Venngage Valentine Card Maker

Venngage Valentine Card Maker

Craft love, effortlessly - your perfect valentine's design partner!

Design unique Valentine's cards with ease: customizable templates, personal touches, and both digital/print options.
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Venngage's Valentine Card Maker simplifies the way we express love, blending ease with creativity. Its user-friendly setup, filled with professional templates, makes creating personalized cards a breeze. Whether incorporating personal photos or writing heartfelt messages, this tool ensures your Valentine’s gesture is both unique and meaningful. The drag-and-drop feature makes it accessible to all, no matter their design skill level. Offering options to share digitally or print, it adds versatility. Venngage transforms card creation into a delightful experience, becoming the go-to for sharing love with a personal touch.

Use cases

  • Personalized Romantic Cards: Whip up unique cards for your partner, blending in your photos and memories for that special, personal touch.

  • Family Valentine's Day Cards: Demonstrate your love for family with custom cards adorned with family photos and warm messages.

  • Friendship Cards: Show friends they're valued by creating cards filled with your shared laughs, memories, or favorite quotes.

  • DIY Gifts: Add a personalized card to your Valentine’s gifts, like flowers or chocolates, to deepen the sentiment.

  • Virtual Cards: Embrace the digital age by sending virtual cards through email or social media, keeping you connected no matter the distance.

  • Classroom Cards: Make Valentine’s Day special for kids with fun, themed cards, perfect for school exchanges.

  • Corporate Appreciation: Use custom cards to express gratitude and strengthen ties with clients, colleagues, or employees.

  • Last-Minute Cards: Venngage's intuitive platform ensures you can quickly create a beautiful card, perfect for when time is short.

  • Long-Distance Relationships: Bridge the distance with cards that convey warmth and affection, making your loved one feel close.

  • Creative Projects: Enhance creativity and design skills in educational or fun projects with Venngage’s card-making capabilities.


Venngage Valentine Card Maker is an online tool that allows you to create personalized Valentine's Day cards quickly and easily.

Yes, Venngage Valentine Card Maker offers a free version with basic features for creating Valentine's Day cards. However, there are premium plans available with additional features.

You can use Venngage Valentine Card Maker to design custom Valentine's Day cards with various templates, images, text, and creative elements. It's perfect for expressing your love and affection.

No design skills are required. Venngage Valentine Card Maker provides user-friendly templates and a drag-and-drop editor, making it easy for anyone to create beautiful cards.

Absolutely! You can upload your own photos and add personal messages to make your Valentine's Day cards unique and special.

Yes, Venngage offers premium plans that unlock additional features, such as more templates, advanced design options, and the ability to remove watermarks from your cards.

The pricing for Venngage's premium plans varies. You can visit their website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Yes, you can download and print the cards you design using Venngage Valentine Card Maker, allowing you to share physical cards with your loved ones.

Yes, Venngage Valentine Card Maker is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, making it convenient to create cards from anywhere.

Certainly! Venngage Valentine Card Maker allows you to share your cards digitally through social media platforms or by email, so you can spread love and joy easily.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPrice per MonthDescription
Free$0Get started with your first few designs at no cost.
Premium$10Ideal for individuals who want to create more professional designs.
Business$24Designed for professionals who want to collaborate on their designs.
Enterprise$499Suitable for larger teams that require extra support, controls, and security.



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