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Twig AI revolutionizes customer support with instant, accurate responses sourced from various data, empowering businesses to excel.
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Twig AI is a versatile tool designed to enhance customer experience by swiftly addressing queries with accurate responses. It efficiently scans through various sources including help documents, private data sources, and past support tickets to provide reliable answers.

One of its standout features is its commitment to accuracy. Twig ensures that all responses are backed by credible sources, allowing users to independently verify information and confidently share it with customers. Moreover, users have full control over how the AI responds to questions, enabling them to review and refine answers as needed. Twig's Semantic Cache system remembers these adjustments, contributing to the continuous improvement of response quality.

To cater to different customer experience roles, Twig offers multiple AI personas, each specialized in specific topics and tailored to match the unique style of various CX roles such as support, success, operations, and onboarding. This versatility ensures that responses are not only accurate but also align with the tone and approach expected from different departments.

In addition to extracting data from documents, Twig goes beyond by simplifying the process of integrating information from third-party sources. Its AI can even generate synthetic data to further enhance answer quality, making it a comprehensive solution for CX teams.

For further personalization, Twig allows users to set preferences such as answering style and tone, ensuring that responses align with the brand's voice. Templates are also available to streamline personalization at scale.

Furthermore, Twig provides valuable insights into the performance of the AI, including accuracy rates and usage patterns. These insights empower users to make informed decisions regarding data sources and refine the AI model to better meet their needs, ultimately leading to an improved customer experience.

Use cases

Here are some simplified use cases for Twig AI:

  1. Customer Support Automation: Twig AI can be employed by businesses to automate their customer support processes. When customers reach out with queries, Twig swiftly scans through relevant documents, past support tickets, and other data sources to provide accurate responses. This not only reduces the workload on support agents but also ensures that customers receive timely and reliable assistance.
  2. Knowledge Base Enhancement: Many companies maintain knowledge bases to provide self-service options for their customers. Twig AI can help in enhancing these knowledge bases by continuously updating them with the latest information and ensuring that answers are backed by credible sources. This leads to a more comprehensive and reliable resource for customers seeking answers to common questions.
  3. Personalized Customer Engagement: By allowing customization of answering styles and tones, Twig AI enables businesses to engage with their customers in a more personalized manner. Whether it's through email responses, chatbots, or other communication channels, Twig ensures that interactions reflect the brand's voice and resonate with customers on a deeper level.
  4. Streamlined Onboarding Process: During the onboarding process for new customers or employees, Twig AI can provide valuable assistance by quickly addressing any queries they may have. By offering accurate and consistent information, Twig helps to streamline the onboarding experience, ensuring that individuals feel supported and informed from the very beginning.
  5. Data Integration and Synthesis: In addition to extracting information from internal documents, Twig AI simplifies the process of integrating data from external sources such as APIs and platforms. This enables businesses to leverage a wider range of information to provide comprehensive answers to customer queries. Additionally, Twig's ability to generate synthetic data further enhances the quality and depth of responses.

Overall, Twig AI serves as a versatile tool that can be utilized across various aspects of customer experience management, from support automation to knowledge base enhancement and personalized engagement. Its ability to streamline processes, provide accurate information, and adapt to different use cases makes it an invaluable asset for businesses looking to improve their customer service capabilities.


Twig AI is a tool designed to assist businesses in providing accurate and timely responses to customer queries. It utilizes AI technology to read, analyze, and generate responses from various data sources such as help documents, private data sources, and past support tickets.

Twig AI ensures the accuracy of responses by providing factual answers backed by trustworthy sources. Users can independently verify these sources and cite them to customers, instilling confidence in the information provided.

Yes, users have control over how Twig AI responds to questions. The tool allows users to review and refine AI-generated answers, add tribal knowledge, and customize answering styles and tones to align with their brand's voice.

AI personas in Twig AI are specialized roles tailored to different customer experience (CX) roles such as support, success, operations, and onboarding. Each AI persona specializes in specific topics and is designed to match the unique style of each CX role.

Twig AI simplifies the process of integrating data from third-party sources such as APIs and platforms. Additionally, it generates synthetic data to improve the quality of answers, ensuring comprehensive responses to customer queries.

Yes, Twig AI offers a free trial for interested users. For pricing details and further information, users can contact the company directly to discuss their specific needs and requirements.

Twig AI is developed by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, and business professionals led by founder Chandan Maruthi. With extensive experience in enterprise data platforms and AI, the team collaborates globally to develop innovative solutions aimed at making the world a better place.

Pricing & Discounts

Twig AI offers a free trial for interested users. For pricing details, you can reach out to the company directly to discuss your specific needs and requirements. They offer flexible pricing options tailored to individual businesses, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.


The Twig AI team comprises passionate entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, and business professionals driven by AI's transformative potential. Led by founder Chandan Maruthi, with over 10 years' experience in enterprise data platforms and AI, the team collaborates globally to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Embracing collaboration, the team consists of diverse, skilled individuals from data science, engineering, and business backgrounds. Together, they aim to harness AI to improve lives and contribute to a brighter future.

Dedicated to innovation, the team continually strives to push boundaries and deliver top-tier AI solutions to clients. Thank you for your interest in Twig AI. We anticipate the opportunity to partner with you in achieving your objectives.


Chandan Maruthi


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