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Overview is a powerful AI and data platform from IBM for businesses. It's part of the WatsonX suite, which includes and WatsonX.governance. is great for handling AI tasks with different types of data, no matter where it's stored. It's very flexible, especially for businesses in hybrid cloud setups. This platform also focuses on making AI reliable by improving data access, following rules, saving money, and deploying good AI models quickly. It uses a modern data management framework called open lakehouse architecture, which combines data lakes and data warehouses to store and analyze data efficiently.

Use cases, part of IBM's WatsonX suite, is designed for various data tasks. Here are some practical uses:

  1. Data Management: It helps manage lots of data from different places. This includes getting data, cleaning it up, and changing it as needed, which is important for businesses with complicated data.

  2. Building AI Models: With, it can help create and use AI models. This is handy for businesses that want to make their own AI solutions.

  3. Smart Analytics: You can use it to find useful information in big sets of data, which can help with business decisions.

  4. Easy Scaling: If your business uses a mix of cloud and other systems, or if you need to handle more data, can help you do that smoothly.

  5. Trustworthy AI: It also helps make sure AI is trustworthy and follows the rules. This keeps AI clear and fair.

FAQ is part of IBM's WatsonX suite. It helps with big data and AI tasks using a special architecture.

Businesses of all sizes that deal with lots of different data can benefit from it.

It can handle big data, make AI models, and has tools to make AI responsible.

It has different prices based on what you need. They offer trial, basic, and standard plans with different features and support.

Yes, it's made to work with data in both cloud and other systems.

Yes, IBM offers a free trial to try out the basic things you can do with


In November 2023, IBM started a big fund with $500 million. They want to invest in companies that work with AI, from small startups to really big ones. The goal is to make AI technology better and help businesses use it. IBM is serious about using AI responsibly. They also want to work with companies using their WatsonX platform to make AI better and bring value to their clients.

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