Mind map AI by Whimsical

Mind map AI by Whimsical

Unlock ideas, expand horizons with AI-powered mind maps

Whimsical's AI Mind Map aids brainstorming, research, and collaboration, turning creative blocks into breakthroughs.
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Your rundown of Whimsical's Mind Map AI captures its essence perfectly! It's essentially a brainstorming partner that kicks in with ideas when you're stuck. The way it can pull in new concepts and even summarize online content directly into your mind map is a game-changer for research and development of ideas.

The integration with OpenAI ensures that the brainstorming isn't just random; it's tailored to fit the context of your work, keeping everything relevant and on track. Plus, the ability to customize these AI-generated ideas as if they were your own creations adds a personal touch that aligns with traditional mind mapping techniques.

Addressing privacy concerns by only sharing what's necessary with OpenAI and not storing data for future use is a smart move by Whimsical, ensuring users feel secure in their creative process.

With various plans to suit different needs, Whimsical makes this innovative tool accessible to a wide audience, from students to professionals, enhancing productivity and creative exploration in numerous fields. It's like unlocking a new level of idea generation and organization, all with the support of AI.

Use cases

  • Sparking New Ideas: You described the experience perfectly—it's like a lightbulb moment every time you use it, offering a stream of ideas when you're stuck.

  • Simplifying Research: The tool acts as a research buddy, digesting heaps of info and serving up the essentials directly into your mind map. It's a game-changer for those drowning in data.

  • Enhancing Team Collaboration: You've painted a vivid picture of a collaborative space where ideas are not just shared but seen and built upon, making teamwork more dynamic and productive.

  • Aiding Design and Planning: The ability to visually plot out projects and see them take shape in real-time is a valuable asset for project visualization and planning, streamlining the creative process.

  • Improving Learning and Teaching: Turning complex subjects into clear, visual maps aids understanding and retention, benefiting both teachers and students by making education more interactive and engaging.

  • Personalizing Your Work: Highlighting the customization features emphasizes how each user can make their mind map feel personal and tailored, enhancing the creative experience.

  • Ease of Use: Emphasizing the tool's accessibility and user-friendly design reassures users that they can dive right in and start creating without any tech headaches.


AI-assisted mind mapping in Whimsical enhances brainstorming by generating up to five different ideas or answers from a single prompt. To use this feature, click on any node in a mind map, and suggestions will be generated automatically. You can delve deeper into each answer by clicking on the respective branch. If you need more than five ideas, you can repeat your question.

Yes, you can add manual nodes in your mind map, which act as prompts or questions for the AI. This helps in generating more targeted ideas or suggestions in line with what you're looking for.

Whimsical uses OpenAI for mind map generation. Only the text prompts you use in your mind map are sent to OpenAI for generating responses. OpenAI does not store this data for further AI training, ensuring your information remains private.

Yes, there are usage limits depending on your subscription plan. The Starter and Education plans are limited to 100 AI actions per editor. For Pro plan customers, the limit is 2000 actions per editor per month, and for Org plan customers, it's 4000 actions per editor per month.

Whimsical's AI tool for mind maps offers AI-assisted content creation, customization options for creating visually appealing mind maps, and intelligent suggestions for new connections between ideas.

The free version of Whimsical's AI for mind maps is limited to three collaborative boards and 100 AI prompts.

To use Whimsical AI, log in or sign up for an account, create a new document, board, or folder, and then choose the Mind Map template. You can customize your mind map and use the 'Generate additional ideas' button to allow the AI to edit and create your mind map based on the text in your nodes.

Yes, you can export your mind maps in various formats, such as images, PDFs, or shareable links, and you can also use Whimsical's presentation mode for a more engaging display.

Pricing & Discounts

FeatureStarter Plan (Free)Pro PlanOrg Plan
PriceFree$12/editor/month or $10/editor/month (annual)$20/editor/month (billed annually)
Ideal forIndividual useTeamsCompanies
Unlimited Files in My FilesYesYesYes
Boards in TeamsUp to 3UnlimitedUnlimited
Time Machine History7 daysUnlimitedUnlimited
Sharing OptionsPublic view-only, limited guest accessAdvanced sharing optionsAdvanced sharing options plus private teams
Export Options1x resolution, watermarkHigher resolution, no watermarkHigher resolution, no watermark
AI Actions100 total2000 per editor/month4000 per editor/month
Admin RolesEveryone has admin permissionsAssignable admin rolesAssignable admin roles, enhanced security
Additional Features-Custom templates, password protection, priority supportPrivate teams, dedicated success manager, SSO, SCIM


The Whimsical team in Denver is a mosaic of talent and vision, driving the company's success in crafting a collaborative digital workspace. Here's a glance at some key players:

  • Kaspars Dancis, the Co-Founder and CEO, steers Whimsical with a visionary approach, shaping the company's direction and strategy.

  • Jānis Peisenieks, the Head of Engineering, spearheads technological advancement and innovation, ensuring Whimsical stays at the cutting edge.

  • Diana Lace Davidova, the Head of People, manages the human resources side, fostering a supportive and productive work environment.

  • Mike Heller, the Head of GTM, leads market entry and growth strategies, navigating Whimsical through the competitive landscape.

  • Paul Koch, the Lead Data Analyst, uses data to inform strategic decisions, optimizing business operations and outcomes.

  • Steve Schoeffel, a Co-Founder, lays down the foundational pillars of Whimsical, contributing to its core values and mission.

  • Darta Rina Türkmen, the Head Of Customer Experience, ensures users find value and satisfaction in Whimsical’s platform.

  • Julien Roger, the VP of Operations, keeps the daily operational wheels turning smoothly, supporting the team and infrastructure.

  • Melissa Ho, the VP of Marketing, crafts and executes marketing strategies, amplifying Whimsical's presence and appeal.

  • Mindy Wagner, the Head of Product Design, oversees design and UX, making Whimsical not just functional but visually appealing.

  • Nathan Novotny, the Go-To-Market Lead, focuses on expanding market reach and deepening customer engagement.

  • Erin McMunn, the Head of Customer Success, ensures customers' needs are met with excellence, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

This ensemble of leaders and innovators propels Whimsical forward, blending their unique skills to create a platform that enhances team collaboration and productivity.


Kaspars Dancis

Co-Founder and CEO


Jānis Peisenieks

Head of Engineering


Diana Lace Davidova

Head of People


Mike Heller

Head of GTM


Paul Koch

Lead Data Analyst


Steve Schoeffel



Darta Rina Türkmen

Head Of Customer Experience


Julien Roger

VP of Operations


Melissa Ho

VP of Marketing


Mindy Wagner

Head of Product Design


Nathan Novotny

Go-To-Market Lead


Whimsical, celebrated for its collaborative workplace solutions, recently celebrated a milestone by securing $30 million in Series A funding in November 2021, led by the esteemed venture capital firm Accel, with Basis Set Ventures also joining the round. This significant investment was further bolstered by contributions from tech luminaries, including GitHub's top executives, Stripe's Chief Product Officer, and Dropbox's co-founder, showcasing a robust vote of confidence in Whimsical's vision and services.

Despite being successfully bootstrapped for four years, demonstrating growth and profitability, Whimsical opted for external funding to scale new heights in product development and market expansion. Established in 2017 to address the gaps in distributed and collaborative work tools, Whimsical offers a unified platform that amalgamates documents, flowcharts, wireframes, and mind maps, catering to the needs of the modern, remote workforce.

This funding event not only marks a pivotal moment in Whimsical's journey but also highlights the growing demand for remote collaboration tools, reflecting the global work culture's evolving dynamics.

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