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PresentationGPT emerges as an advanced AI tool tailored to redefine the traditional approach to creating presentations. It utilizes the prowess of artificial intelligence, specifically through the integration of GPT-4 and a proprietary language model named LISA, to generate presentations that are not only visually appealing but also rich in content. This tool is designed to save time and effort for users by automating the process of presentation creation, making it possible to produce high-quality PowerPoint presentations within seconds.

The platform stands out for its compatibility with widely used presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, ensuring that users can easily edit and customize the AI-generated presentations to suit their specific needs. Whether for business presentations, educational purposes, sales pitches, conference showcases, or training sessions, PresentationGPT provides a seamless solution for creating compelling and engaging presentations.

With its simple and transparent pricing model, PresentationGPT offers a free plan that includes creating unlimited presentations, sharing presentations easily, and accessing basic design templates. For users looking for more advanced features, a Pay Per Download option is available, which includes high-quality, editable file formats perfect for offline use, editing, and printing.

PresentationGPT's use of cutting-edge language models like GPT-4 and LISA ensures that the presentations not only meet but exceed the expectations of users in terms of quality and relevance. By leveraging AI to generate presentations, users can focus more on delivering their message effectively rather than spending hours on slide creation.

Use cases

PresentationGPT, with its advanced AI capabilities, caters to a wide array of use cases, making it an invaluable tool across various sectors. Here are some of the primary applications where PresentationGPT can significantly enhance productivity and creativity:

  1. Business Presentations: Corporate professionals can use PresentationGPT to create impactful presentations for board meetings, client pitches, and internal reviews. The AI's ability to generate detailed and engaging content ensures that key messages are communicated effectively, leaving a lasting impression on the audience​  ​​  ​​  ​.

  2. Educational Content: Educators and students alike can benefit from PresentationGPT for creating presentations for classroom lectures, academic conferences, and research projects. The tool's capacity to produce content-rich slides can aid in delivering complex information in an easily digestible format, enhancing learning experiences​  ​​  ​.

  3. Sales Pitches: Sales professionals can leverage PresentationGPT to craft persuasive sales presentations that showcase their products or services compellingly. The AI-generated slides can help highlight benefits, features, and competitive advantages, aiding in closing deals more effectively​  ​.

  4. Conference Presentations: For experts and researchers presenting at conferences, PresentationGPT can assist in developing engaging and informative presentations that capture the essence of their work. This allows for a more impactful presentation of findings and ideas to peers​  ​.

  5. Training Sessions: Organizations conducting training sessions can utilize PresentationGPT to create educational and interactive presentations. These AI-generated materials can serve as a valuable resource in facilitating knowledge transfer and skill development among employees or participants​  ​.

  6. Marketing and Advertising: Marketers can use PresentationGPT to create dynamic presentations for advertising campaigns, product launches, and marketing strategies. The tool's ability to generate visually appealing and content-rich slides can enhance the storytelling aspect of marketing materials​  ​​  ​.

  7. Personal Use: Individuals planning personal events or projects can also find value in PresentationGPT. Whether it's preparing a slideshow for a wedding, anniversary, or a personal portfolio, the tool can help create memorable presentations that resonate with the audience​  ​.

PresentationGPT's versatility and ease of use make it a powerful ally for anyone looking to create professional-quality presentations without the need for extensive design skills or time investment. Its integration with popular tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides further adds to its appeal, offering users a seamless and efficient solution for their presentation needs.


PresentationGPT is an AI-powered presentation generator designed to create stunning PowerPoint presentations in seconds. It uses advanced language models like GPT-4 and a proprietary model called LISA to produce high-quality, engaging presentations​  ​​  ​​  ​​  ​.

To use PresentationGPT, you simply choose a theme or provide a brief description of your presentation topic. The AI then generates a complete presentation for you, which you can download in PowerPoint, PDF format, or as an editable Google Slides deck. You can make any necessary adjustments using your preferred presentation tools​  ​.

Yes, all presentations created with PresentationGPT are compatible with major presentation tools, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. This ensures easy editing and customization after downloading​  ​​  ​.

PresentationGPT is versatile and suitable for various purposes, including business presentations, educational content, sales pitches, conference presentations, training sessions, and even personal use for events or projects​  ​​  ​.

PresentationGPT operates on a freemium model. It offers a free plan that allows users to create unlimited presentations and share them easily. For downloading presentations with advanced features, a Pay Per Download option is available​  ​​  ​.

Yes, presentations generated by PresentationGPT can be edited to meet your specific needs. Once downloaded, you can modify them using PowerPoint or Google Slides, allowing you to adjust content, layout, and design as required​  ​.

PresentationGPT utilizes GPT-4 and its proprietary language model, LISA, to generate detailed and engaging content. This ensures that the presentations are not only visually appealing but also rich in content and structured to leave a lasting impression on the audience​  ​​  ​​  ​​  ​.

Pricing & Discounts

PresentationGPT offers two pricing plans: a Free Plan and a Pay Per Download option.

Free Plan ($0):

  • Create unlimited presentations
  • Share presentations easily
  • Access to basic design templates
  • Download your presentations

The Free Plan is particularly user-friendly, allowing anyone to create and share presentations without any cost. It provides users with access to basic design templates, which they can use to craft their presentations. Users can also download these presentations, which makes this plan very accessible for those who need to quickly create presentations without any additional features or advanced design options.

Pay Per Download ($10 discounted from $25):

  • Includes all the benefits of the Free Plan
  • Download presentations in high-quality, editable file formats (PowerPoint, Google Slides)
  • Perfect for offline use, editing, and printing

The Pay Per Download option builds on the Free Plan by allowing users to download presentations in high-quality, editable file formats, including PowerPoint and Google Slides. This is ideal for users who need their presentations for offline use, and it provides greater flexibility for editing and printing. The discounted price makes it more affordable while extending the functionality beyond the Free Plan's offerings.

Both plans enable the creation of an unlimited number of presentations and sharing them with ease, catering to various needs, whether for casual or professional use. The Free Plan's functionalities serve as a strong foundation for anyone to start creating presentations, while the Pay Per Download option adds more value for users looking for additional versatility in file formats and usability.

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