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Sloped is your go-to AI platform designed to supercharge team collaboration, especially when working remotely or across different locations. It packs a suite of tools aimed at making project management, communication, and task handling a breeze.

With Sloped, geographical barriers fade away, thanks to its comprehensive communication channels like chat and messaging. These features keep team members connected and updated in real time, ensuring smooth collaboration.

A standout feature is Sloped’s task management system. It simplifies creating, assigning, and tracking tasks, along with setting deadlines, all from one place. This clarity keeps everyone aligned and ensures tasks are ticked off as planned.

Use cases

  1. Content Summarization: Sloped effortlessly condenses long texts into digestible summaries, helping users quickly understand key points and saving them time when sifting through vast information.

  2. Document Classification: It smartly sorts documents, emails, and textual data into specific categories or topics, simplifying document management and enhancing efficiency in retrieving information.

  3. Email Prioritization: Sloped evaluates emails for urgency and relevance, highlighting important messages and sidelining less critical ones, thus streamlining inbox management and ensuring focus on significant communications.

  4. Customer Feedback Analysis: By examining feedback across channels, Sloped uncovers recurring themes and sentiments, offering businesses valuable insights to tailor products or services in line with customer preferences.

  5. Legal Document Review: It aids legal professionals by sifting through documents to pinpoint crucial elements, precedents, and potential issues, thereby facilitating a more efficient review process.

  6. Market Research and Trend Analysis: Sloped analyzes textual content from various sources to spot trends, gauge consumer sentiment, and identify market opportunities, aiding businesses in strategic planning and competitive analysis.

  7. Educational Assistance: Serving as a study companion, Sloped enhances learning by summarizing academic texts, aiding in research, and preparing for exams, thus supporting students in achieving academic success.

  8. Content Generation Support: It offers creators inspiration on topics, structures, and keywords, enriching the content creation process with engaging and relevant material by leveraging advanced natural language processing.


Sloped is a software designed to enhance project management and collaboration among remote or distributed teams.

It offers services like task management, communication tools, file sharing, and progress tracking to improve project workflows.

Sloped provides a unified platform for remote teams to communicate, collaborate, and manage tasks effectively, regardless of location.

Absolutely, Sloped caters to a variety of industries such as software development, marketing, design, and consulting, where remote collaboration is vital.

Yes, Sloped features a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities, making it accessible for users with any level of technical skill.

Indeed, Sloped can integrate with popular tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and Trello to optimize workflows and boost productivity.

Security is a priority for Sloped, which employs strong encryption protocols and access controls to safeguard user data.

Sloped allows for the setting of deadlines, milestones, and project timelines, with notifications and reminders to keep teams aligned and tasks on schedule.

Yes, with its progress tracking and reporting features, Sloped helps monitor project status and task completion, highlighting any issues that might arise.

Getting started is easy: sign up on the Sloped platform, invite your team, and explore its features. Our customer support team is ready to assist with the setup and any queries.


The Sloped team, based in San Francisco, CA, is spearheaded by individuals with distinct expertise and a shared commitment to revolutionizing B2B payment solutions. Leading the charge is Lawrence Lin Murata, co-founder and CEO, who brings a rich background in AI technologies from his time founding Newton Technologies. Alongside him, Alice Deng serves as the co-founder and Chief Product Officer, leveraging her deep knowledge in e-commerce product categorization and product management acquired at Glisten AI and Dropbox. With a compact yet potent team of 16 employees, Sloped is on a mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the B2B payment space.


Sloped, a pioneering B2B payments platform, has successfully garnered significant investments to fuel its growth and technology advancement. In a Series A funding round on February 24, 2022, Sloped raised $8 million, with Solana Ventures and Jump Capital at the forefront. Additionally, a substantial $30 million was secured in an equity round aimed at scaling Sloped's AI-driven payments solution for B2B enterprises. This round saw leadership from Union Square Ventures and included notable participants like Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. These investments have catalyzed Sloped's ability to refine its platform, bolster AI functionalities, and enhance the efficiency of B2B payment operations for businesses, including Fiserv.

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