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ImgCreator.AI is an innovative AI-powered tool designed for transforming text descriptions into vivid images, making it a valuable asset for various creative needs. It offers a range of features including the generation of hyper-realistic images, room designs, photo to anime character transformation, couple photo generation, and an AI Designer for image creation and editing. Additionally, the tool facilitates anime character generation using text descriptions.

One of the standout features of ImgCreator.AI is its ability to generate hyper-realistic backgrounds, ideal for different scenarios like serene beaches or bustling cityscapes. Its room design feature can rapidly create interiors in various styles, from minimalist to Victorian. For anime enthusiasts, the tool can transform photos into anime characters, useful for creating unique avatars or character designs.

Use cases

ImgCreator offers a wide array of applications across various fields, making it a versatile tool for different types of users. Here are some key use cases:

  1. For Designers and Artists: It serves as a valuable tool for generating illustrations or concept designs. Artists can quickly mock up characters for comic books or design posters for events.

  2. Content Creation: Content creators, including bloggers and YouTubers, can utilize ImgCreator to generate unique images for their projects. It's particularly useful for creating eye-catching visuals, thumbnails, and graphics that enhance the appeal of their content.

  3. Marketing Material Creation for Businesses: Businesses can leverage ImgCreator to create custom visuals for their marketing materials. This includes graphics for social media posts, website images, and other promotional content that requires a visual element to engage the target audience.

  4. Photorealistic Background Generation: ImgCreator can generate hyper-realistic backgrounds for various scenarios, such as serene beach backdrops for travel blogs or bustling cityscapes for business presentations.

  5. Room Design: The tool can rapidly design rooms in various styles, aiding in interior design projects and visual presentations.

  6. Photo to Anime Character Transformation: For anime fans and creators, ImgCreator can transform photos into anime characters, useful for creating unique avatars or for artists seeking inspiration for their next character design.

  7. Creating Couple Photos: The tool allows the generation of couple photos of any two random people, which can be useful for content creators and businesses needing unique images for their projects.

  8. Image Editing and Creation: It serves as a powerful tool for creating and editing images, from designing logos to creating infographics.

  9. Anime Character Generation Using Text: Users can describe the pose and characteristics of an anime character they want, and ImgCreator will generate an image to match.


ImgCreator is a tool that transforms text descriptions into images. It's used for creating illustrations, anime, and concept designs, and also for editing images using text.

Users input text into a prompt box, which the tool then analyzes and uses to generate images that fit the request.

ImgCreator offers a free version with limitations. There are also paid subscription plans that offer more features and higher image generation capacities.

ImgCreator offers three main subscription plans: Starter, Pro, and Boss, each with different features like image credits, concurrent batch generations, and resolution limits.

Yes, users have full usage rights to commercialize the images they create with ImgCreator.

For free users, the highest resolution is 640px. Paid plans offer higher resolutions, with the Boss plan providing up to 4096px.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, effective at the end of the current billing cycle. Users can also change their subscription plan, with any remaining usage or time credited to the new plan.

Pricing & Discounts

ImgCreator.AI offers three main subscription plans, each tailored to suit different user needs. Here's a summary of what each plan offers and their pricing:

  1. Starter Plan:

    • Price: $9.9 per month with monthly billing, or $5.9 per month with yearly billing.
    • Features:  - Removal of daily limit.  - 300 credits per month.  - Maximum resolution of images up to 1K.  - Up to 4 images can be generated simultaneously.
  2. Pro Plan:

    • Price: $29.9 per month with monthly billing, or $14.9 per month with yearly billing.
    • Features:  - Removal of daily limit.  - 3000 credits per month.  - Higher image resolution up to 2K.  - Up to 6 images can be generated at once.  - Access to all premium filters and negative prompt feature.
  3. Boss Plan:

    • Price: $59.9 per month with monthly billing, or $24.9 per month with yearly billing.
    • Features:  - Removal of daily limit.  - Unlimited credits per month.  - Maximum resolution of images up to 2K.  - Generation of up to 8 images concurrently.  - Includes the Magic Journey Filter and all premium filters.  - Access to negative prompt, all aspect ratios, and advanced features like Enhance and Upscale.  - Unlimited history cloud storage.

Funding, the company behind ImgCreator, secured $8 million in Series A financing led by GL Ventures. This funding round also saw participation from GGV Capital and GSR Ventures. The investment is aimed at enhancing's capabilities in generating AI-powered fashion models and other applications. This financial support underlines the potential and growing interest in AI-driven solutions in various industries, including fashion e-commerce.



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