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It sounds like really is a digital artist's dream come true! Using Stable Diffusion's powerful tech, it offers a creative playground for photographers, artists, and anyone interested in crafting digital art. Just picturing the ability to transform a simple text description or an existing image into something new and visually striking is genuinely exciting.

The range of artistic styles and enhancements available means that whatever your creative vision, seems ready to help bring it to life. The inclusion of various models to cater to different tastes—from the ultra-realistic to the whimsically animated—shows a deep understanding of the diverse world of digital art.

Having a free plan is a great way for users to experiment and play with AI image generation without commitment. Yet, for those who crave more—from accessing a wider range of AI models to venturing into GIF creation—the paid plans sound like they unlock even more potential for creativity.'s focus on smooth creative processes, catering to artistic preferences, and prioritizing user privacy adds layers of value, making it more than just a tool but rather a partner in the creative process. Whether you're looking to enhance personal projects or create commercial artwork, appears to be a versatile and empowering resource for artists and creators at any level.

Use cases, as an AI tool, offers a range of practical applications for various users. Here are some key use cases:

  1. Creative Artwork for Artists and Designers: Artists and designers can use to create unique artworks. They can experiment with different styles, like photorealism or anime, to bring their imaginative concepts to life. This tool is particularly useful for those looking to explore new artistic mediums or needing inspiration for their projects.
  2. Visual Content for Marketing and Advertising: Marketing professionals can leverage to generate visual content for campaigns, social media posts, and advertisements. The AI tool's ability to create diverse images quickly makes it a valuable asset for producing eye-catching and original marketing materials.
  3. Graphic Design Applications: Graphic designers can use to generate specific elements for their design projects. This can range from background textures to specific objects, helping to speed up the design process while maintaining a high level of creativity and originality.
  4. Educational and Instructional Materials: Educators and trainers can use to create custom illustrations for educational materials. These visuals can enhance the learning experience, especially in subjects where visual aids are crucial for understanding complex concepts.
  5. Entertainment and Media: In the entertainment industry, including gaming and film, can be used to conceptualize characters, settings, and scenes. This aids in the storyboard process and can provide a visual reference for further development.
  6. Personal Projects and Hobbyists: Individuals engaged in personal projects, like DIY crafts, home decorating, or even novel writing, can use for inspiration and visualization. The tool can help visualize scenes, characters, or settings for a novel, or provide design ideas for home decor.
  7. Prototype Visualization for Product Designers: Product designers can use to generate quick visual prototypes of their product concepts. This can be a cost-effective way to visualize and refine product designs before moving to more advanced stages of development.
  8. Web and App Development: Web and app developers can use to create unique visuals, icons, and other graphical elements for their websites or apps. This can enhance the user interface and overall aesthetic of digital products.
  9. Customization for E-commerce: Online retailers can use to generate customized images for their products or marketing materials, helping to create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for customers.
  10. Architectural Visualization: Architects and interior designers can use to create conceptual visualizations of architectural projects or interior designs, aiding in the planning and client presentation stages.

These use cases highlight the versatility of as a tool for various industries and personal applications, offering a unique blend of creativity, efficiency, and customization.


Mage Space is an AI-driven art generator that transforms text descriptions into images. It's a free online platform that's user-friendly and allows users to create a wide range of visuals, from character and product concepts to logos and fictional settings.

To use Mage Space, you simply describe the image you want in a text bar on the homepage, or you can link or upload an existing image. After entering the description or uploading the image, the AI generates the requested image in less than a minute.

Mage Space offers a Free Plan with unlimited AI image generation. There are also two premium plans: the Basic Plan, priced at $4 per month, and the Pro Plan, priced at $15 per month. Each plan comes with additional features.

The Pro Plan includes an ad-free experience, access to over 50 image AI models, GIF creation capabilities, a large number of LoRAs, textual inversions, and access to premium GPUs for faster and more powerful image generation.

Mage Space provides access to over 60 AI models, including text-to-image and text-to-GIF generators, offering a broad spectrum of creative possibilities.

Yes, you can use Mage Space AI images for commercial purposes. The tool grants users rights to their content, so you can upload it to your website or use it for other purposes without worrying about licensing.

Yes, you can change your Mage Space AI plan at any time. You can switch plans from the subscription page in your account, and the next billing cycle will reflect the new plan you choose.

Yes, Mage Space offers privacy settings that allow you to generate images privately, giving you control over the visibility of your creations.

Since Mage Space AI offers unlimited plans, refunds are not available after purchasing a plan. However, you can stop your plan from renewing the next month to avoid further charges.

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription using the payment service provider, Stripe. You can cancel your plan by visiting Stripe’s customer service portal from the Mage Space menu.

Pricing & Discounts

Based on the information from the membership page, here's a comparison of the different subscription plans they offer:

PlanPrice per MonthUnlimited CreationsUnlimited PrivacyUnlimited EnhanceModelsMage Exclusive ModelsMultiple Active SessionsAd-FreeIncreased Step CountLoRAsTextual InversionsImage EnhancersPremium GPUsCreate GIFsOther Features
Pro$15YesYesYes160+YesYesYesYes30K+3K+YesA100, A10GYes-
Pro+$30YesYesYesUnlimitedYesYesYesYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesA100, A10GYesRun Multi SDXL LoRAs, Run Multi Images (30 steps), Import Custom Models

This table outlines the features included in each plan. The Free plan offers basic functionality with unlimited creations, privacy, and image enhancement but has limitations in terms of models and features. The Basic plan introduces more models, including Mage Exclusive Models, for $8 per month. The Pro plan, priced at $15 per month, significantly expands the features, including multiple active sessions, ad-free experience, increased step count, a large number of LoRAs and Textual Inversions, various image enhancers, and premium GPUs. It also allows creating GIFs. The most advanced, Pro+ plan, for $30 per month, offers unlimited models and LoRAs, textual inversions, and additional capabilities like running multiple SDXL LoRAs, processing multi images with more steps, and importing custom models, catering to users needing the most comprehensive toolset.


The team behind is led by two key individuals:

  1. Roi Lee: Serving as the Co-Founder and CEO of, Roi Lee has been a part of the company since its inception in September 2022. His role is instrumental in steering the company's strategic direction and overseeing its overall operations.
  2. Gregory Hunkins: Gregory Hunkins holds the position of Co-Founder and CTO at Also joining the team in September 2022, Hunkins plays a crucial role in the technological development and innovation at His expertise significantly contributes to the company's advancements in AI technology.

Both co-founders have been with for over a year, indicating their commitment and contribution to the company's growth and success in the AI space. Their combined leadership and expertise have been pivotal in shaping the company's vision and offerings.


Roi Lee

Co-Founder and CEO


Gregory Hunkins

Co-Founder and CTO

Funding, a company specializing in AI technology, has successfully completed two rounds of funding, according to information from Crunchbase. Here's a summary of their funding history:

  • Total Funding Amount: has raised a total of $3.2 million through its funding efforts.
  • Number of Funding Rounds: The company has gone through two funding rounds.
  • Latest Funding Round: The most recent funding round occurred on November 27, 2023, and was classified as a Seed round.
  • Amount Raised in Latest Round: In this Seed round, raised $2.8 million.
  • Previous Funding Round: Prior to this, had a Pre Seed funding round on November 1, 2022.
  • Amount Raised in Pre Seed Round: During the Pre Seed round, the company raised $455,000.

These funding rounds indicate the growing interest and investment in's AI technology and offerings. The substantial amount raised, especially in the latest Seed round, reflects confidence in the company's potential and the viability of its AI-driven solutions.



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