeg with additional features and AI filters, although for most use cases, the regular installation package is sufficient.

Pricing & Discounts

Pricing ModelOne-time purchase
Purchase Price$299
UpgradesOne year of unlimited upgrades included
InstallationCan be installed on up to two computers
CompatibilityCompatible with Mac and Windows; includes LR/PS plugins
SupportLive support with response within one business day
Refund Policy30-day refund policy if not satisfied
Additional UpdatesUpdates after the first year may require a fee (up to $99)


Topaz Labs, renowned for its cutting-edge AI-powered editing software, is steered by a distinguished leadership team:

  • Albert Yang, Founder and Adviser, infuses the team with his vision and deep industry knowledge.

  • Eric Yang, CEO, directs the strategic path and expansion of the company.

Their combined leadership ensures Topaz Labs remains at the forefront of delivering innovative and accessible software solutions for both creative professionals and hobbyists.


Albert Yang

Founder and Adviser


Eric Yang




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